Watch Tesla Model 3 Performance Crush Corvette At The Strip


Yet another kick butt Tesla Model 3 Performance share.

We are well aware that many people knock Tesla vehicle’s performance attributes since the cars are exceptional off the line (the instant torque of electric cars is not new news), but don’t necessarily compete well in curvy track competitions. This is why we have been sharing stories as of late about the Tesla Model 3 Performance and its incredible track prowess. However, the most compelling part of the whole Model 3 Performance equation is that while it can kick it on the track, it also fares well on the drag strip. Best of both worlds, right?

According to Tesla, the Model 3 Performance can tackle a zero-to-60-mph sprint in just 3.5 seconds. With the Performance Upgrades Package, it has a top speed of 155 mph. Some have stated and proven that it can do better to 60 mph, while others have been yet to pull off such numbers. The bottom line is that this production-level electric car is plenty fast, especially for a compact/midsize family sedan. We surely can’t classify the Chevrolet Corvette as a car that would be advantageous for a small family. Moreover, most cars that can even begin to compete with Tesla vehicles in terms of acceleration (or the Model 3’s handling capabilities) are much more expensive and/or aren’t ideal for families.

Are you truly impressed by the recent reviews of the Tesla Model 3 Performance? Have you driven one? Do you own one? Any plans to place an order? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Video Description via Chill Cars on YouTube:

InCar: Tesla Model 3 Performance vs C7 Corvette

ProTip: Manual transmission cars are difficult to launch well without a ton of practice. Automatics make you much quicker but are generally less entertaining to drive. Teslas are effortlessly quick. Quick enough that they are still entertaining.

Yes, I redlighted. 🙁 And no, it doesn’t affect the 1/4 mile time on the timeslip.

Corvette: 2.364 60′, 8.918@88.38 1/8 mile, 13.278@113.19 1/4 mile P3D: 1.808 60′, 7.489@94.31 1/8 mile, 11.739@114.12 1/4 mile


Tesla Model 3 Performance - Dual Motor Badge
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Tesla Model 3 Performance Tesla Model 3 Performance Tesla Model 3 Performance Tesla Model 3 Performance - Midnight Silver Tarmac Motion (wallpaper 2,560x – click to enlarge) Tesla Model 3 Performance - White Interior - Wide Tesla Model 3 Performance - White Interior - Touchscreen

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Beats it like it’s a redheaded stepchild.

Sounds abusive.

Beating Secured. LOL!!

Best part is the short dastardly laugh the driver makes as the Tesla goes into launch and passes the Corvette.

It can be difficult to locate a optionless base Vette, finding one with an option or two isn’t that difficult…You can probably qualify for an incentive or two and haggle a Vette down to as low as $50K, the Model 3 P is almost $30K more…On the otherhand, a Camaro ZL1 which has the Z06’s engine and MSRPs for $62K would be the better vehicle to test and would most likely come down to the driver…

The Model 3 Performance base price without autopilot, performance upgrade or track package is $64,000. So around $14,000 more than the theoretical talked down base Corvette. Or $19,000 more with the performance package which doesn’t increase power just adds better brakes and wheels.

The all wheel drive of the TM3 and the instant torque of EVs generally make them hard to beat 0-60 or even through the quarter. An AWD Porsche (especially turbo) or other AWD super sedans would give it a better run but still they lack the instant torque of the EV and depend on fairly brutal launches to get their best time. Somewhere during the first mile these cars will overtake the TM3 because their multi-speed transmissions allow their motors to stay at their power peak while the electric motor starts loosing power above a certain speed.

With the same amount of mass and power and all else (tires, etc) equal the electric car will (almost?) always beat the ICE car in acceleration at least through middle or middle upper speeds.

The regular RWD Model 3 has about the same 1/4 mile time as this Corvette and driver. 13.278 vs.13.38 for the RWD Model 3.

And throw in the fact that you can put a few solar PV panels on your roof to complete cover all the fuel costs. EVs are just ridiculously cool.

Suggest you put this on two lines in a mono-space font where you can line up numbers 🙂
2.364 60′, 8.918@88.38 1/8 mile, 13.278@113.19 1/4 mile — Corvette
1.808 60′, 7.489@94.31 1/8 mile, 11.739@114.12 1/4 mile — P3D

Picked up my Model 3 Performance yesterday. Mine is red, so faster than the non-red models. The throwback in the seat on acceleration is too damn fun.

The Model 3 jumped the gun and red-lighter. Can we get a take #2? Impressive launch!

Technically the P3D lost since it red-lighted.

feel free to post any display mods people come up with. I feel like racers are among those who like their displays most. that or they just add peripherals for the look of it.

The thing here is the electric AWD with traction control means any idiot with one foot can make a model 3 do this. It’s still impressive as all hell, but don’t forget that that Corvette can do this, but it takes an expert driver to accomplish a good launch – or an automatic with launch control. Take those two on the highway, start from 60, and punch it, and the ‘Vette will walk away. Until they start putting two speed gear boxes in these, ICE sports cars will have an advantage at speed.

I will be curious to see how well the Model 3 fairs in actual track days and not a few laps until the motor over heats (yes, I read the whole thing, the motors over heated rather quickly). However, it should be more than good enough to hustle on a back road now, which is all most owners will do with it, and arguably there, with no shifting, this would be stellar.

M3 Owned- Spark Leased - Niro EV TBD

The Model 3 simply is a fun car to drive—anytime, anywhere. We drive it over our Infiniti G37. The G37 would beat the 3 on the freeway from 50+, but the fun factor driving on the Model 3 all around is just undeniable.

I wonder how hard it would be to make a 2 seater sports car based on the model 3 chassis?
Much more affordable than Roadster 2.0, it would have performance to be a “smackdown” not necessarily to supercars (though maybe) but to the sort of souped up racers most can afford and you see on the tracks in these type of videos?
If you were the owner of the Corvette above, despite the fact you were wiped out, you arent going to buy a 3, a sedan isnt giving off the sort of image you’d like.
To get these guys to switch (lets face it is 99% guys) you need something that looks the part but is less than 1/4$M.

Ordering a P3D, RHD only due out next year but waiting very patiently!

The tesla didn’t even get a battery blow for all those 400m … impressive!

First the Corvette gets smoked by a Ford GT with a V6.Now it gets smoked by a Tesla Electric.Not impressed at all with the Corvette!