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BYTON Seeks $400 Million In Funding

Byton, after a fairly successful debut of its concept vehicle at the 2018 CES, seeks $400 million to fund the market introduction of its all-electric SUV. The development of the car is in an advanced stage, but as always the big costs are to build the assembly plant and to launch…

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CES 2018 – Roundup Of Electric Car Tech – Video

Our partners over at compiled this video titled “CES 2018: 350kph electric road car! | Best electric car tech from CES.” It features several vehicles displayed at CES 2018, including the BYTON electric SUV and the all-electric Genovation Corvette, among others. Description: CES 2018 threw up some great electric…

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Genovation Shows 220 MPH GXE at The CES (W/Videos)

Genovation, as earlier announced, unveiled at CES its first street-legal all-electric car with a top speed of 220 mph (350 km/h) – the GXE. It’s based on the C7 Grand Sport Corvette and looks pretty great as an EV. “At Genovation, we are proud to pay tribute to American engineering…

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Valeo Unveils Crazy Cheap Electric Car – Just $9,000

Valeo unveiled at CES an EV prototype running on a low-voltage (48V) system that is promised to be 20% more economical than existing high-voltage solutions. The prototype was developed in partnership with Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China, as China is the largest market for these low-speed vehicles. Valeo’s prototype…

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Panasonic Tesla

Panasonic Hints At New Battery Factory For Tesla In China

At CES 2018, Panasonic presented some new lithium-ion cells, but what caught our attention was the mention of a Panasonic/Tesla battery factory in China. According to the Nikkei, Panasonic’s president Kazuhiro Tsuga said that the company is considering a new battery factory in China (in addition to its current one…

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Toyota e-Palette Concept Bows At CES

Amazon, DiDi, Mazda, Pizza Hut, and Uber have already signed on as partners in the project. The future of automobiles might not be very pretty – at least aesthetically – if Toyota gets its way. At this year’s CES, the automotive giant has unveiled the boxy e-Palette Concept as the…

1 month ago by Chris Bruce 9