Tesla Advanced Summon Gets Regulator Approval


Unfortunately, some capabilities such as the highly-anticipated “remote control mode” might not be accessible in all regions

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk has confirmed that the highly-awaited update for the company’s Summon feature has been approved by regulators. What Musk calls Advanced Summon, will showcase a set of new features and capabilities, allowing Tesla drivers to control & operate their vehicles through the Tesla Mobile app.

And according to the Tesla CEO, the feature is “almost ready” for release, considering that the regulatory approval is obtained. However, we’re still unsure what regulators have issued approvals for this new Advanced Summons updates. This especially becomes apparent as Musk noted in his earlier Twitter session that the upcoming Advanced Summon features would likely not be available in all regions due to “some regulatory pushback.”

While we still need to wait on official confirmation, we can all probably pinpoint two features that will be the prime targets of those regulatory pushbacks. After all, both were revealed in earlier Tweets, where Musk teased some of the upcoming Advanced Summons features.

The first one is a fun capability which allows vehicles to follow their drivers “like a pet,” and the second one is the “remote control mode.” The latter is essentially a feature that allows any Tesla owner (with the car that comes with appropriate hardware, naturally) to control his vehicle like an RC car, all through a Tesla mobile app. Furthermore, Tesla CEO also revealed a possible capability that would enable cars to drive to the location of their owners’ phone.

While Elon Musk has really enthusiastic ideas for the Summon’s improvement, most of these will have to wait for the automaker to release larger and better trained neural networks. Although, it seems Tesla is already working hard on these. This was revealed by Tesla’s Director of Artificial Intelligence Andrej Karpathy, who noted that the company had already trained large neural networks that work very well. Unfortunately, he also noted that these new neural networks just can’t be deployed to current Tesla vehicles, mostly due to the limitations in the company’s current hardware. However, most of these limitations are to be lifted with the rollout of the Hardware 3 later this year.

When this happens, features like the ability of the vehicle to read signs around parking lots to determine valid parking spots, advanced summoning or the vehicles driving towards the location of their owner’s phone, might all be coming out really soon.

And with the Advanced Summon now approved by (some) regulators, members of Tesla’s early access program will undoubtedly be able to sample the new functional, driverless feature, rather soon. And judging by how well the basic features of the Advanced Summon were received, the options like making the car pick you up at the parking garage entry, getting it to pick you up like a valet all look really interesting to everyone that loves cars and tech.

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I just need Summon to be able to drive the wheels over the 3/4″ lip from the driveway into my garage. It just hits that little rise and stops.

Or, just fill in that sudden Rise, with Fill, Asphalt, or Concrete, to match your drive, in a sloped ramp of 1″ Rise in 10″ Run! Or 3/4″ in 7.5″ Run, in your case!

Ya shouldn’t have to modify the environment to accommodate the car. The car needs to deal with ALL variables.

I want the car to be a little conservative because it doesn’t know if that is a lip to a garage or my foot. If you want it to work do as Robert said put a little 1/2 piece of something right in front of the lip and that should allow the car to overcome the resistance.

Ya just made my point. It doesn’t know. There is no way to train an individual car either.

That will not work well anywhere that has frost. It will simply not last…not to mention, will be ugly.
Should not have to do something like that to make it work.

If they increase the speed of the vehicle while in summon then it might be able to do it just by the inertia of the car. Speed bumps would also be an issue since the car would use more power to get up a speed bump and then once over that power to the wheels would make the car lurch fast forward..

“getting it to pick you up like a valley” ?!

I’m guessing that “valley” == “valet”.

Yeah, that’s how they pronounce it in Silicon Valet.

Who are these regulators? Sorry guys this sounds super fishy and like a typical “summon secured” tweet!

I don’t get Tesla sometimes, fool functions like a pet mode, in the meantime the new UI V9 “good for model 3 horizontal screen “ for model S/X sucks, there are petitions from owners to change the UI of version 9 which is distracting and soooo many steps for simplest functions. Elon should ask the engineers to work on this.

Tesla has engineers working on the UI all the time and not just a few.

I mean working for Model S and X not only 3 and then shovel bad updates to Model SX

As a AI researcher, I would not be able to work on the UI. In fact I would replace it with a nice command line interface. So regarding Tesla I think it is better to let AI people working on the AI and UI people working on the UI.

I can see how it can be helpful for bigger people in tight parking spaces.
I would not find it useful.

Remote Parking Assist as it is called by other automakers is already in use. It may be useful.

RC model type control of 5,000 lb 2.5 sec 0-60 car on the other hand… What can go wrong with it, really?

Quite likely this rendition is not ready for James Bond, dodging Gunmen, in a Garage!

How is the remote-control driver going to know the limitations?

You know it’ll be speed limited right? And all autopilot saftey measures will be active while in RC mode.

And the AI “knows” all of these things so the driver doesn’t need to. Right? /s

Ya realize that AP is driver assistance not autonomy. Right?

A 5,000 lb car hitting anything at any speed could cause serious damage.

It so cool when you go to the parking garage and pay the attendant and your car meets you there. Can’t wait to see the expression on people’s faces.

If you can’t get out of your car go to the gym…and stop spamming!

The real update here is that Level II hardware IS NOT capable of FSD. You know, the 2016 hardware that is FSD except for the software.

I’ve been saying all along that the AI needs to exist and be robust before FSD is ready. Looks to be out there a ways yet.

The regulatory “approval” for Summon is smoke and mirrors until we know which of the 51 governments has approved it. And that’s only US governments.

Most people I know can’t even make reliable phone calls. How is real-time telemetry for Summon going to work in this environment? Puppy mode is even more difficult since cell service switches. And sometimes misses the hand-off.

Because you think pet mode will use networks ? It will be like the new suitcases that follow in airports but with 12 ultrasonic sensors and cameras. I don’t really see the use case but it is fun.

If this is approved in the US we could see a raft of folks upgrading to EAP…. especially in the cold and wet of winter!

I resemble that remark… Really wish it would come get me on those very cold, windy days.

That said, it is awesome that 5-ish min from leaving work, I pull up the app at my desk and the car (& especially driver’s seat) is toasty warm when I jump in. And i don’t have to stand at a window pointing my key fob toward the car to get it to start the ICE to start and warm up before heating the car 😉