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Video Explores Truths Behind EV Emissions Claims

It’s actually true that manufacturing an electric car (especially a Tesla, due to the large battery) produces more emissions than that of an ICE car, however … We have heard the arguments time and time again. There are so many variables that make the lifecycle emissions comparison between EVs and…

9 months ago by Steven Loveday 75

Ford, LG Chem Present Cradle-To-Gate GHG Analysis For Focus Electric

Ford’s Research and Innovation Center and LG Chem’s Corporate R&D released an interesting article recently “Cradle-to-Gate Emissions from a Commercial Electric Vehicle Li-Ion Battery: A Comparative Analysis” The main topic of the piece was a GHG emissions comparison between a conventional and all-electric Ford Focus, including battery pack production (cells…

2 years ago by Mark Kane 14

Germany Pushes For All New Cars To Be Zero Emissions By 2030

Strict emission regulations and long-term goals to lower CO2 emission by 95% by 2050 puts Germany on a position where only massive adoption of zero-emission cars is the solution. According to media reports, on this path Germany could allow only the sale of zero-emission cars by 2030. “Germany’s pledge to cut…

2 years ago by Mark Kane 32

PM10 Emissions From EVs Equal To Those Of Modern ICEVs?

According to the  University of Edinburgh’s Victor R.J.H. Timmersa and Peter A.J. Achtenb study, PM10 emissions (definition below) of pure electric cars and conventional counterparts is nearly the same. That’s the result of  a comparison of all the factors (exhaust and non-exhaust emissions) and with the assumption of zero brake wear…

2 years ago by Mark Kane 93