Tesla Model 3 Right Hand Drive Production To “Probably” Start Mid 2019

Red Tesla Model 3 front


Musk suggests that those waiting take a look at a used  or new Tesla Model S instead.

Actually, Musk has stated this multiple times in the past, as he believes that both the Model S and X are superior to the 3, unless of course you desire a smaller car.


Tesla CEO Elon Musk says that production of the right-hand-drive version of the Model 3 will likely begin sometime in the middle of 2019.

Musk made a statement on this just moments ago via Twitter:

However, with the most recent Tesla Model 3 delay coming just last night, we do question whether or not the RHD Model 3 will arrive on this timetable laid out by Musk.

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I guess the last Tesla fanboy will slowly wake up to the fact that Tesla has major problems ramping up.

By the time M3 ships globally at leastt 10+ long-range alternatives will be available at $30-60k.

PS: Not to mention the M3 base version could be vaporware and never ship….

PPS: Which means no onee has to buy a more expensive / larger (used) S car in 2019-2021.

Plenty of alternatives from large car makers.

Elon said FSD would “definitely” be implemented in 3-6 months January 2017. He then repeated the same “3-6 months” promise earlier this year.

So “probably” probably means RHD 3’s by 2028 or so.

Hey bro,

Just think the bolt could have taken GB by storm but what happened instead they couldn’t produce them at a profit so they left Europe completely. So even if it does take until 2028 to get a right hand drive it will still be far sooner than the bolt will get over there. Well actually with the dismal sales of the bolt I imagine the bolt line will die a lot sooner than that.

Nah, plenty of fanboys will continue to believe and worship until the last Kool Aid toast. Never underestimate fanboy zealotry.

You’re a closet Tesla fanboy too, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading and commenting on articles about Tesla. Come out of the closet; it’s ok to love a Tesla.

Underline the word maybe..it means Elon is not very sure if he could meet his scheduled time

If Musk says mid-2019, it is likely end-2019 or early 2020.

I always thought it would be mid 2019 so hopefully mine will be a birthday present next year.

So that’s the end of 2020 then, when converting from the Muskian calendar to Gregorian.

I think they just want to make as many as possible as fast as possible and that means no alterations for the time being. They could probably make 200k Model 3 RWD LR, in the current configuration before even getting to the other variations.

Based on the article that Tesla forces InsideEVs to pull, Tesla has now slipped AWD deliveries to late 2018. Since that’s the timeframe Tesla is actually showing people with reservations, the real AWD delivery time frame is realistically Early-2019, at the earliest.

So, if they’re saying mid-2019 for RHD, then they really mean late 2019 or 2020.

Have to apply the Musk time factor to everything they say. Basically 2-3x whatever Tesla says, irrelevant of the units used.