Subaru: PHEV To Debut Next Year, BEV by 2021, As Electrification Leads in R&D Push

MAY 22 2017 BY MARK KANE 19

This year Subaru will spent a record amount on R&D – $1.2 billion.  As part of that cash infusion, electrification is one of the major pushes, as the Japanese company would like to finally introduce its first series-produced plug-in model.

Subaru XV (ICE) Interior

Electrification is now more important for Subaru than autonomous driving and connected cars, perhaps due to pending compliance benchmarks arriving in 2018 and 2020 around the world.

The first PHEV, now expected next year, will be a conversion of a currently available car (such as the XV / Crosstrek in the U.S.) instead of a stand-alone model.

Chief Executive Officer Yasuyuki Yoshinaga said:

“If there’s already an attractive Subaru model, for example the XV crossover, and if a customer in Beijing wants one but is only allowed to buy an electric vehicle, if there’s no electric version then he can’t buy it. Providing the choice of an EV means the customer can still desire the same Subaru.”

An all-electric Subaru could be introduced by 2021.

“While Yoshinaga said he’s not against a partnership for the all-electric vehicle, simply adding an electric powertrain to one of Subaru’s existing vehicles would make a tie-up unnecessary. Instead the key will be the selection of suppliers for the battery and motor. A decision on this will have to be made in about a year, he said. He mentioned Panasonic Corp. and Samsung Electronics Co. among possible partners.”

source: Bloomberg

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BEV by 2021, they might be late to the party.

Mazda should do the same.

So, the Auto Conspiracy has finally allowed the Sale of Plugin-Hybrid SUVs. Interesting.

Someone should track offshore meet-ups of the Auto Industry executives. Because it would be illegal to plan market manipulation on US soil.

Oh wait, this could only be for the Chinese Market, where China has Dictated the Industry INNOVATE to solve social problems, like massive city pollution, from high concentration of cars.

We may have to thank China for Advanced Vehicles.

Yup on China. Also, I’m hoping they do a real PHEV that goes more than 15 miles electric. I’d love for a 30+ miles PHEV AWD Subaru.

I was always wondering where Subaru was on the plug-in front. They tout themselves as being eco friendly and everything but I guess it’s only in the build process and once it’s out of the factory they just don’t care??

As car companies go, Subaru is relatively small, and going electric requires massive investment.

Doesn’t Toyota have its backing thru ownership of Fuji heavy industry?

That is the root of the problem.

Toyota doesn’t like EVs, so Subaru won’t get the funding.

WoW! 2021! these cars should be available this year, Have they all had their heads in the sand or something!

Huge money for Subaru to develop its own powertrain.
They should hook up with Mazda and co-develop a powertrain that could go into an XV or a CX3.

Plug in hybrid 1st would be a good goal.
Go for 30 plus miles of AER.

Chademo or CCS?

Some GB/T. But I don’t know which latest and greatest number of it.

To funny.

I’d like to see an EV Justy.

If Subaru makes a 200+ mile EV, I would take it over a Tesla Model 3.

Have you lost your mind?

Alrighty then.

Be on the Subaru 2022 EV wait list, while the rest of us will be 3+ years into driving up the miles and smiles, in our Tesla Model 3s! Thanks for being so patient, and letting the rest of us EVs, drive on by!

If you want to sell in China(24 million vehicles/year) and Europe, make sure you have electrified vehicles. China wants 40% electrified by 2030 and Europe getting rid of the deisel. Europe and China will force the hand of Big Oil backed Big 3.