Tesla Model 3 Collides Head On With A Big Pole


Tesla Model 3 Hits A Pole

We get our first look at how the Tesla Model 3 fares when it meets a pole.

From the images, via the video below, it’s apparent that the Model 3’s lack of an engine affords it a massive crumple zone. This surely provides its with excellent occupant safety, at the expense of the car literally caving in, but cars are replaceable and vehicle safety should be paramount, so we’re okay with this level of destruction for the sake of saving lives.

Tesla Model 3 Hits A Pole

Both the Tesla model S and X are known for extremely high crash-test ratings and we expect the 3 to be no different. However, no formal test results for the 3 have been released yet, so we can’t be certain it fares as well as Tesla’s previous two electric cars.

Tesla Model 3 Crashes Into Pole

Tesla Model 3 Hits A Pole

There’s no word on whether the occupant(s) suffered any injuries, though judging by the images, it appears as though the cabin had little or no intrusion, so major injuries seem unlikely.

Check out the video below (from 7:10 through 7:30) for some additional looks at the crashed Model 3.

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Fast cars and stupid people. Doesn’t take long before they crash.

Yeah, was going to say that too…Probably a total as you probably wont be able to get parts yet. Wonder how much his insurance will go up?

The bigger question is, why did this car meet this pole? All this talk about how safe the car is in a crash, but why did it crash?

All I know is that the attached video is probably the most annoying video I have watched in years. I really want to push that momma’s boy off that cliff and be done with it about 20 seconds in.

+ 1

Could be someone who went from Prius Prime’s 15 second 0-60 (electric), to the Model 3’s sub-5 seconds.

Model 3 Autopilot : 1
Model 3 Manual Pilot : 0

A bacic Emergency is not working properly in Model 3.I guess you guys should give up driving so soon.

Emergency automatic braking**

Just be glad he’s not your son. Imagine him in your house, every day?

This video is the sort of thing that gave Hannibal Lecter his start. 30 seconds in and he’d be working on his shopping list: Fava beans, nice Chianti

There goes 50k! Would be hilarious if he had picked it up just minutes earlier.
To the back of the line, stupid!

I think Tesla will expedite insurance replacements.

Based on what?

They have done it in previous cases where owners’ cars were destroyed, such as the road debris fires.

If it was a drunk driver – he will not get money from the insurance agency, right?

This will be expensive to fix.
I’m not sure I would have bought a car that had been repaired after a collition like this either. They are very prone to severe rust attacks, as the factory rust protection is destroyed. Maybe not a problem in California, but if the owner lived in the rust belt – he would be in a world of hurt.

I bought a used car once, that had been rear ended, and it was fixed. Looked perfect, but a year later – rust started to come under the car. Then after 2 years with severe rust – I got the contract cancelled, and the car was stripped of parts, and the chassis recycled.

Zink layers and other rust protection under the car cracks, water and road chemicals come in and do their “wonder”.

Bummer, especially after the long wait. They must not have had it long.


Yeah, I keep pointing out the same thing. I dislike Tesla’s reliance on radar detection for braking. Radar works best at detecting flat metal surfaces than are angled to reflect the beam directly back to the car. Round poles not so good. Wood or concrete poles do not work as well as steel.

In my opinion they should have binocular cameras (to be able to determine distance) for object detection. (not just reading speed limit signs or lane markings)

I know right. Aren’t these cars supposed to stop automatically if they are going to crash in to things? I don’t know if it’s just Teslas or other makes as well but the whole auto brake thing doesn’t seem to be working all that great.

Not crashing in to a parked ambulance seems like a pretty easy thing to auto brake and avoid. This a little harder as you don’t know the exact circumstance of the crash but hopefully it applied the brake even just a little here!

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I know right!
My first thought was isn’t there AEB?!?!?!?

But then I remembered my coworker. He has a car that has AEB and complained it brakes more often than it needs to, small objects and such on the road and the curb. He disabled it.

Can it be disabled in the TMM3?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Ooops, he corrected me. He “disables” it. It actually comes back on again after turning the car off.

Trollnonymous said: “…my coworker… has a car that has AEB and complained it brakes more often than it needs to, small objects and such on the road and the curb. He disabled it.” And this, gentle readers, is why no auto maker’s ABS system, not even Tesla’s, is preventing cars from hitting stationary objects. It’s all the false positives, which requires the software designers to turn down the sensitivity of the system. If the car stopped every time it detected something that it might run into, then the car would be stopping every few seconds, and the driver would quickly shut the system off. The only thing that really puzzles me here is why so many people seem to think Tesla’s ABS system should work much more reliably than other auto makers’ ABS systems; that it should work all the time. So far as I know, all the ABS systems in production cars use radar, just like Tesla’s. If and when some auto maker starts putting a LiDAR based ABS system into their production cars, then it might be appropriate to start asking why their cars still crash into stationary objects. But neither optical object recognition using cameras, nor radar,… Read more »

You can have all the auto braking systems you want and still crash if they are not activated. Why is this so hard to understand?

Because it is unlikely it was disabled, but we don’t know.

“In my opinion they should have binocular cameras (to be able to determine distance) for object detection.”

In the (so far as I know) one-and-only fatality in a Tesla car operated by Autopilot, the car failed to stop because Autopilot relies on the rather unreliable ability of software to identify objects in stereo camera images, and it failed to spot the side of a semi trailer.

Why do you keep insisting that inferior optical object recognition should be used instead of much more reliable active scanning using radar?

Of course, LiDAR would be better than either. The image return from radar is very fuzzy as compared to LiDAR.

In that situation, the trailer was plain white and sideways to the car. The camera did not distinguish from the light background of the sky. In that case the radar should have worked.
” unreliable ability of software to identify objects in stereo camera images”
I only see one camera lens in the center top of the windshield on Model S. Where is this stereo camera?

I wonder how many Model 3 have been delivered this month? Can’t wait to see January’s Sales Scorecard. I’m guessing a little over 2K.

Volt#671 + BoltEV

Well on the monthly plug in scorecard it was the sixth best selling car in Dec. Hopefully it becomes the 4th or 5th best selling car per the monthly plug in scorecard.

In Jan. 2018

I think it will be first all 12 months and get 3000 in Jan 18…

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

~1800, just a SWAG though through rumormill.

If you’re gonna be stupid you’d better be tough..

I think it is very repairable. The fenders didn’t even push back into the doors. It could take a week or so to get parts after the insurance estimate is written and then about 3 weeks to repair. Good as new again!

After relooking at the photos it likely will take less time at a good shop that isn’t too busy. Don’t take it to Barsotti’s. It will take forever.

Ha! A good buffer and some rubbing compund and that’ll come right out.

Or maybe the car is named Christine . . . . I love the smell of a new car.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

They’ll take care of that with just one OTA!

My dad can fix it. He’s a TV repairman; he has an awesome set of tools.


Is this another instance of the car self driving on Auto Pilot? Was there even a driver in the car?

This time the car was drunk…

Who wants a salvage Model 3? Bids starting at $60k 😉

Damn! I hate when that happens.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

What a Dumb@zs!

They should sell those Sexy Aero wheels on ebay……lol

Tesla haters and shorters placed the pole in the way of the car on purpose, under guidance of Big Oil and Koch brothers! Driver is innocent victim!

Pu-pu will confirm it in no time for non-believers.

Reminds me of the (possibly apocryphal) insurance claim where the driver claimed “I was driving along minding my own business, when a tree jumped out in front of my car!”


Yeah I find it more than interesting that the ‘safest cars in existence’ seem to keep having trouble this way..

I don’t care what anyone says, the safest car is the GEN 1 chevy volt. Very few driver’s heads have been decapitated, and there have been no cremations as of yet.

I assume the pole withstood a collision better than a pedestrian would have.

I’m glad the writer here is ‘comfortable’ with this collision, – since there is no deductible that the writer himself has to pay.

I usually don’t have Collision or Comprehensive on ANY of my cars, since I pay cash and I’m taking the other side of the gamble – Insurance companies ‘gamble’ that you won’t have a collision, so I reverse the tables by in effect, being self-insured.

I’m sure some owners were too embarrassed to admit they were at fault and will look to AP as their escape goat.
If a person was driving too fast and then suddenly turns towards a pole, I doubt AEB would be able to stop in time.
I’m not saying this is what happened, but since no one but the driver knows, I can speculate all I want. 🙂
IMO, I blame the driver.

Of course legally the driver is at fault. But Automatic Breaking is supposed to work and in this case it didn’t. I disagree with Tesla’s policy of letting anyone be a beta tester for new AP systems, too many people do not understand that this system is still in early development and they think they can just turn it on and go to sleep behind the wheel.

AB needs distance to work. As the poster above said, if they were driving (too) fast and swerved to avoid another vehicle there would be no time to fully stop.

Also the disclaimers with AB systems typically say they will reduce the crash energy but not necessarily prevent the crash entirely.

“…too many people do not understand that this system…”

That clearly includes you, and anyone else who thinks that Autopilot is supposed to prevent a driver who is actually driving (i.e., not relying on AutoSteer) from running his car off the road and into solid objects like a stop light pole. Autopilot does not wrest steering control from the hands of the driver.

And I haven’t noticed that any model of car with ABS has stopped running into stationary objects, either. While ABS may reduce the accident rate, nobody who’s actually informed on the subject claims that at the current state of development, ABS systems prevent all accidents, and quite possibly not even most of them.

We can certainly be thankful that, according to the NHTSA, Tesla cars with Autopilot + AutoSteer have a 40% lower accident rate than those without. But a 40% lower accident rate is still a long way from a zero accident rate!

As self-driving systems continue to improve, there will come a day when we can reasonably expect semi-autonomous cars to prevent accidents of this sort. That day is not today, nor tomorrow either.

Idle minds and idle speculation…

ABS might have released upon hitting the pavement/curb transition.

Just watched the video. My theory – The Model 3 driver WAS sober and the vehicle performed flawlessly under manual control. Unfortunately for all of us, the driver just missed his target.

I suspect the driver had watched a previous vlog of this video’s poster and then spotted him on the street.

Proof of a successful collision would have been threads of a red sweatshirt embedded in the Model 3’s contact zone. I recommend that Tesla include “Auto Vlogger Takeout” in their next OTA to prevent such a tragic mistake from happening again.

It’ll be interesting to hear more about this one. It is a funny spot to crash, almost like they missed the lane completely, or trying to avoid crashing into something else.
Not a good advertisement for AP if it missed the lane.

Real world crash test!

Well, that left a big mark on that brand new car. LOL.

My random guess –>

Driver swerved off the road to avoid a collision and hit a pole. No safety system would ever beat that, or it would bring you to a halt every time you approached every single pole on the side of the road.

Ups…sombody seems to have been distracted by that all functions controlling screen…
Maybe it’s not a good idea after all to even control the fans outlets via a touchscreen.
Just saying…

Great driving. You made the pole position!

Ouch! Poor Tessie.

No one ask if the pole was hurt? Was it? Or did the driver say the pole jumped in front of him.