Tesla Model 3 Rear-Ended By Street Racing Camaro Driver


It’s unwise, illegal and frankly quite stupid to race other cars on public streets.

Luckily, everyone was okay this time around, but the Tesla Model 3 is surely totaled.

A Tesla Model 3 owner tells the story via Tesla Motors Club Forum:

Was cruising along the i-90 tunnel in Seattle, WA on mercer island with my wife and 2 kids, when I hear some vehicles approach at high speed from behind. Then suddenly I hear a screeching sound from a car breaking hard, and then a car slams into my rear end – hard. I was going 65, so that vehicle must have been going significantly faster. From there I lose control of the car, and the car spins out of control, hitting the freeway divider wall all the way on the other side of the freeway 4 lanes across, and then bouncing back all the way back to the other side of the freeway and hitting that wall before coming to a stop.
Thankfully the model 3 performed miraculously, crumple zones compressed, airbags deployed, no fire after the accident, and no one in my family seems to be seriously injured.
Still processing what just happened and getting all the facts from the police (there may be a criminal case against the person who hit me), but any tips and things to watch out for as I go through the insurance process?

Below is a Tweet from our friends at EV News Daily:

It appears as though at least one witness posted on crash too. It seems a BMW M4 was racing a Chevy Camaro SS. The Camaro didn’t slow down in time. It salmmed into the rear of the Model 3, causing the car to lose control at speed.

The occupants of the Tesla Model 3 are all okay, though they did suffer some minor injuries and an experience that they’ll not soon forget.

Source: Tesla Motors Club Forum

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Camaro driver must’ve been using Autopilot while he was racing.

In this case, it was “StupidMoronPilot”.
Hope those scumbag racers get arrested.

It was made by Chevy; they don’t have anything nearly that advanced…

Caddy does with SuperCruise.

It’s GM they have Super Cruise, currently only offered in the Cadillac CT6, but they have already taken reporters for a spin in a Prototype fully autonomous Chevy Bolt

Totaled for sure. It does show a very safe car though in the Model 3.

Would love to see pic of the Camaro

They’ve got pictures of the Camaro trust me there are cameras all over the bridge and in the tunnel. They will find the owner.

That first turn eastbound is as blind as it gets at speed.

Very glad to here the Model 3 owner is okay.

I wonder how much $ insurance will give?

Glad everyone is okay. Hopefully Tesla can put them to the front of the line for a replacement after this excellent safety testimonial.

Did they catch the culprits? I’m having a hard time imagining the Camaro driver was able to drive away after seeing the damage to the rear of the 3.

It just speaks to the Model 3’s well-designed crumple zone. Reminds me of the time a Toyota LandWhale took off the whole front end of a Model X; the LandWhale (sorry, don’t remember the specific model; whatever Toyota’s absurdly oversized SUV is) was just cosmetically damaged. (The Tesla passengers were all fine too).

Judging by how the trunk is flipped up to the roof, I’d guess the Camaro went into a hard skid, forcing the nose down, and it basically scooped up under the rear end of the 3. So the damage wouldn’t be as bad as going nose-first into a jersey barrier.

Who the hell is neg voting this comment? Lol some people must just auto neg every comment I make. Keep it up guys.

Perhaps calm down the blatant negativity and support EV advocacy and adoption? I mean, we understand that there are pro- and anti-Tesla people. But your continual negative, fighting, and moderation-causing comments are making me a crap ton of extra time here. Calm it down and report on your GM positivity and stop all the ridiculous hate, please. You’ve been warned.

*slow clap*

(although in his defense: that one comment in particular was pretty neutral. Too bad he just undid whatever goodwill it might have gained with me by implying further down that AP crashes are becoming “commonplace”.)

I moderate every comment here as best I can, and I’m in the midst of sales estimations and setup. I can’t continue to break up aimless fights when we’re all supposed to be on the same page, at least when it comes to promoting EVs and EV adoption. Let’s try better to get along here, ok? Thanks!

Steven, that’s why I try and point out to folks that at the end of the day, we’re arguing about EV’s- and we’re all on the same team! Thank you for pointing that out, and continuing to do so. Folks here are their own worst enemies, because there’s PLENTY of defending that needs to go on against curmudgeon ICE proponents. We don’t need to eat our own.

Well said!

Agree…. There is way too much negativity for those on the same team… Honestly, while I am skeptical of Tesla, when one of my friends buys one I am excited for them… I do tease them when they have service visits, but its all like hearted and in good humor… On here, it is brutal, everyone going right for the throat…

Much agreed. Let’s support all no matter what, even if each automaker may go about things a different way. Thanks, Dave.

No significant crumple zone in the front of an ICE car, so maybe he could drive away…

Well, that’s a shame if they got away. You’d think in this day and age there would be some dash cam footage or something. Hopefully some eye witnesses step up so they can nail the idiots that were racing. Only so many people in that area that own a Camaro with a trashed front end.

They will get the ratbastard.

Can’t anyone spell properly?

Sure: P-R-O-P-E-R-L-Y. Properly. Can you use it in a sentence? 😉

Off coarse! y dew arse k ?

I’m guessing you are referring to ‘salmmed’? Please delete these comments after correcting since they don’t add to the story in anyway.

Why no article on the Tesla that hit a parked car while on autopilot? Certainly is newsworthy.


Why the down votes?

PS I own a Tesla model S and love it. Don’t have autopilot, probably wouldn’t use it if I did. However, the misuse and improper naming of autopilot needs to be called out on every event like this. Clearly the drivers fault using autopilot on that street and not paying attention, but Tesla bears some of the blame for using a name that implies you can set it and forget it.

Probably because it’s a common troll tactic to go into a good news article’s comments and bring up bad news articles just to bum everyone out. I see it all the time. And this article is not about Autopilot at all; it’s about… I guess it’s about the Model 3’s accident survivability. There are plenty of Autopilot articles already where you can express your relevant opinion; here, your opinion on AP is irrelevant.

Understood, but I am pointing out the uneven coverage of Tesla EV in accidents. One accident puts Tesla in a good light and there is an article about it (and well deserved), another accident puts Tesla in a less than stellar light and there is no article.

For that, you can contact InsideEVs directly. Here, it just looks like you’re bringing up an irrelevant issue and ranting about it.

We try, but can’t cover every Tesla accident and details (at least factual, investigated ones, are scarce). While we could fill the page with Tesla crashes, and then add other crashes to appease everyone else, we’re just not doing that. There’s lots of other EV promoting news to cover. When all this mess and these investigations are a reality, we will surely share.

John, If you own a Model S, and it has AP, you know the stationary off-set issue, by now. It’s a pretty bad move for a Tesla driver not to anticipate these type of collisions, and it has been years since the first postings of subsequent wrecks, on Youtube, etc. I’m not saying Tesla is doing enough to educate users (read my digression, below). I’m saying that, between fellow Tesla drivers who I believe are in a better position to draw the line, the police car story, though unfortunate, is far from the last “stationary off-set” crash Autopilot will lead to. It deserves news, someplace else and maybe not every single time a driver fails to memorize his/her car’s path, and if AP will encounter any obstructions. Digression (Tesla fans pre-warned, maybe don’t read): OECD is weighing in on Autonomous Vehicles: from pg 15, of https://www.itf-oecd.org/sites/default/files/docs/safer-roads-automated-vehicles.pdf “Errors linked to …faulty vehicle and interface design (confusing display or interfaces or visual obstruction) are often attributed to human causes when they are, in fact, design-induced errors (Noy et al., 2018).” The above statement isn’t linked to either accident. It’s just something I saw yesterday that made me wonder where (“40% safer”) Tesla… Read more »

My model S does not have AP, nor would I want to use it. The model S is leaps and bounds above the 2011 Leaf I had for 6 years. Also, in the interest of tranparency I am posting using my real name not hiding behind some anonymous user name so not a troll. I developed the battery aging model for the Nissan Leaf which did a reasonable job of predicting the (excessive) rate of battery capacity loss. My user name on mynissanleaf.com is Stoaty.

On Internet, I can be the Pope you know…

Or Brad Pitt with his teeth knocked out

Uneven? You bet! In the Yahoo Finances headlines under TSLA, it is mentioned 9 times that a Tesla hit a police car blaming autopilot, but 0 occurence of this safety good news.

One must be naive to believe the mainstream media gives an even and fair coverage on Tesla.
Pretty happy of the green bias of many green sites, tilting the balance a little toward more justice.

Bunch of uptight old ladies.

OP glad you’ll are okay.

Get a good Lawyer.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“Don’t have autopilot”

Smart person.

Planes have autopilot, but the pilots still do most of the flying.

Surprising that this crash is covered and not the autopilot crash into a police car.

I didn’t see a complaint from you on the lack any front page news on the Clarity rear ending a car while in adapted cruise control.

For some reason, you seem fixated on Tesla.

My take on Tesla is that Autopilot must work very well, but it’s not perfect. So yes Tesla and other manufactures will need to make improvements and they they will. In the mean time, folks will have to use the stuff between their ears and they won’t. But over-all, these driver assist features are and will continue to make riding in a car safer.

The good news is that this Tesla vehicle allowed the family to go home without serious injury from an assault with a deadly weapon.

Yea, give it a pause already. We can’t keep publishing Tesla crashes to fill out the homepage when no investigation has been completed and all of it is still hearsay. If and when these crashes are validated and investigations are complete, we will gladly post about Tesla’s epic fail or the opposite. But, we have no way of knowing if this is the case. Until then, you can stop commenting on what we do and don’t cover, and emailing us about Tesla crashes. Feel free to start your own website covering every Tesla crash. C’mon, we’re busy covering all EV news and promoting EV advocacy. Give it a break already, or stop visiting the site if it’s such a big issue for you. We are not a Tesla-friendly site, nor are we a Tesla-bashing site. Love it or leave it.

Imagine a site dedicated only for listing all car crashes of all makes and models that involved using ACC. That sure would make ACC look scary.


You have to wait until it’s confirmed that the Model S has autopilot and whether or not it was engaged before it’s reported as an autopilot crash.

How long does it take Tesla to get this information? My guess is that if autopilot was not engaged Tesla would be pointing it out within hours.

The most interesting information would be the rate of Tesla accidents/serious injuries/fatalities when autopilot is used on a highway versus the same rates when it is not used on a highway. That would tell us whether it is an overall improvement over a human driver.

AP cars crashing into things is becoming so commonplace it’s almost considered a norm now.

Why not cover all 18,000 accidents that occur DAILY with other makes?

Because those crashes are done by humans. AP crashes are done by AI and that is scary, Terminator like, kind of stuff.

In this case the Tesla was the innocent victim, but as part of a larger problem InsideEVs and the other automotive press should do their part and stop posting videos of Tesla’s street racing ICE vehicles.

Those are on legal drag strips – not public highways

You must be new here.

Those kinds of articles have increased in frequency ever since the site’s ownership change.

Thank Jesus the Camaro is a pretty safe car.

Looking at that headline, I don’t even want to read the article…


BMW’s advanced crash prevention system could avoid a crash. BMW M4 safest car out of the 3

Who cares about BMW currently.

Not when a “Darwin” is your destiny.

Sounds like you know all to well.

You actually might be correct.

Teslas street race too, FYI

They absolutely do

Maturity doesn’t always fight the urge to drive fast, but there’s a better place to fulfill that urge. Some should “leave it, at the track”, or not buy the car. Even if distracted driving is epidemic, these episodes make people want to ban manual driving, altogether.

I’m going to say this, not as a hit against Tesla or as a troll, but I’ve seen a few M3’s on the road now, and in tunnels and at night, and I can’t believe how small and insignificant the tail lights appear; they’re just a short line of single LEDs (or appear that way anyway, not sure of the actually lighting elements). I thought from day one that there’s no way those can be safe from a visibility perspective.

I’m sure there’s a federal highway code about how large and bright they need to be and obviously they must comply with that, buy why did they make them so small? The S and the X have quite large, visible lights by comparison.

I see a lot of foreign car drivers (Audi, Merc, BMW) who always drive with their very bright rear fog lights on (not that I condone that). I think if I had a M3 I might consider some kind of added rear lighting.

“It’s unwise, illegal and frankly quite stupid to race other cars on public streets.”

Thank you for that!

Hopefully that means we’ll never see another article supporting street racing when it’s a Tesla “blowing xxxx away” on public roads.

Yea, there are plenty of track kills on dragstrips and closed roads to publish street races.

Even some of those drag times videos are filmed on public roads. Last one I remember was a P100D versus a Lambo on some (albeit empty) side street. Not exactly sending the best message highlighting that kind of behavior.

YIKES! Glad the Model 3 owner and their family are ok.
This outcome could’ve been far worst, kudos to the Model 3 keeping this family safe.

Seriously, people needs to learn the difference between “brake” and “break”. It is really annoying…

Sometimes phones do that so relax a little

Spellcheck can suck at times it’s not always intentional.

Why every single Tesla accident get reported ? I agree with the Daily Kos article “The war on Tesla”


What a news, is this really so important?

We can do it, so lets do it.

It should be a federal standard that no car can travel faster than five or ten miles over the fastest legal speed limit (which I believe is currently 80mph). Imagine how much more efficient and safer (and inexpensive) cars of all stripes would be if horsepower wasn’t the premier marketing gimmick that it is. Frankly, the American public simply cannot be trusted to operate a high-performance vehicles in a safe, conscientious manner.

The federal government has abdicated it’s responsibility to regulate automobiles. It should cap speed and horsepower, as well as set a phase-out date for both the ICE and human-driven vehicles (there should be no mixed traffic with AAVs – an all AAV fleet is easier to engineer, and much safer). An all-electric, all autonomous vehicle fleet would truly save the world in so many different and important ways.

Wow, thats nearly in my neighborhood… People always race on the I-90 bridge and through the Mercer Island Lid.