Tesla Model 3 Leads Germany To New Plug-In Electric Car Sales Record

Tesla Model 3

MAR 14 2019 BY MARK KANE 38

Tesla noted 1,092 registrations, including 959 Model 3!

Plug-in electric car sales in Germany reached a new all-time record in February thanks to a significant increase in the pure electric segment.

In total, 6,839 new plug-in passenger cars were registered, which is 34% more than a year ago at near-record market share of 2.54%. The plug-in hybrids, on the other hand, have fallen for the sixth month in a row.

  • BEVs: 4,637 – up 82% at ≈1.72% market share
  • PHEVs: 2,202 – down 14% at ≈0.82% market share

Plug-in electric car registrations in Germany – February 2019

The all-electric surge was mostly caused by volume deliveries of Tesla Model 3, which noted 959 registrations! Together with 133 S/X, Tesla had 1,092 registrations!

The other best-selling models for the month were Renault ZOE (782), BMW i3 (694, including 628 BEVs), Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (544) and Hyundai Kona Electric (400).

Several other important models:

Registrations of StreetScooter commercial electric vans amounted to just 111 in February.

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38 Comments on "Tesla Model 3 Leads Germany To New Plug-In Electric Car Sales Record"

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That’s got to be like ice cold water in the face for the entire German Automobile Industry.

This is not a joke.

Wake up stat.

Go Tesla!

Yeah, this is a good signal, even if monthly sales means nothing. Hopefully it will help the European industry to up their EV goals and investments once again.

This is excellent, the better the Model 3 does, the sooner we’ll get real electrics like the i4, the real i4 not the gas/hybrid/plugin/”electric” i4.

Check out that iPace destroying the Model 3… oh, sorry, Anton. Didn’t happen.

Anton Wahlman needs to stop writing. Everytime he picks up a pen, he’s just embarrassing himself.

Who is he? Really i never heard of him

And yet somehow even larger media is picking up his stories. How in the hell is an SA short seller and FUD creator now writing for the street? It’s all garbage these days.

This, Wahlman, Speigel, “Honest Ed” Niedermeyer, Bertel Schitt are shorting Tesla and therefore have an inherent anti-Tesla bias and a serious conflict of interest in covering autos that comes through in their trash writing about Tesla and the laggard, legacy LICE brands that they so fervently hope will make “Tesla Killers”.

And yes, all of them are sampling embarrassing themselves when they write or come here on InsideEVs and other EV websites under their multiple fake usernames to post their easily disproven serial anti-Tesla FUD.

All serial anti-Tesla trolls, shorters, shills for disrupted industries/companies and haters are gnashing their teeth as Tesla has become the ONLY American auto OEM ever to challenge and Beat the German luxury//sport brands where Tesla both in America and increasingly in their home turf of Europe and around the world, We saw it with the ModelS and now the Model 3.

To see what the “Tesla Effect” does, read this!


I guess you’re not a subgenius, praise Bob, as you rarely cut them, the short-sellers, any slack.

You mean that compliance car , “The iPace” … lol …. 🙁

No kidding. What a joke it was that Jag using Magna Steyr to manufacture their cars was going to out sell Tesla. Think their max per month production capability for the I Pace is only like 3k cars.

Germans only buy German brands, they said…

Germans won’t tolerate any quality issues, they said…

(To be fair, we have to see if this trend holds up over several months.)

Germans must not consider constant break downs and over engineering problems quality issues..?


That is absolutely true, (unless there are compelling features to make one overlook a piece of trim slightly out of place).

WV quality is subpar

So is your spelling.

Quit picking on West Virginia.

German cars have excellent engineering ( like their suspension ), but, Consumer Reports says they break too.

wow, or in other words. tesla captures about 0,4% of the german market. after 4 years of ‘anticipation’ they outsell an i3 by about 40% even though that car is around for 5 or so years now (recently improved).

In a classic troll move you are trying to misdirect hasdf.

The fact is that in Germany itself, Tesla now outsells the German OEMs in the CAATEGORY of EVs.

Not just Tesla, aussi la petite voiture Français ZOE ventent mieux que la i3 😜.
I dont think this needs translation
Tesla > Zoe > i3 > e golf

Yup, you have a point. On the other hand Tesla sold probably all they had available, which once again tells you you should not look at a monthly sales figures …

The same is true for the i3. They have a 6 month backlog on those in Germany.

But, but, but we were told they (The Germans) could flood the market with their BEVs and thus Tesla did not have a chance, and now you are saying the big German companies that were suppose to swamp the Tesla sales can’t even produce as many cars as Tesla ships from half-way around the world.

Does not sound like they are ready to make BEVs.

Yup. Trying to read popularity into a supply constrained market is difficult.

Yes writing from Rusia it doesn’t help.

What is “Rusia”? A real country, or just a ruse?

Wow, the number of times I read in the past that Germans would only buy the cars made in Germany.

I was told a gap difference of a millimeter or two was enough to turn them off buying a Tesla, or that no-one wanted to buy a car with a touch screen and no buttons on the controls. Worse Tesla has made 220K cars and the tail bumpers falling of TWO of them is proof that all Tesla cars have poor construction in all their cars.

Yet here we are with Tesla cars selling in Germany. What next?

Well, the Model S and X both sell poorly in Germany and this is not due to supply issues. Of course you can always find people that will not conform to a norm, but it’s a minority. So let’s see how the sales curve will look in a year.

Well I expect TM3 production to be 75,000 for the first quarter. Sales at 60,000.

Strange… When I click on the “Geramny” tag at the bottom of the article I only get this one article!

Including hybrids at 7.5% of market.

Oil demand in germany can only go one way now.

Get them Powerwalls installed in garage to get some of the free electricity when there’s an overabundance of wind generation.

Excellent. Tesla has steamrolled over their local makes. 959 sales in 1st month is very impressive. Tesla’s 1 092 sales is very close to Honda’s 1 278 and at least 37% of Nissan’s 2,897 sales. Will it overtake both these guys next month.

Despite all the big talk, VW sold only 355 EVs. That 7,121 hybrids sold by Audi are all mild hybrids which capture regenrative energy and provide it back when accelerating with motor supporting the engine.

Toyota sold only 25 plugin hybrids on “no need to plugin” mantra.
BEV : PHEV ratio is 2:1. How long before BEVs overtake Hybrids.

In this article I see Cupra Formentor PHEV and Karma Revero PHEV advertised, and at the same time I’m reading PHEV sales down 14% while BEV sales are up 82%. And this isn’t an isolated event, the trend is clear across the world that BEV are taking away/replacing PHEV (not sure about Hybrid non PHEV but suspect the same tend). It would seem that planning to introduce a PHEV at this point, or in the future, is a bit of a fools errand. It’s probably too late for them to change those PHEV’s into BEV, but if I was the boss of any automotive company, especially these small players, I’d be looking to change course pretty quickly. If they can’t/haven’t seen the writing on the wall then I’d guess they are on the ride towards bankruptcy.