Tesla Model 3 Arrives In Italy, Plus Long Lines Form To See 3 In Germany

NOV 14 2018 BY MARK KANE 11

Tesla presents the Model 3 simultaneously in several countries.

Tesla Model 3 presentations started in selected stores in Europe, attracting tremendous interest. The first images and videos show that enthusiasm is strong.

The first reports begin to appear from Germany, Italy, Spain and other countries from the list of the first markets (Norway, France, Spain, China, Japan, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands).

It’s too early to judge the sales potential, but we assume that only production constraints could stop the Model 3 from taking best-selling title from Nissan LEAF in 2019.

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Wow, right in BMW’s back yard too!

How amazing to see lines around the world just to see a mass production car. Rough (and embarrassing?) time to be a legacy automaker with execs that still believe most of their cars are going to have a gas engine 30 years from now.

The IPhone moment 2008, let it roll……….

You can have zero line if you want to see a US version of the Model 3 in Munich. There is one at the electronica fair. Hardly anyone stops. The ID Buzz is also there at the Infineon booth. However, while you can touch the Model 3 the Buzz is behind a barrier.

Is it because the buzz is just a cardboard cutout?

I live in Munich. Calling a line of 9 people “long (in a wealthy city of 1,5million) is highly exxagerated.

“La Prima Roadster”
Was the roadster there too?

Model 3 invades Europe. Wonder how that works with the Stateside shorter narrative that the Model 3 production will decline once the original “list” is depleted? Oh, and Europe’s population is 740 million, which is almost exactly DOUBLE the United States.

His argument still applies, you just have to apply it to other countries outside USA. I would have thought that the demand for the Model S would have declined by now, but apparently not so. It will be many years before we see decline in production of Model 3 other than short term shutdowns for upgrading the line etc.

“Norway, France, Spain, China, Japan, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands”

You forgot Sweden. (No, not the same as Switzerland.)

ehhh, long lines? There are about 10 people standing there, most of them ‘bloggers’ & ‘vloggers’ who live of uploading youtube videos first or at least their ego lives of that. A customer rush looks different, a bit of objectivity in InsdeEVs journalistic process would maybe be long overdue by know.

For all Tesla fans that feel offended, Tesla will still sell every Model3 they can ship to Europe for the next year with or without store lines…

Ha! That’s me behind the wheel in the Zurich store yesterday!