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Bollinger Releases New B1 Electric Truck Video

More off-roading footage of the Bollinger B1 reminds us that the B1 would be our apocalypse vehicle of choice. Bollinger Motors has, recently, put out a number of videos showing off its unique all-electric sports utility truck (SUT). There was the footage of the truck’s launch event, and a couple clips…

2 weeks ago by Domenick Yoney 10

Skoda Vision E Electric Truck Rendered

A neat idea that has zero chances of becoming a reality. The last time when Skoda had a pickup truck in its portfolio was back in the days of the Felicia— the company’s final model to ride on an in-house developed platform before switching to VW underpinnings. With focus being…

2 months ago by Adrian Padeanu 2

Havelaar Lets Bison Electric Pickup Roar In Canada

An electric truck built for Canada’s extreme weather. If you thought the concept electric pick-up truck field was already a bit crowded, get ready to find room for one more. Today, a new start-up called Havelaar unveiled the Bison all-electric truck. Anyone familiar with the electric vehicle industry knows that…

5 months ago by Sebastian Blanco 26