Tesla Employee Flies Model 3 Over Creek, Arrested For DUI


This Tesla is no Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang

The Tesla Model 3 is an astonishing car. It has dazzled reviewers with its road-handling and notable acceleration, but authorities were less than impressed with another of its apparent abilities: that of flight. According to the Morgan Hill Police Department, one of the new electric sedans took to the air early Saturday morning at around 3:45 AM after its driver, one Colin Flynn, failed to negotiate a turn and leapt up to 70 feet, crossing over Coyote Creek and crashing into the far bank.

Flynn, a Tesla employee, has been charged with a DUI and obstructing the work of a police officer after he refused to take a breathalyzer or give a blood sample until speaking with his lawyer. That’s not a legal option in California, so after obtaining a warrant, law enforcement took a blood sample and placed the 38 year-old in the Santa Clara County Jail. Thought to be an associate manager of home-charging installation, Flynn told officers that he had swerved to miss a deer.

According to a humorous Facebook post by the police department, officers were more inclined to believe the crash was related to the strong smell of alcohol emanating from the car.

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the incident. The structural integrity of the Model 3 was not severely compromised and no fire resulted from the damage. The brand famously made headlines after an early Model S incident (which also, incidentally, involved some amount of flight) resulted in a Car-B-Que.

Neither Tesla nor Flynn responded to inquiries from the Mercury News, which originally reported the story. Although part of the vehicle did end up in the water, its swimming abilities went untested. Despite Tesla CEO Elon Musk  owning the original submarining Lotus Esprit S1 from the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me, the Model 3 is not thought to be capable of underwater operation, though the tech makes an appearance in the car as an Easter Egg.

Source: The Mercury News

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An an example of both its high performance and its high level of safety protection!

Nah, he could have made it with Ludicrous mode….. Not enough performance.


Just a Tesla employee beta testing the Dukes Of Hazzard feature.

I’ll take mine in…orange?…

Even Boss Hog can Fly! Thanks

There goes people insurance premiums. This car wull cause alot of people to risk thier lives



“a lot”

(Are we just correcting spelling and grammar here?)

I see that Will is keeping up his persistent anti-Tesla trolling.

Just stating the oblivious.

Will, I think “oblivious” is the perfect word to use in all of your contributions.

Not sure who is paying you, but they are not getting their money’s worth.

Sorry but its my opinion. If tou dont like it dont reply or read it

Dude, if you post your opinion online then deal with the flak from people who strongly disagree with it. If you can’t handle the heat then keep your opinions to yourself.

How is this car cause people to risk their lives any more than any other car? Risk takers will risk their lives regardless of what car they’re driving.

He missed the memo that employee 3’s wouldn’t get the rocket booster OTA update till a later date.

He didn’t have the required number of F9 Rocket Launches ‘Under His Belt’, and it seems he Had A Belt of Something Strong prior to this ‘Flight of Fancy!’

With all the self driving and safety features shouldn’t the car have slowed down or stopped? Or does it only auto brake if it sees a wall/car in front of it?

The failure was in the nut behind the wheel; autopilot was not engaged.

So these safety features only work when autopilot is engaged? Seems like a flaw, no?

DJ can you tell me any safety feature that will override the input of the human and would have stopped the car from going off the road that any car has now? If it had been on autopilot this probably wouldn’t have happened.

Interesting that we never hear about these types of incidents with Bolt drivers. Could be because Bolts aren’t nuts.

No it is because the bolts aren’t powerful enough to fly over the river. They would have got stuck in the grass before even getting to the river.

Trees would usually count as a hazard to autobrake. Unfortunately, the trees were mostly on the other side of the creek. Also, slamming the brakes on while going at an insane speed will interfere with the autoflying capability of the Model 3.

I guess he was too drunk to activate the antigravity feature. That was enabled in the latest OTA update, wasn’t it?

Is it typical of the Morgan Hill Police Dept. to post case details and names to Facebook in an attempt at humor? It seems very unprofessional.

Naming suspects is a tradition in the U.S. (Not so in much of Europe.)

I’m more concerned about the “obstructing the work of a police officer” charge. Really? This invites all sorts of trumped up charges. E.g.: You didn’t roll your window down fast enough when the cop pulled you over. You signed the citation too slowly when you were given the traffic ticket. You argued with the cop about the legality of passing a car on the right shoulder, thus slowing down his work. Etc.

Why not?
The local papers will publish the story anyway. Even the smallest crime gets mentioned.

Don’t your local papers have a weekly crime note/bulletin? It’s usually a John/Jane DOE arrested/booked for burglary/DUI/substance abuse, etc.

Nothing unprofessional.
It is humorous that those who break the law demand all sorts of protection/rights that they believe are LAWFULLY theirs.

I consider it very unprofessional conduct. Whatever happened to “innocent until proven guilty”?
It’s not the police’s job to entertain the public.

“innocent until proven guilty” . bingo. If it turned out this guy did not do anything wrong, these cops could have hurt this guy’s career of financial life, just for a headline.

No one cares about retractions, just the scoop of the day!

If the Houston Cron published all of this, they would be delivering a full set of encyclopedias every Sunday.

How does a breathalyzer interlock system work with the Model 3? Is it even possible?

Now that’s a good question!

I think it is possible, but I’ll have to ask Tesla to be certain.

I hope chim-chim is ok

Forgot to activate “TURBO BOOST” in the KITTmobile!

It seems the Tesla badge has the irresistible Force to attract complete morons to it :/

“Get Real”, was it you by accident?

That’s odd, coming from YOU Racer X. Did you ever resolve that court matter involving Chim Chim?

The only moron here is cowards like you afraid to post under your real username.

Get a life you loser.

How do we know that it wasn’t “Wiley E.”, trying to navigate over the “Coyote” Creek ravine, in his usual cliff dropping acrobatic fashion?

This situation looks like another Tesla employee police set up, trying to frame another Freemont worker, obviously suffering from an acute case of “production hell” syndrome.

Google street view shows a 20 mph speed limit at that intersection.

With a name like Mr. Fly-nn what did you expect?

The police mock people on Facebook? They’re setting themselves up for a lawsuit, meritorious or not.

Shocked to learn that alcohol was involved.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous