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Tesla Pushes EVs, Legacy Automakers & Big Oil Work To Save ICE

WHILE TESLA ADVANCES ELECTRIC VEHICLES, LEGACY AUTOMAKERS, AND BIG OIL TEAM UP TO SAVE COMBUSTION ENGINE As Tesla pushes ahead with advances in electric vehicle tech, Wall Street Journal reports, “Big oil and auto makers throw a lifeline to the combustion engine.” Sure, the new Tesla Roadster appears to have decimated traditional gas-powered supercars…

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2017 Marks The Beginning Of The Gas To Electric Transition

6 REASONS 2017 MARKS THE DEMISE OF THE GAS-GUZZLER Mark your calendars. This year could start the beginning of the end for the internal combustion engine. Heck, The Economist gave the internal combustion engine an obituary this year in a recent cover story. And, according to Peter Holley at the Washington Post, “when future auto…

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Big Oil Starting To Take Notice Of Rise Of EVs

It was really only a matter of time, and now the world’s top oil companies are seeing EVs as a viable and permanent threat. Though makers of EVs are still much more bullish about the timeline for mass adoption, several oil producers are taking note, and many are beginning to…

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Big Oil Already Planning Ahead For Its Demise

IS BIG OIL PLANNING ITS OWN FUNERAL? The end of the Oil Age is within sight. Everyone who follows the news should be able to see this by now, although people have vastly different ideas about the timeline. People also disagree about whether it’s good or bad news – greenies…

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Satirical Stop Tesla Campaign Pops Up … and it’s epic!

Hilarious Stop Tesla campaign aims to get a petition into the hands of Elon Musk, and raise $2 billion. As we were searching for ‘Project Loveday’ entries, we stumbled upon a pretty hilarious ‘Stop Tesla’ campaign. The International Oil Baron Association has made a collection of spec ads for YouTube. Some of the…

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Say What? Oil Companies Admit EV Boom Is Coming

One of the world’s top oil producers says that EVs may make up about one-third of automotive market share by the close of the next decade. Total SA’s top energy analyst, Joel Couse, is more bullish than most when it comes to EV adoption forecasts (especially compared to those with…

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