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4 weeks ago

Tesla Semi Competitor

Nikola Partners With Bosch On Powertrain For Its Hydrogen-Electric Truck

While Tesla retains its vertical integration philosophy as it enters the truck business, the Nikola Motor Company is apparently going another route, and has just announced a partnership with Bosch on itss class 8 hydrogen-electric truck powertrain. Nikola is aiming to be in the long-haul trucking segment with market introduction…

6 months ago

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Advanced Automation Is Now Working Solutions For BMW, VW Contracts

Tesla Advanced Automation Germany has shifted its focus to only in-house, leaving obligatory contracts with BMW, VW, Daimler, and Bosch high and dry. Now, Tesla is working to facilitate viable solutions. The response was understandably varied when the media learned that Tesla Advanced Automation Germany (formerly Grohmann Engineering) was cutting ties…

6 months ago

Daimler Partners With Bosch For Level 4, 5 Autonomous Vehicles

Daimler and Bosch have announced a co-development agreement on fully automated (SAE Level 4) and driverless (SAE Level 5) technology. The German partners intend to develop and launch a production-ready system for driver-less cars on urban public roads by the beginning of the next decade. Whether it will enable Daimler to catch Tesla with…

6 months ago

Chevrolet Bolt

Self-Driving Chevrolet Bolt Fleet To Become World’s Largest By Next Month

Documents filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) show that General Motors plans to significantly increase its self-driving Chevrolet Bolt fleet. Waymo currently claims the lead in the autonomous fleet race, with about 80 of its vehicles deployed around the U.S. In the next month or so, GM and Cruise Automation…

6 months ago

NVIDIA & Bosch Partner For AI Self-Driving Car Supercomputer

A few weeks ago in Berlin, at the Bosch Connected World conference, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang revealed that the company will officially partner with Bosch, to bring a self-driving supercomputer to market. Neither company is a stranger to the concept or the technology. NVIDIA currently supplies Tesla with its autonomous supercomputer,…

9 months ago

Lithium-Ion Battery Shortage Looming?

Now that several automakers are setting goals for larger-scale EV production, many are facing a lithium-ion battery shortage. This is a good problem, because it further establishes the exponential growth of the segment, but not so good for the future of EVs, if the problem can’t be solved quickly and economically….

12 months ago

BMW and Bosch’s Second-Life 2.8 MWh Energy Storage Solution in Hamburg

A massive 2.8 MWh / 2 MW energy storage system made from second life electric car batteries has entered service in Hamburg, Germany. Together, Vattenfall, BMW and Bosch have used 2,600 battery modules from over 100 cars to complete the project. The Battery 2nd Life project will map out the long…

1 year ago

Tesla Model S Fitted With Bosch Sensors Becomes Australia’s First Self-Driving Car – Video

With $1.2 million worth of support from the Victorian Government in hand, Bosch built and has began road tests of a level 4 autonomous (one below driverless) Tesla Model S prototype. The car itself is a Tesla shell with Bosch components on board, which according to Australian news are highly…

1 year ago

Tesla Model S Outfitted With Bosch Autonomous Driving Sensors – (w/video)

Bosch is the world’s number one automotive parts supplier. The company is working on an autonomous driving system of its own, and Tesla, Audi, Google, and other companies are customers. CNN had an opportunity to test drive a Tesla Model S complete with Bosch Autonomous Driving Sensors. The vehicle prototype…

2 years ago

Borgward, SAP, LG Electronics and Bosch Form Electric Mobility Alliance

Borgward, which re-emerged from the distant past at the 2016 Frankfurt Motor Show with BX7 SUV, has announced a strategic partnership with SAP, LG Electronics (LG Chem) and Bosch on electric mobility. The German brand hopes to ultimately sell hundreds of thousands of cars, and three of the announced models so far…

2 years ago

Porsche Turns To Panasonic, Bosch To Supply Electric Sports Car Battery

Bloomberg is reporting that Porsche is considering bids from both Panasonic and Bosch to supply battery packs for the German automaker’s upcoming electric sports car – based on the Mission E Concept. As Automotive New states: “Costs for the package offered by crosstown neighbor Bosch would be higher than the competing…

2 years ago

Bosch Targets 50 kWh Battery That Weighs Only 190 Kilograms, 15-Minute Charge To 75%

At the inauguration of the Renningen research campus, Bosch announced goals for its battery developments. 50 kWh / 190 kg (419 lbs) → 263 Wh/kg The 50 kWh pack should weight no more than 190 kg, so if we assume 263 Wh/kg on the pack level (which we are not…