Tesla Model 3 Is #1 Selling Electric Car In Norway In 2019

MAR 12 2019 BY MARK KANE 27

It’s getting hot in Norway

We didn’t have to wait long for a new best-selling car in Norway as Tesla Model 3 deliveries surged in March after an already strong February (791).

Boersenmillionaer.de reported yesterday that the Model 3 had 1,924 registrations YTD, compared to 1,845 for the Volkswagen e-Golf and 1,799 for the Nissan LEAF.

Now, in the first 12 days of March, there are already over 1,300 new Model 3 registrations (total of over 2,100), which is more than the previously best Volkswagen Golf (all types)!

We assume that the number will further increase in the second part of the month to maybe more than 2,000, which should be enough to completely overshadow other cars in Norway, regardless of powertrain. That’s quite amazing when you consider the Model 3 just arrived in Europe and that there are far cheaper cars available.

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Is this only the best selling PHEV, or the best selling vehicle, period?

You mean PEV I guess?…

The tweet talks about BEVs only — but from there, it’s not a far leap to best selling vehicle overall: the Golf still sells some combustion models, but the numbers are much lower than for the e-Golf. For the full year in 2018, the Leaf actually outsold all variants of the Golf combined, to be the best selling vehicle period.

(It’s pretty much a safe bet at this point that Model 3 will be overall bestseller in March. Whether this holds for the whole year remains to be seen…)

There is little to no doubt the Model 3 won’t be number 1 in total for the whole year in Norway.

They have customers that have been waiting for 3 years or so – for their car.. and some of the first model 3’s were sold again by some owners (they ordered as an investment), and got about $10K in profit for each model 3 they sold. . so I would not bet against Model 3 being the best selling car for 2019.. but we have to wait and see.
Many are waiting for a hitch.. I think at least until summer – they will sell all they can supply and deliver to customers in Norway.

Slowly other EVs are starting to speed up production, and there is a new trend that for example a Mazda dealer buys e-golf and Leaf from a dealer in Austria for example, and sell it as a used (1 day) car in Norway – still with the protective plastic on them. The number of EVs sold by car brand dealers that does not have an EV in their product lineup is large.. so the number of EVs are growing faster then new EV sales indicate. Many only think about KIA when they here about this, but all EVs are sold this way.

Well they only need 1 000 per month to be the top seller in Norway. Something that they will easily do. First half with pent up demand and second half of the year both adding demand with the lower price versions, tow hitch and being at a price level to steal more sales from the Leaf/e-Golf.
My guess is that the Model 3 will get closer to 15k deliveries in Norway in 2019 and the second best selling vehicle ~10k sales.

Sorry, yes, I meant PEV, not PHEV.

each Month:
eGolf around 700,
PHEV Golf around 100
ICE Golf around 100

Next month or this month the model 3 will be best overall model (ICE included).

Best selling PHEV is the Outlander… 😉

It is the best selling EV…..and *drum roll* the best selling vehicle, period.

But in Norway being the best selling EV and best selling vehicle is almost a synonym.

Best selling vehicles in total (no, not the EV list even though it looks like that) after February:

1. VW Golf
2. Nissan Leaf
3. BMW i3
4. Mitsubishi Outlander
5. Tesla Model 3

And with the registrations so far in March the Model 3 has jumped to first spot. Right now barely, but by the end of the month the lead will be comfortable.

Model 3 is the best selling vehicle in Norway of any kind. Not just among BEV sales.

I was just about to say that… that’s even more astonishing… InsideEV’s.. you need to retitle this article. Also Tesla Model 3 was the best selling car in in California for 2nd half of 2018. Only one reported was Clean Technica. These EV sites sometimes have tunnel vision.

Kind of normal actually.. LEAF and E-Golf have been the best selling car before this.. they are EVs too.
EV sales are just growin and growing 🙂

Well…the Golf has included the GTE, which is a PHEV, and the regular ICE-versions. The Golf was the best seller long before the e-Golf ever arrived.

(Original James) Go Norway! Go Tesla!

Pret-ty darn nice to have American exports doing so well internationally. I know there are many Europeans who read IEVs. I seek not to offend. Its just, as a lifelong car guy in America, I’ve had to watch European and Japanese imports dominate our car market as the domestic brands just couldn’t get their acts together on anything except pickup trucks.

I admit to marveling that those heralded foreign brands just can’t seem to figure out what to do about Tesla. The USA, once a maker nation has become mostly a taker nation. We need to manufacture goods in America that are respected worldwide. Goods other than weapons, I should elaborate.

Overall, its very good to have new choices for consumers in every nation. A robust market for EVs is encouraging. The ball is now in traditional automaker’s court to rise to the challenge.

I’m a European and I wish Tesla all the success in the world. GM and Ford doesn’t dominate the car industry as they once did but Tesla seems to be on their way to disrupt the whole industry. In Norway so far, more that 1500 Teslas have beeb registered in March. That could easily reach to 3,000 towards the end of the month. This is before the arrial of the cheaper models. coming after the summer. Add model Y in a 2 years and Tesla will dominate the car market .

Elon Musk is disrupting car industry and I support him fully. I plan to buy my cheaper Model 3 towards the end of the year.

What the previous car brands in the US should have done was market research. I have NEVER ever understood why they sold so few cars and did not consider there may be something about the product that makes it hard to sell. The cars were not really adapted to the market they were sold in. Suspension were to soft, handling were not that firm. . How many heavy, large gas guzzlers can you sell in a market with very expensive fuel and usually some kind of CO2 related tax? A Camaro was costing about the same as a Porsche in Norway for example. What would you buy? Also.. there were not really any good access to parts, sometimes required tools that was not metric.. repair prices were higher then many European cars (without the crazy money some brands want for simple maintenance).. I have a lot of family in the US and Canada, and have visited them from time to time.. and the change that was happening in the US was not for the better. Many years ago, I would travel all over the country and buy souvenirs that was actually made the USA. The t-shirts in high quality fabric..… Read more »

Even with the Tesla Model 3 you wonder about market research. No towing, no hatch, no SUV/CUV/wagon (a bloated sedan like the Y doesn’t really count), poor back-seats, no optional European premium interior etc.

The advantage in technology over the competition will keep them in front for a few years, but as they catch up the need to design for the market grows.

Probably no market research whatso ever. As much as I love my Model 3, I think Tesla, and Elon in particular suffers from a level of “we know better” arrogance that almost demands that they do things different from what everyone else is doing, even when what they’re doing works. The change for change sake mentality is causing a problem.

I am european, I have been a lot of times in the US, I never understood why Americans love european cars. What you call “exotics” (BMW, Mercedes, Audi, maserati, etc) are more expensive and less confortable than american cars, and not very reliable. Even the mustang or the corvette are very good cars, better than their european competitors! In europe american cars are admired, but use too much gasoline or are too big for our small streets and small park places. I understand the success of tesla, in the US and in Europe. You can be proud to have such a modern car constructor. The Dinausaurus constructorus are watching tesla, frightened…

This is great
An Tesla, if you want to sell more / having longer waiting list of the expensive versions, just offer the trailer hitch!
Thats the only reason ive not configured yet, and its kind of sad as a d1r
Please Elon, make it happen!

So true. Unbelievable Tesla has not made a hitch mount for Model 3 or Model S.

Thankfully, that’s a niche for after-market companies to fill

Totally agree, the Model 3 is actually a bit too small for a family car for us, especially with the small cargo loading entry, but with a towing hitch we could still get the bikes to the summer house or move those big Ikea stuff or building materials. It only short runs anyway so no problem with any range drop.

You guys at insideEVs are keeping the silliness. This level of sales is distorted because people were waiting two years for the cars and are now rushing to buy it. I think the peak sales will be in this month in some countries maybe it will be extended to April.
After that the level of sales will be very good, but I bet they’ll be much lower than what we are assisting now.
insideEVs always publish the up trend when it comes to Tesla and always have an excuse for the lower trend.

You are forgetting that the cheaper versions are due to arrive in Europe later this year (SR, SR+, MR, LR RWD).
The sales will be much higher when these versions arrive there.

This is only the start for Model 3 in Norway. Expect high continued sales until the competitors catch up.

At the same time Model X/S numbers went down dramatically. E.g. last year over 1400 were sold in March, but this year only 150 so far.

I noted that as well but I think it was because Tesla removed the most popular shorter range Model S and X from the order page in December and January. Now that option is back with longer range and lower price. Delivery is however May so I expect Model S and X will sell a lot again from May.