Tesla Model 3 Hits Top Speed Of 141 MPH – Video


While it’s welcoming to know that the Tesla Model 3 handles itself well at 141 MPH, we warn to please not conduct such a test on public roads.

228 km/h or 141 MPH

The video uploader states:

Model 3 LR top speed is 228 km/h (I will provide the imperial measurement: 141 mph), no problem maintaining that speed (when you reach top speed in S or X, it slowly forces you to slow down). Someone go update Wikipedia and the various car pages as they thought this thing only pulled about 209.

Don’t like me speeding on an open highway? Unlike this page and get lost.

Edit: handles GREAT at top speed, no shaking, felt like I was in a high speed train!

Again we urge you not to ever attempt a similar act on public roads…ever.

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Clearly running V-Z rated tires to be able to legally leave the factory without a speed limiter.

These classes of tires are known to be rather harsh riding tires.

So are all LR Model 3s equipped like this or did the buyer change the tires and defeat the speed limiter?

The Mode 3 in its current form likely DOES have a speed limiter. We’re likely to see higher speeds in the performance variants. I see trouble ahead for this individual, considering how many self-righteous defenders of virtue, patrol these forums.

@F150 Brian

The modern tires with higher speed rated W and Y are actually have very compliance ride then V-Z rated tires of the 80’s.

Michelin’s Pilot Super Sport is Y speed-rated and it has good ride quality while it is rated best in Max Performance tire by Tirerack.

Speaking of tires, I would have been a bit freaked out if my low tire pressure warning came on at 120 mph. I would have shut the test down at that point, for fear the tire was losing pressure.

Oops. I should have said 140 mph, not 120.

OMG! a 50,000$ car does 141 MPH

But, it costs quite a bit less. Plus most cars are limited to around 120 mph.

My $35k 2015 VW eGolf is limited to 85mph. 2017 GM Bolt is limited at 91mph. Unless you are in Germany on the autobahn you don’t need more than 100mph but it is impressive how rock solid the model 3 was at those speeds.

$200 000 Vw xl1 top speed is 100mph

By the same token, a $15K Audi TT 8 years old, goes 288 km/h. I you are interested do the conversion to MPH. There is something special in all cars, electric, diesel, gas, no need to take sides


The long range without expensive options: premium package, Autopilot 2 … would be $44k + $1k delivery charge. How much is BMW i3 ? Can BMW i3 do 140 MPH ?

I can think of very few 50k cars that cannot do 140 MPH. Especially cars that are marketed as sport sedans such as this car. Nothing astonishing to see here except for an idiot doing this on public roads.

Yeah that piss me off. Its a public road if this got into a car accident it would have been all over the news


Any other EV(not Tesla) can do 140 MPH? BMW i3 top speed is more than 140 MPH?

If there is no traffic on a public road, fine. But this idiot was passing not just one car, but many. All it takes is one car to pull out to pass, even at 120 mph, and you have a catastrophe.

Doesn’t this leave the guy open for a reckless endangerment charge? Especially now that’s he has identified himself.

I believe that kicks in at 110mph on a public road.

I guess maybe for somebody in Oklahoma traveling 141 mph in a 70 mph zone without first inflating the tires properly for the exploit is worth the risk? I like the fact that the TPMS indicates a warning for the condition at about 140 mph.
F150 Brian – the stock tires are W-rated, and thus these speeds are permissible for the tires, assuming proper inflation, which would be 6psi above the recommended pressure from Tesla for normal legal usage (and even illegal usage up to 118 mph.)

The GM EV1 went 183 on a closed track with the speed software limit opened up. They had to tape up the windows so they didn’t implode pushing into the car from air forces.

General Motors EV1 – Wikipedia
Automobile called the car’s ride and handling “amazing,” praising its “smooth delivery of power”. That year, a modified Impact set a land speed record for production electric vehicles of 183 mph (295 km/h). However, according to a front-page article in The New York Times, GM was less than pleased with the prospect of …

But EV1 was killed and it had only 50 mile range and seated only 2.

Model 3 is not only for speed, but also for the masses to be kept for at least 10 years and for 5 passengers to travel comfortably.

228? Hmph. When the Tesla Roadster is launched into space, it will probably exceed 10,000 km/h at some point. 🙂

wiki for the model 3 already showed 140 mph max for the 75 kWh battery option.


First production Tesla Model 3 cars ready for the delivery event on July 28, 2017
Standard-battery model Long-range battery model
220 mi (350 km) range[117] 310 mi (500 km) range[117]
5.6 second 0–60 mph (0–97 km/h) time[117][118] 5.1 second 0–60 mph (0–97 km/h) time[119][120]

130 mph (210 km/h) top speed[121] 140 mph (225 km/h) top speed[121]

50 kWh (180 MJ) battery[117] 75 kWh (270 MJ) battery[122][105][3][123]
Supercharging rate: 130 miles (210 km) range available after 30 minutes[124] Supercharging rate: 170 miles (270 km) range available after 30 minutes[119]
Home charging rate: 30 miles (48 km) range per hour (240V outlet, 32A)[117] Home charging rate: 37 miles (60 km) range per hour (240V outlet, 40A)[117]

Man, that thing is crawling above 100mph. My car would hit 130mph in the standing quarter mile, as will most high end sports cars nowadays. I believe Motor Trend tested the Model 3 at 104mph in the quarter mile trap.

That’s the single speed gearbox. I’m sure it’s out of it’s optimal HP after 80mpg. I’m kind of surprised they made it to 140mph.

This has me wondering if Roadster 2.0 will need to have a multispeed gearbox. 250mph with a quick 1.9 sec launch is going to take very high motor rpms or a multispeed.

It has less than 200 hp…what did you expect?

Peugeot 208 GTI has 200 hp and a top speed of 230 km/h. No way it would hit 130 mph in 1/4 mile.

Why not try this on Public Roads?
This is normal Speed on german highways 🙂


We don’t know where it was so all the old ladies above can chill the f out.

Clive, the GPS clearly shows “where it was.”


We don’t know where it was so all the old ladies above can chill the f out.

Clive – Are you that stupid? The GPS clearly shows he is on I-40 East. He is just outside of Weatherford, Oklahoma. If someone tried passing the other cars in that line up and misjudged the Tesla’s high speed, the news would have been all over Tesla’s dangerous “self driving” cars.

One question Peter: Do other cars on German highways drive at only 100 kmh? Because that is “normal” around here. German drivers not only have to go through much more rigorous training and testing, but the are used to high speeds. American drivers are used to driving in traffic where a car driving by at 85 mph is a “crazy driver.”

You may think that those who criticize the use of a public road above 100 mph, with traffic, is idiotic, but clearly you have more trust in American drivers than most skilled drivers in the U.S.

As my ex used to say, “YOU are one of the most skilled drivers I know. But it’s not YOUR driving that concerns me. It’s the other idiots on the road that concerns me.”

Autobahn average is 130-140 km/h. They don’t have miracle cars there.

Just stop this Autobahn BS already!

Here all other drivers ASSUME that your speed is around 100-120 km/h. One lane change leads to a disaster.

I was doing a 60-130 test on a P100D Model S. It took so long I almost ran out of roadway. Compared to how quickly I got it done in my other car, it seemed safer because it was finished in such a short distance. Can’t wait till the roadster 2.0 can compete with acceletation at the higher speeds.Right now the 720s seems to be the one to beat with an incredible 148mph trap speed and the ability to run 9 second quarter miles with only RWD!

Okay. Let me get this straight. The P100D reaches 125 miles per hour faster than the Lamborghini Huracan, in one quarter mile. So your are telling us that going those extra 5 mph takes longer to go from 60 to 130 than your current car. Gee, I guess you must own a Lamborghini Huracan as your “other” car. (Or maybe you don’t own a P100D.)

Otherwise, I call BS.

Oh, and if you want the facts about how fast “your” P100D is, you should probably read articles and visit YouTube. I think you will have a hard time convincing most people that the P100D is “slow” between 60 and 130, if it is one of the fastest cars built between 0 and 125. For reference in the article below, the 911 Turbo S, is only going 6.8 mph faster in the tied quarter mile, where both models reached 125 mph.

I wish I could edit these posts. Obviously, both cars weren’t going 125 if the Porsche was going 6.8 mph faster. The Porsche would have been at 131.8.

60-130 MPH is a widely used standard. My car would achieve that in less than 7 seconds, the Tesla is not even close. I have all the test data if you really want me to prove you wrong. Here is my 2008 BMW from 7 years ago! Over 130mph trap with no traction. All I can say is look how fast my car goes from 110-130mph. Time it, and then time the Tesla. The Tesla P100D isn’t even close.


I’m sure he could cook up some riced out car which can do the 60-130 faster.

I doubt he has a Tesla. Stock short seems more likely. Tesla should have remained private.

I pretty much measured all of my cars top speeds. I got my Miata up to 135. I did it in Nevada. Even though the speed limits are fairly forgiving there, I did it by entering a valley where I could see the road all the way from one end to the other, and would stop the test if another car entered at the other end.

Its not really my favorite test to do, since, like with the Miata, the car feels unstable and I could easily visualize it spinning at that speed.

I guess I should specify for pedantic types, that was an “extra horsepower” special edition Miata.

Man, her little 4 banger must have been screaming at that speed!

you go 80 mph in a 55 mph zone in our area, there will be four cop cars chasing you. So what’s the use? We have plenty of freeway sections that have 55 mph posted speed limit, plenty of cameras, and cops waiting at the end of these sections.

Why is top speed so important? It use to be horsepower, now top speed. The Bugatti does this, the Ferrari does that. At 200 mph you are covering a football field/second, fast reflexes are needed in an emergency! I would rather be in a plane as one dip on a road and you will be airborne anyway! Lol’

There are two kinds of people.

Those who “get” the benefit of 140 mph capability in an on-public-highway vehicle.

And those who don’t.

I’m in the second category. If every idiot who lost control at high speed only took out themselves, I’d say, “go for it”. But public roads are shared, as are the tragic consequences of driver errors or mechanical failures.

Had an ex-CHP officer intern for me for a while about 20 years ago. He was making a career change. When he joined the CHP, his math and physics background got him assigned to accident investigation, which used a lot of physics. He liked the applied physics, but the emotional weight of investigating needless fatalities of innocents involved in collisions caused by drivers exhibiting “excessive speed” got to him so he was exploring a career in engineering instead.