Tesla Model 3 Configurator – Here It Is


Tesla Model 3 Configurator

Courtesy of Imgur, we’ve now got a Tesla Model 3 configurator for realz.

Following the big Tesla Model 3 reveal, we expected Tesla to post a configurator to its website. That never happened, but now thanks to an upload on Imgur shortly after the event, we’ve got our first solid look at all of the currently available configuration details.

Tesla is opening its configurator to more and more reservation holders daily, but if you don’t have a reservation and/or work at the company, or are farther down the priority line, you’ve probably yet to see what’s offered in terms of configurations.

In the Imgur embed above (note: there are 18 images. Click the next arrow to cycle through them all, or click on any individual page to enlarge) you’ll see there’s “first production” and “coming soon” variants for the Model 3.

Other choices include long range battery, premium upgrades, paint color and wheels. the last selection you can make is for Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self Driving Capability.

This particular configurator shows a delivery date of September-November 2017, which likely implies this will be a Tesla employee build.

Go ahead and check out the configurator embedded above (or here at Imgur) to begin building your Model 3.

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With zero pictures of the standard interior and no potential pricing info if you decide to hold for AWD, it’s tough to make an informed decision.

Hey, don’t point out these obviously glaring omissions. You will be accused of beign a TSLA troll that is trying to short the stock.

Dude, is your life so empty that you can afford to waste it by constantly hating on Tesla?

He needs to justify his recent Bolt purchase somehow, now that the 3 has seriously outclassed it despite a lower price.

Please let me know when you can get a Model 3 for $35k. You won’t ever be able to do it because of the doc and destination fee.

On the other hand a crap ton of people can get a Bolt for $35k or less right now.

If you’re going to try and make a point at least try and make it accurate.

Oh, the Bolt doesn’t have documentation and destination fees? Bull****

DJ, it cracks me up when you complain over and over about the $1K Delivery and Doc fee not being included when people talk about the Tesla M3 220 price. And then yourself conveniently always leave out the $750 upgrade charge to get DC fast charging on the Bolt, and leave out that there is a separate Dealer fee on top of GM’s delivery fee that typically is around $500 (give or take a few hundred.)

Why do you keep leaving out $750 to $1250 or more worth of costs that are already included in the Tesla M3 220 price when you talk about comparing prices?

At least people talking about the Tesla price have a reason not to include the $1K Delivery and Doc fee. Tesla hasn’t actually officially released that information yet. We just know it from screen shots released by people buying their car.

What’s your excuse for leaving off well known dealer fees and DC charging fees?

Vehicles no-one wants always go for less. Check out the price for a used Yugo.

The still non-existent $35k 3 with less range somehow outclassed the Bolt.

Spoken like a true TSLA cult member.

And let us know you troll when GM has a 300 plus mile option????

My Tesla account says I can order a $35k Model 3 in December.

You can place an order for a base, $35k 3 for December delivery, today?

Post a screenshot so bro can go into hibernation…

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California current Tesla ownership FTW!!

Yea, except I live in South Carolina.

Wow! With such early delivery dates, I just assumed California. I obviously assumed wrong!

Given your east coast location, that implies that Model 3 deliveries may be nation-wide before the end of 2017 (for current Tesla owners at least). That is much sooner than I expected.

Thanks for the info. Somewhere, somebody needs to start collecting all this info from reservation holders, and create a heat-map of projected US delivery dates. Maybe somewhere like model3tracker.info could do something like that.


RE: all of your posts on Tesla stories —

spoken like somebody intentionally trying to derail every single Tesla story into a fight.

You probably would have called the Clermont “Fulton’s Folly”. We know who the true fools were.

Don’t mind him, he’s still sore from sitting on GM’s narrow seats. 😀 😀

In all seriousness, I’m not sure why he is so salty. :-/

No troll here and I’m a big EV supporter. We’ve got a model s 100d in the family, I drove a Leaf to work today, I own Tesla stock, and I’m a current model 3 reservation holder.

However, I’m not a mindless follower and I won’t order without more detail than those screenshots show. With any luck, that will change by the time the configurator is open to the public.

Ahh, the voice of reason.

Rumor is that August production includes test drive cars, so you may get one better than that and be able to actually sit in a car and drive a car before finalizing your order.

Agree with Klaus. I don’t order without putting my cheeks in the seat first.

Also sad to see little elaboration of stuff in the car. Homelink is presumed for summoning but it is not STATED. Premier radio is stated but Satellite radio is not. Just too many vague things right now. So I hope the information opens up when configuration opens up to the public.

There was a Model 3 spotted at the Greenville, SC Supercharger a few days ago. One could assume that it was on it’s way to the Charlotte, NC store.

Do we know if the AWD for the 3 will be an additional 5K upgrade as it is on the Model S and X?

Musk said it would be less than $5K so our best guesses are $4950…

Good one. Model S option prices, at this point, seem to be a good indicator for Model 3.

Or $4999.99.

Do we know if the AWD for the 3 will be an additional 5K upgrade as it is on the Model S and X?

Interesting tidbits…
Appears no leasing option…
2.74% APR…
Sep-Nov delivery…

What would the regular auto-pilot have, if you don’t buy the enhanced auto-pilot? Would it even have cruise control? Adaptive?

Current Tesla’s without EAP get old-school cruise control, non-adaptive.

Good to know. I do use cruise control a lot, so that is important to me. I don’t know if it’s worth it to me to pay $5k for enhanced AP.

FWIW, Stop & go traffic is where AP rapidly pays for itself. The value for an uncongested highway commute is less, IMO. Still nice, still really neat, just not as compelling.

I’m rarely in stop-and-go traffic (#michigan, though we do have orange-barrel season)

Nothing says mass-market like a $50-60k car!


I’m still not convinced Tesla ever wants to sell the $35k base car in significant volumes.

The base Model3 could become the new Model S 40, taken to the wood shed after a few weeks…


Never heard of again. No margins.

It’s simple: they can’t sell a ($35k + $1k delivery fees) base 3 at a profit. Why do you think they aren’t making them available till some far off date?

Fall 2017 is “some far off date”?

“Fall 2017 is “some far off date”?”

They also sold the Model S 40 for some time back in 2012-13.

Not convinced they won’t retire the base version after a few months (using whatever excuse suits them best…).

They won’t retire it, just like BMW and Mercedes don’t retire their base models either (which clearly have far lower margins than average).

$35k is a very important marketing number for getting people in the showroom.

Tesla is also going to count on people activating autopilot later, possibly even second or third buyers.

An example of a “far off” date is GM’s Bolt rollout starting in late 2016 and it’s *still* not available in my area.

Bolt EV rollout was just as prescribed a year ago. In fact, it was slightly accelerated.

When is the Model 3 supposed to be “available” in your area? Sometime late 2018?

Tesla said specifically at the March 2016 reveal that the first cars off the line would be loaded version. Why is this all of a sudden a surprise?

And nothing says loser, shorter troll like tftf and his buddy Spiegel who just gave up after losing a crap-ton of money trying to short!

Nothing says fanboi like this comment.

And nothing says “annoying crap that makes me want to avoid the comments on this site” like the incessant bashing and boosting of various companies or models or people.

Can everyone here PLEASE take a deep breath, take their hands off the keyboard for 30 seconds, and relax?

No one should have to make this request or remind everyone here that we’re all plug heads who want the same basic thing: To see more of our transportation electrified. I drive a Leaf, but if GM or Tesla or Honda or Toyota or whoever blows by them in sales and it leads to broader BEV adoption, then great.

Big picture, people.

Lou — unfortunately not everybody who posts here wants the same thing. Unfortunately we have a number of posters who were brought into the green car world through their desire to make money shorting TSLA shares and do not share the desire to see cars electrified. Their interest is to try and drag down Tesla as much as possible.

This isn’t some conspiracy theory. Many have openly admitted to such in their posts. This poster in specific has stated publicly a number of times that they short TSLA shares.

That is “fanboY” sir!

Tesla has actually said that they plan on pushing the M3 220 because the smaller battery pack will allow them to put out more cars faster as the Gigafactory fights to keep up with battery demand.

So reality is exactly opposite of your made up FUD. I can’t wait for you now to start complaining about Tesla pushing M3 220’s to customers….


Tesla Model S 40 demand — 400 units
Tesla Model 3 220 demand – In excess of 160,000 to 200,000 units (based upon various reservation holder polls).

Any comparison between the S40 and M3 220 shows a serious lack of reasoning.

Wondering if HomeLink is standard.

I’m hoping they have HomeLink. In one of my cars, I had to buy the leather package just to get the HomeLink. What does leather have to do with HomeLink, I don’t know.

Just to reduce the number of configurations to build.

One could also ask:

“What does that infernal all-glass roof have to do with the other listed premium upgrades that it needs to be bundled with them?”

I do have to say that $800 a month for a car that can drive itself sounds like a pretty good deal. If you hired a chauffeur to drive you around you would spend much more. If I ever get to the point where I need someone else to drive me around I would definitely consider a Model 3.

Have you driven an AP2 EAP car? The model 3 won’t drive itself any time soon.

It won’t drive itself, if that was the case many more people would buy it.

I wonder if they ordered more than 5 sets of those aero wheels? They are so hideous that it seems like an automatic +$1500.

I kinda like them, and am no fan of ultra low profile tires

I’m getting the aero wheels. If I really don’t like them, I’ll tirerack/discounttiredirect a set of replacement and keep the originals as spares/winter wheels.

If they end up using the same bolt pattern as the Model S, it might be possible to put a set of used BMW wheels on it. From what I understand a number of BMW’s share the same 5X120 bolt pattern as the Model S.

If that is the case, the cheap solution may be to find a decent set of used BMW 18″ or 19″ wheels. They seem to show up regularly on BMW sites when people go to pimp their ride.

They are just covers. The wheels themselves are pretty standard alloy wheels. Don’t worry. You can even just put them on for long-distance, high speed travel where the aerodynamics of them would pay off. 5%-10% bonus.

The biggest question about the base 18″ wheels is what impact they have on range compared with the 19″ wheels/tires.

I thought about silver color with the other wheels but actually now that I see that the aero wheels fit quite well with black color, I am having second thought. That would make a 1000$ economy on paint and another 1500$ on wheels. Combine that with import tax, Tilburg work and 21% VAT and you get to 3500 € economy. That would almost cover the extra 5000$ they ask for battery upgrade.

I’ll wait for the real one from Tesla thanks.

George this is a real one from Tesla. It’s just for the first ppl that got invited to configure. This isn’t one of those fake configurators ppl have made in the past.

$9000 for an extra 90 miles range. Since the long range battery can’t possibly cost $31k, the upgrade is clearly very high margins.

Absolutely! Tesla is telling everyone that they don’t NEED a Tesla that has a range of over 250 miles but if they “must” have over 300 in order to sleep at night then pay the price…call it the sucker surcharge.

Yes, There’s margin in the $9,000 battery option. At times like this, you check however many, or few, shares of TSLA you own and think to yourself “everything is going to be ok”. The shrewdness of Tesla’s Model 3 packaging had to be encouraging for analysts. There will be $35k cars, and there will be the average Model 3 selling price. Maybe higher than $42k, at the buyer’s option. What’s not to like?

If I were looking at Model 3, I’d look at it the same way Model S owners have for years. “If I go for the 85KWh battery, I will get the money back when I sell”. The resale gap between a 220 and a 310 mile EV will not go away, and, frankly, you’ll be helping the cause.

Yea, the extra range alone doesn’t justify the price. But range isn’t the only thing you get for your $9K. Here is one alternate way of breaking down the $9K upgrade price:

$4K for 310 vs. 220 miles of range.
$2K for 5.1 vs. 5.6 0-60 faster performance.
$2K for 170 miles vs. 130 miles per/half hour supercharging rate.
$1K for 40A (48A capable?) vs. 32A built in standard chargers.

Obviously the $$$’s I assigned were completely arbitrary. Anybody can value these features at whatever fraction of $9K that they value them. But higher performance and faster charging are actually things of value. Your math implies that they have zero value, as if 100% of the $9K is going to just range and the faster performance and faster charging were free. They aren’t.

How cute of you trying to justify the huge markup of this option…

Mark.ca They physically put a larger on-board charger in the car. Do you think that is free? It is included in the $9K option, and charger upgrades in the past in the Model S have run as high as $2,000 dollars. There is a similar value for being able to supercharge faster. So no, I’m not making up anything or justifying anything, I’m stating outright what you are getting for the $9K besides just range. I’m saying it because it is empirically true that you receive more than just added range when you select the $9k package. To ignore the value of everything you get besides just the additional range is intellectually dishonest. It simply ignores the facts at hand. BMW charges $9,000 dollars to knock 0.7 seconds off the 0-60 times between the RWD 330i and the RWD 340i. Are you under the belief that 0.5 seconds faster 0-60 times don’t have any value in the automotive world? The entire auto industry disagrees. Heck, I didn’t even include the higher top speed capabilities…. Yes, you absolutely get more than just the added range when you select the $9K package, and those extras really do have value.

Is there no heated steering wheel at all? Even with the premium upgrades package?? If so i’m surprised there is no public outcry in this regard as even the base Nissan Leaf has a heated steering wheel…

I live in Finland and I have never needed a heated steering wheel.

In the EV world, people use heated seats and heated steering wheel to avoid heating the air in the car which significantly reduces range.

Seems like a miss to me too.

I hope the voice control works well because using a touch screen with winter gloves really sucks.

…or maybe it has steering wheel controls.

…Or they *have* done that when they were dealing with the first-gen low range cars like the Leaf. When you get into the 200+ miles of range area this becomes far less of a concern.

Spoken like someone who has never used a heated steering wheel in freezing temperatures.

I mean why even include a heater at all? That’s just a useless feature too. Jackets, people, JACKETS! *rolleyes*

It’s hard to say how we even survived without the heated steering wheel so far…i mean, it’s amazing!
Hey Bro, your garage door opens into your living room so you don’t get any exposure to the blistering cold winter air, right? Put some pants on, man!

That’s because Finns are tough badasses 😀

Sadly, many of my fellow citizens have never experienced real cold. When I was growing up, we regularly hit -40 ( C or F ), and had typically for 2-4 weeks every winter, would have hi temps not go above -30 F. As such, you treat the car differently than what these other ppl are calling ‘cold’ (north carolina is cold? Give me a break).

Sad to say, Americans have been turned into a bunch of whiny pu55735. Trump is pretty much a copy of any of these GOP types.

Heated seats are nice, but not required. And since most every EV owner leaves car plugged in at night, it is easy to pre-heat the car while still plugged in, before getting in. And more efficient.

I raised the point on a Tesla forum. Most people simply dismissed the feature as “useless”. Lol

Useless in SoCal? Sure. But not in any area that gets snow.

I’m pretty sure Finland gets some snow. Ever heard of Santa?

Santa is #FAKENEWS!

Seriously though, have you ever used a heated steering wheel?

Too funny, but true. Plenty on TMC will chime in from CA, and points south, to say “who needs a heated steering wheel”.

It’s great that Tesla scored 126MPGe, with Model 3, but among EVs there is also a lot to suggest they sell the Chevy Caprise of EVs, in the Model S:
-No variable regen
-Resistance heater
-Massive battery, and consequential range hit to warm it
-Ability to crank heat, with next to no air flow
-No front defrost element
-Unless $5,000 ransom paid, customers lean harder on 4,000+ watt cabin heat, rather than a ~40 watt steering wheel.

A premium EV should address all of the above. Heated seats, steering wheels and front windshield defrost elements should be in all EVs. I don’t think this is being wishful, if you just think about it. We’re probably talking less than the cost of one battery KWh…and we’ll pay for it!

News in bro1999’s post: He is a Bolt owner that trolls and posts on dedicated Tesla forums, then comes here to insideev’s and complains about too many Tesla stories…. LOL!!

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

When have I ever complained about there being too many Tesla stories? Just more made up lies by the Elon groupies.

Some people just can’t allow any criticism of their precious golden boy Elon. *shrug*

Heck, you even complained multiple times about there just being too many Tesla PHOTOGRAPHS!!


If you don’t like your reputation of being a whiny Bolt owner who trolls every Tesla story, and even trolls dedicated Tesla websites, don’t do it. But crying about earning a reputation for being a hardcore Tesla trolling bolt owner, after you’ve worked so hard to establish through your actions is just childish.

Got to hand it to you mad-bro, you have slid into the vacuum that loser sven was removed from by carpet-bombinb your pathetic, whining anti-Tesla FUD on all the Tesla threads now.

I guess you want to join him in the troll hall of shame!

Please point out anything inaccurate I’ve posted in here.

All I see is a bunch of Tesla zealot with their panties in a bunch.

“they can’t sell a ($35k + $1k delivery fees) base 3 at a profit.” Source please. Otherwise it is an unsubstantiated fabrication. “When is the Model 3 supposed to be “available” in your area? Sometime late 2018?” Source for Model 3 not being available anywhere in the US until late 2018? Otherwise your repeated implications of it not being available are unsubstantiated fabrications. But why limit it to just this story? Just because you’ve been especially childish here, posting zero fact, and all just mindless lip flapping? How about your complete BS claim that the crash footage comparing the Model 3 to the Volvo S40 was fake, and that the Volvo was done at twice the speed, when in fact you were wrong, and they were done at the exact same speed? Do you seriously live in a world of self-delusion where you believe you have some good record of posting factual information about Tesla? You don’t. You have an absolute dreadful record. And even worse, you outright REFUSE to admit when you’ve gotten it wrong, even when you are provided multiple primary sources of proof that absolutely discredit your BS. When are you going to have the intellectual honesty… Read more »

Last thing I want to do is back a shorter (if that is true). Something didn’t look right about the pole in that crash test. The roof line was barely touched on the Model 3, If you look at the stickers on the model 3 is says the pole is at 15 degrees which means the majority of the energy was absorbed by the battery. I’d Ike to see the same test at 0 degrees to judge it fairly and until then It’s not an Apples to Apples test. As a long time Tesla advocate I’m disappointed that they would resort to this to over emphasize the cars safety.

And yet another post where liar1999 gets caught completely lying, and bravely runs away without correcting his falsehoods.

No surprise.

Looks amazing. The current base model, with 80kwh battery and the premium package is $50k delivered – $7500 fed tax credit = $42,500.

There’s not a car on Earth I’d consider buying new for $42,500, but the Model 3 is a massive leap past the status quo and if I had the spare change I’d splurge on that bad boy.

Dream car: Looks fantastic, 5.1 sec 0-60 mph, razor-sharp handling, incredibly efficient, and highly functional: comfortably holding 5 and good storage with frunk and fold-down seats.

Only thing I’d be worry about is initial quality. But if you order now you won’t be getting it for many months, so hopefully some bugs will be worked out before construction.

Because my budget doesn’t hold $42.5k for a new car, I at best might hope to buy one used in about three years, giving 1 year for production quality improvements and 2 years for the first owner to eat the biggest depreciation. Figure a nice used 2018 big battery, premium package Model 3 will cost around $30,000 used in 2020. I’ll have to start saving up, lol.

That sounds about right. The majority of car buyers in the US each year buy used ICE cars for the exact same reason. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it has worked great for ICE buyers for decades. The only kink in your plan might be that for $30K you might have to settle for a higher mile used car.

It is really hard to tell what is going to happen to used prices after the fed rebate goes away. Conventional wisdom is that used Tesla values will be stronger, because people won’t be able to buy new cars at the post-credit effective price anymore. Low mile used car prices is typically a reflection of new car replacement price and availability as much as anything else.

One scenario is that current used Tesla prices may actually go up as the incentive sunsets.

The biggest chunk of that first couple of years depreciation is the fact that new luxury cars are often heavily discounted. When I bought my BMW Z 4, it had a list price of $46,000; but it only cost me 39,000. The Tesla model 3 isn’t discounted; so it is likely that the resale price will be relatively higher.

Yeah, depreciating to $30k from $42.5k net purchase price over two years is actually pretty low depreciation compared to the sport-luxury competition like BMW or Mercedes, so I already accounted for your line of thinking a bit.

“depreciating to $30k from $42.5k net purchase price”

That’s the conundrum. Once the $7500 incentive goes away, will it still be valid to calculate depreciation based upon the $42.5K net purchase price, or will depreciation rebound back to depreciation based upon what the new replacement price will be in two years ($50K)?

Unfortunately there is no way to know for certain until after it actually happens.

So…is black the only interior color option at launch???

Yes, only black and only the $5K upgraded interior. The $35K version scheduled for release in Nov is also expected to be black, but with cloth seats (no official confirmation yet.) I haven’t seen a date yet for any other interior colors.

From a purely supply-chain viewpoint, it wouldn’t make much sense for them to start offering more interior color choices until they hit 5000 cars/week (optimistic target date is by the end of 2017). For small volumes, having to buy and stock 2 different part numbers for every interior part, in 2 different colors would be prohibitively expensive. Parts prices are heavily based on volume, so it makes sense that they are trying to limit the number of different parts to maximize their pricing structure.

For an electric car, heated front seats should be standard.