Tesla Model 3 Not Yet Approved For Sale In Europe

Tesla Model 3

JAN 4 2019 BY MARK KANE 51

Paperwork still needs to be completed, but approval is expected to be imminent

According to Bloomberg, the Tesla Model 3 need yet to obtain approval for sales in the European Union, which is expected to happen any time now.

Tesla has been working in close collaboration with authorities – RDW in the Netherlands – where the model will be certified and apparently is awaiting whole-vehicle-type approval. The company already received approval for some things like safety, noise, environmental and production requirements or systems-type approval for components, Bloomberg says.

As Tesla already sells two electric cars in Europe, we are not worried of any problems on the approval side. Tesla just recently tested the Model 3 with CCS Combo inlet at CCS chargers in the Netherlands, which shows that timing is tight but that’s the way Tesla operates.

Deliveries in Europe are scheduled to start in February.

Source: Bloomberg

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“Tesla just recently tested the Model 3 with CCS Combo inlet at CCS chargers in the Netherlands…”

Interesting. I saw a comment just the other day on… was it Reddit?… claiming that a Model 3 was seen testing CCS charging in Turkey. Dunno if that’s true, but I suppose it’s possible. Turkey isn’t part of the EU, but has been trying to join.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Turkey had been trying to join, and there was some support, but any slim chances disappeared with Erdoğan becoming president.

Even if a country isn’t a member of the EU, they may wish to adopt EU rules for certain matters, especially relating to trade. In this case, it would mean that Turkish EVs could travel to EU countries and vice versa and expect compatability. As a non-member, such as Turkey would have no say in drafting any laws, but that wouldn’t stop then adopting such if they wished.

Turkey has been admitted into a Customs Union with the EU, which means they use EU technical standards and so forth. They “take” EU rules but have no say in them. In return they can export most of their products to the EU without tariffs or checks, pretty much like an EU member. Britain is currently considering a similar arrangement after it leaves the EU.

Turkey will never be an EU member. Britain spent years promoting Turkish EU membership, to kill free movement of people within the EU, because they knew other members would hate free movement of Turks to their countries. Britain, having failed to destroy the EU from inside, is now leaving, to pursue a strategy of destroying the EU from the outside.

Sorry if that’s bad news to anyone. I wish it were not so.

It amuses me enormously that this issue seems to be one that the bears are trying to make a mountain out of.

Like the article says, Tesla has been through this process three times before already; they know exactly what changes need to be done, how long it will take, what hoops they need jump through and what forms need to be completed.

They know all of this, and they know what time frame they need to do it in. Why does anyone think it even remotely likely that they won’t get it done on time?

They’re basically grasping at any straw they can find that looks like a weakness for the company.

I’m not a short seller; I find the concept distasteful. But if I was and I was short Tesla and I saw this being waved around as a problem for them, I’d be concerned enough that I’d want to exit my short position, because it simply isn’t a rational discussion any more. And if there’s one thing you need to be when you’re doing risky trades like short selling, you’ve got to remain rational. Shorting is risky enough without letting yourself get emotional on it.

The entire short thesis is irrational. Every successive argument against Tesla in the last fifteen years has been knocked down one by one. There’s nothing left.

“There’s nothing left.”
Come on now, give the shorts some credit….they will come up with something.

yes, but nothing honest or rational.

Taking a short position, in any stock, is no more or less rational than taking a long one. Nor do betting against a stock make it go down any more or less than long positions make it go up. What’s truly irrational is the widespread belief that shorting is in some fundamental or moral way ANY DIFFERENT from other financial speculation!

I’ve looked for it, and I can’t find any evidence whatsoever to support this notion that shorting is somehow a bad thing. It’s hysterical!

The troll is best ignored of course but for those wondering about the moral problems with being invested in a company’s downturn there is this interesting video from the good people of Now You Know did on anti-Tesla FUD and the role of shorts in such campaigns. Look from 4:06 for a fascinating testimony of hedge fund manager Jim Cramer on how he (illegally..)manipulated the market when he needed a stock to go down.


The other side isn’t any better. Or are you willing to tell me that no one ever promoted a company/stock using deceiving rhetorics in order to raise the stock price?

The difference is that this kind of pumping doesn’t run the danger of a legitimate company being damaged or even destroyed, like short seller FUD does.


I don’t see a moral issue with shorting, but I do think it is an issue if you make (or pay someone to make) false statements in an attempt the depress the share price.

Shorting in itself is not a bad thing I guess but shorting Tesla when they are at the bleeding edge of the biggest paradigm shift humanity will see for quite some time… is probably a little silly. : )

Everytime I go on Seeking Alpha all I hear is “Tesla is not yet Homologated…”

You really do not read that trash. Do you?
National Enquirer, Pravda and Fox have more truth than that site does.

Eh, if you have too much time on your hands, it’s actually quite entertaining 😉

Since it takes 3-4weeks to ship a car from CA to Europe, I wonder if the 3k or so M3s on the lot are already sold and waiting for shipment. Especially if European deliveries are to begin in February. This would keep the higher trim models moving, profits flowing while the base 3 starts production for US at the same time.

They didn’t register European VINs until a couple days ago (other than a few for testing last fall).

EU car makers are afraid of Tesla taking over the continent.


A few points
1) Sedans are very much a niche type of car here. Hatchbacks, CUV’s and Crossovers rule.
2) The Model 3 is priced way outside( as in close to double) what the average person wants to pay for a car.
Given them there is no danger of that happening any time soon.

That said, the Model 3 will be a welcome addition to the choice of EV’s on the road. To expect that it will sell in the same numbers as in the USA is IMHO probably wrong.

Have to agree with you, Sammy. Also still no official tow rating that many need in Europe, trailers are our Pickups.

Well, Tesla expects the market for sedans in Europe to be twice that of the USA…

The truth is that there is no market for *cheap* sedans in Europe, such as the Camry. (I didn’t even know that model existed before I saw it mentioned on US-centric EV sites…) However, there is a fairly significant market for *premium* sedans: BMW, Mercedes, Audi. And that’s exactly where Tesla competes right now. Of course it won’t affect the Golf etc. in a meaningful way — but the premium brands will feel it, just like they already do in the US.

How is BMW, MB, Audi, etc selling luxury sedans?

Like Model S and X? Combined Plugin Share of 7%! They are semi successful in Europe, even the eGolf or i3 are roughly sold by the same numbers in Nov YTD 2018 as S and X together. Hope Model 3 will make a larger dent.

It is cheaper, and still fast. It will make an impact.

Yes, they likely are. But, I doubt that it is interfering with bringing EVS to Europe. They WANT TESLA. It will put major pressure on European Legacy Car makers. And hopefully, some of them will restart the push to help Tesla bring a factory there. France should be jumping all over it.

“Approval for noise” , love that one, I guess Tesla will make a Space X Falcon Nine and Heavy sounds optional. heh-HEH

Surprised Elon approved fart noises instead of Falcon Rocket Engines. That might be interesting 🙂

Maybe the synthetic niose required by regulations up to 20km/h starting second half of 2019.

One thing is clear: making a reservation was completely pointless for anyone not residing in the United States. Very shortly after opening the order books for those who reserved nearly three years ago, and before any deliveries had begun, Tesla opened orders for everyone. I reckon they are laughing at me now for being foolish enough to give them an interest-free loan for three years, getting absolutely nothing at all in return.

When does Tesla say the standard model is coming? You know, the only price point they were talking about at the launch in 2016? Is it still in six months, like it’s been for nine months?

There’s much to be happy about with how Model 3 is beginning to look like it will more likely make than break Tesla (it’s not certain yet). But I truly don’t understand why people are so tolerant of the dishonest business tactics and relentless lying. Everything they have done, they could have done without lying about what they were going to do and when they thought it could be achieved.

I also reserved in 2016, since then I got a pre-owned Model S that I am very happy with. But the way they are filling orders here in Europe was to be expected IMO.

No, it wasn’t useless. The enormous amount of reservations prompted the acceleration if the production ramp. I’m getting my car in Norway feb/march probably. I’d be waiting another year in the original schedule.

I’m not petty enough to be mad that all Europeans without reservations now can order.

And I’m also not mad that they held $1000 of my money for 3 years. The interest on that was negligible.

What’s more, the enormous amount of reservations prompted an acceleration of the *entire industry*.

There is very important a difference between actually lying, and just being overly optimistic. I’m sure you know that.

As for reservations, I suspect they will become more meaningful again when the cheaper (higher-volume) variants finally arrive…

(Also, a month — while surely less than most people expected — isn’t “absolutely nothing”.)

If selling some expensive models without reservation for a couple of months helps Tesla build up economies of scale needed to ship my SR, I am not much disturbed.

Approval is imminent. Waiting for end of holidays in Europe.

weird that you are marked down. I have noticed that Europe comes to a halt during holidays.

Well that’s just odd, one would think that Tesla would be ready for European sales with US sales no doubt taking a hit in Q1 with the recent post incentive price increases. So how will Tesla proceed, is it going to start shipping cars that aren’t approved yet? Guess that’s what happening if it wants to start deliveries in February.

As article states M3 is in the middle of homologation process in Netherlands. In EU when a car gets “approved” in one country it is approved for all. Maybe you need some additional work for those driving in the wrong lane.
So what is the problem to ship first batch of about 3000, offload them it in beginning of February and keep them parked and off the street?
This only in case they do not get the homologation finished in next 4-5 week. And since they have passed via this process several times than Tesla must have idea how long it takes.

In theory, if some problem is found during homologation, all units already produced would have to be modified… But that’s a rather unlikely event I’d say.

It sounds like at this point it’s just a formality… So I’d call that “ready”.

There is no problem if the cars don’t need major changes to comply I suppose.

Would be funny if the Euro version gets some actual changes.

One huge change the European version gets is a CCS charge port.

All European Teslas will get that. Should have gotten it years ago actually.

Does anybody know if these will be assembled in Europe, or are we shipping directly?

Sounds like for now they will be shipped complete?

I guess that might change in the future, though — unless they intend to just wait it out until a local Gigafactory can take over the entire production for Europe…