See The Tesla Model 3 Performance / AWD Configurator Here


It was only a matter of time before we’d get to see the Tesla Model 3 Performance and Dual-Motor AWD configurator live.

For all the Tesla Model 3 reservation holders out there or those that have big plans to put a deposit down, we have our first look at Tesla’s online Design Studio with the new options in place. This way, if you haven’t had an opportunity to start your configuration or were waiting until these new choices were made available, you can see firsthand exactly what it all looks like and how to go about the process.

We pointed out earlier on that some of the future options had been added and we’re sure that more will be added soon enough. However, below are some of the first videos that actually afford you an opportunity to go through the Model 3 configurator step by step with the additional choices.

Video Description via Tri’s Garage on YouTube:

More options have been added to the Tesla Model 3 Configurator. Join me as I go over the new Performance Model 3 Dual Motor.

Video Description via i1Tesla on YouTube:

I have the best subscribers on YouTube. Shane let me into his design studio to configure a Performance Model 3 to see the cost and share with the awesome Tesla community. Enjoy

Surely enjoy these shares and let us know on our Forum or in the comment section if you’re a Model 3 reservation holder. Do you plan to follow through? Which variant are you considering? Have you placed an order?

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Elon said the performance Model 3 will be available to order in Canada this week !

Yea @ $110,000 + CDN + 13% Tax & No Rebate! I’d Just Get a Cheap “S”

True, the perf version in Canada makes no sense, from a daily driver perspective.
But the Perf. Edition as just a rich boys toy, that’s a diff story.
Ontario is doing it right, incentives for the base car, but if someone needs their brains scrambled with psychotic acceleration than they can afford to pay for it.

I just got the ability to order AWD today.

I thought Elon said the performance version would come out before the LR AWD, but based on this video, the delivery date is within the same window… not that I’m complaining, but I thought it was note worthy.

Has Tesla ever delivered on vehicle delivery dates Musk has proposed?



Well, its just another of many signs of poor management. Companies give realistic guidance to establish the value of their upcoming business, but when you constantly miss that guidance, that is just plain and simply poor management.

At some point, is it expected that there will be more alacarte option selections? Like I might want the faux leather material, but not the glass roof and other premium upgrades.

At this point, there are probably all sorts of contingency plans, but if reservations stay >100k I would be surprised to see more options. We’ll be stuck in the “when” game, for those we await.

With a reservation, my Configurator updated to “Late 2018”, from “Mid”, for AWD. It used to say “Late” for standard battery, and “Mid” for AWD.

Mine is still showing Mid 2018 for AWD. I had my invite to configure RWD back in mid March so I am still hoping AWD is coming soon.

“At some point, is it expected that there will be more alacarte option selections? Like I might want the faux leather material, but not the glass roof and other premium upgrades.”

Common sense says “Yes”, but note that about the same time Tesla started selling the Model 3, they also reduced the number of option (or option packages) available for the MS and MX.

So while we may expect more individual options to become available at later dates, it looks like some of the options will never be available as a standalone.

Same price as BMW M3 with all the goodies but with less maintenance, no gas or oil changes. I love the WiFi updates and filling up at home.

And without the entirely aluminum ///M tuned suspension.

Better have some coil-overs or something to make it so special.

Clearly some people have no idea what it’s like to have a manufacture sink a ton of money into the suspension alone so you get a ride quality compared second to none

Yup, that is why my ELR, with its expensive WATTS suspension – Car and Driver found it was the best handling Hybrid (plug in or not!) it had ever tested and its why my car therefore was a huge Bargain.

Personally I’d take the M3, and I’d spend every weekend I could at the track. My God that would be fun.

Absolutely and there’s a plug-in ///M or soon enough an Electric ///M coming…. Bunch of absolute over conservatives on here. Blessings accordingly.

A model 3 will nor beat the BMW track time. The AMG and Audio RS are quicker and more powerful, yethe the BMW destroys them at the track. Model 3 would havery no chance. BMW interior quality is world’s ahead also

Whatever you do, skip Tesla’s sport tuned exhaust. It’s virtually imperceptible.

I was expecting it to top out at around $70k.

Reservation holder since February. My current delivery estimate for LR AWD is late 2018 and that is what I intend to order. Praying Tesla sandbags June deliveries in the US so I can get the full tax credit in Q4 but I’m not holding my breath!

I hope this doesn’t trigger the usual “see? it’s an expensive toy for the rich” FUD.

Base price is still $35,000+delivery+tax.

Fully loaded Model S is $135,000+delivery+tax.

Fully loaded Model X is $161,000+delivery+tax.

Options are how *every* manufacturer makes more profit.

Base price is$49,000 plus 1000 destination charge. You can’t buy one for less. Your can’t even order one for less. A less expensive model does not exist, they haven’t even submitted one for EPA testing.

I’ll patiently wait for a used Performance Model 3 for $40k in about 3-4 years from now.

Great, 90.000 bucks for an cheap “iPad sofa” on the wheels!

Hehehe yeah – and people continually say the BOLT ev is overpriced. May be, but you’ll never hear $86,000 being the slightest bit overpriced here.

That said, Musk needs to sell a lot of these.

Overpriced, until you realize what you pay for a gasser that is just as quick as this Model 3….

Might be quick

But we’ll see how well it performs

I am really not surprised about the price, this is not uncommon in car industry to have a performance version, with a price tag bigger than the bigger model, I hope many will buy the expensive version, this will help Tesla get profitable in the next 6 month

With the coming Air Suspension, it will be even more expesive.

Then I guess we can call it the Model R

For Ridiculous ‼️

Is Elon a direct descendant of PT Barnum?

More like Thomas Edison.

That is an insult to Nikola Tesla…