UPDATE: Advanced Tesla Summon Mode Coming OTA In Just 6 Weeks

Tesla Summon


Elon Musk tweets out the news in response to an awesome video (below).

Summon mode is a pretty handy feature for Tesla owners. Besides helping them create fun Halloween videos, it can aid parking the vehicle extra close to a wall or even extricate it from a flooded parking spot. While currently, its functionality is somewhat limited, company CEO Elon Musk says big changes are coming.

***UPDATE: Elon Musk took to Twitter to provide us with a timeframe for availability and to outline some features. See Tweets below:

The EV entrepreneur said in a tweet (embedded below) that, while a small update is coming soon that will make the feature “smarter,” it will see a much larger improvement sometime next year that will allow a Tesla to “drive around a parking lot, find an empty spot, read signs to confirm it’s valid & park.

This is something we’ve been expecting for some time now. Two years ago, the automaker released a video of a Model X making its way around a parking lot, finding a spot, then self-parking. No doubt the release of its improved computer chip, which current owners with the more recent hardware 2 (HW2) will get upgraded for free, will help the automaker reach that level of functional parking lot autonomy.

Musk’s tweet came in response to a video posted by a brilliant Model S owner (embedded below) showing how he avoided parking infractions by moving his car from one spot to another using the feature from the comfort of his office a couple stories above the street. If you’ve seen other inventive uses for Summon, let us know in Comments.

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I look forward to this. At the moment, Summon takes so long to connect to my Model 3 that a smarter Summon would still not be worthwhile if they don’t also address those connectivity issues. I suspect that other Model 3 owners have had similar problems.

I would happily just enable “fleet-mode” and allow my car to be used as ride-share instead of idling on a parking spot. It can auto-charge 30 mins before I need it and generate some income instead. 😀

Wouldn’t that be just renting the car (e.g. via Turo) instead of ride-share, since there are no fully self-driving cars for sell?

I don’t yet trust summon to not hit my garage. Not hopeful about letting it wander away and find its own parking space.

But it won’t and hasn’t hit your garage though, has it? What you aren’t hopeful of is your own comfort level.

Does anyone else see this as a positive sign for FSD? Seems if Tesla were scared that FSD might not be possible they would make summon, parking, and navigate on autopilot part of the FSD feature to save face.

Well, let’s say it’s a necessary advance for FSD, but not sufficient. We’ll never see fully functional FSD so long as cars don’t do continuous active scanning around themselves in a 360° circle. Unfortunately, Tesla is stubbornly sticking to using cameras as the primary sensors, which just ain’t gonna cut it, for multiple reasons.

Stop this FUD already.

I disagree. As I’ve said before, I don’t know who the best driver in the world is, but he or she only has two eyes and can only focus in one direction at a time. There’s also the fact that our road system, car signals, and signs are designed using visual cues. Finally, AFAIK the SAE definitions of autonomy (Level I – V) include no criteria with regards to safety. Tesla could enable Level V autonomy next month, but it might crash once every twenty miles. This raises the question of what’s sufficient for FSD; does it need to be as good as the average human driver, as good as the top 5% of drivers, or completely error free? I can see a cameras based system becoming as good as the best drivers, but I don’t know if it can ever be error free. In my opinion, as long as it will save lives (on average), let’s test out several FSD approaches.

IIRC, Elon said that it needs to be at least twice as safe as human drivers before they’d release it; though they are hoping to make it ten times as safe ultimately…

AIUI, “Navigate on Autopilot” is actually the “on-ramp to off-ramp” feature they promised as part of the “Enhanced Autopilot” package — so they can’t just go back on that.

It is certainly a positive sign though, as navigating a parking lot is essentially self-driving — just in a somewhat constrained environment. I think it requires almost all the capabilities that general self-driving requires. (But in a low-risk situation, thus allowing it to be deployed first.)

Will it also pull out of the spot and come pick you up? That would be really cool.

What if 2 model 3s want the same space? Who wins? You know people will be testing this.

Vehicle-to-vehicle communications, and assigning right-of-way priority, has to be part of fully autonomous car development.

I’m assuming it does, need to have another cell phone in the car to see the expression on peoples face when a car drives pass them without a driver and then parks it’s self. It’ll take awhile before this novelty wears off. The future is coming Artificial Intelligence is making these cars smarter learning more everyday.

Of course, that will have disclaimers that owners have to be responsible for all damages and prevent all accidents when the car is under Summon mode.

I am still waiting for the demonstration of Tesla driving itself from LA to NY without driver inputs… We are at least 1 year late on that already.

Yeah right, that would totally make sense…

Until someone parks in the empty space. The poster could not be a cheapskate and actually park in the garage across the street!

Will this work on street parking I wonder? And pay the meter??

Probably not, but maybe it could have “move before the parking enforcement officer has chance to write ticket” mode.

I lot of meters on streets have apps now. So meters on streets will need barcodes that can be read by vehicle and make payment to your credit card.

By next year, a Tesla should be able to drive around a parking lot, find an empty spot, read signs to confirm it’s valid & park.”

That’s great if Tesla will be able to enable that for ordinary Tesla owners. But let’s not forget that Elon keeps promising to do a coast-to-coast self-driving demo of a Tesla car, and so far, that hasn’t happened.

I think some “I’m from Missouri — Show me!” skepticism is appropriate here (even if I consider myself a Kansas llama. 😉 ).

This isn’t available on base vehicles, right?

*All* Teslas produced since October 2016 are supposed to have the requisite hardware — though you have to pay a handsome sum to enable these software features…

AIUI, only people who order the “Full Self-Driving” package actually get the HW3 upgrade for free.

OTOH, navigating a parking lot is essentially a self-driving feature — so I guess it’s reasonable to expect that it will require the FSD package anyway… In fact it might very well be the first feature actually available in this package? That would make sense, since it’s a way to introduce much of the needed capabilities in a low-risk environment.

TM3 owners in Canada currently do not have the summon feature. We were told that this was due to the fact that Canada Transport requires 2 way authentication (which seems to be very futuristic on the Transport Canada side to have been aware that at someday the mobile will become a key and summon feature will also be available, punn intended).
Waiting for the Key fob for TM3 and (hopefully we are going to be provided free of cost is most preferable, but if I have to pay, I really don’t mind) hopefully the summon feature works in Canada.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


Hopefully it will be smart enough to not run over bottles, hit big rocks or potholes or other things that are fairly small relative to vehicles and humans but big enough to cause damage while look for a parking spot or returning to the owner. If so, this would be a really nice feature for those rainy days when I want to the car to come to me. If they really can pull this off with their current cameras and hardware I will enjoy eating a large helping of crow while enjoying it.