Tesla Model 3 Standard Version Coming To EU in 6, China In 8 Months


The updated info comes through a release by Elon Musk, talking about the Tesla Model 3’s international ramp up

We’ve all heard the good news about the entry-level Tesla Model 3 finally coming on sale later this year. However, for us European customers, alongside those from China, we’re more keen on hearing about the availability of the Standard and Standard Plus versions of the electric sedan in these lands.

After all, we’ve been salivating at the prospect of owning a rather affordable, impressively built and good looking EV over here in Europe for some time. And for the most part, the potential customers in Asia have been doing the same. However, the Model 3 kept avoiding us as we worked for the IRS. Nonetheless, that will soon change.

When talking about the upcoming entry-level Model 3 on Twitter, Elon Musk revealed that he imagines that the base Model 3 to be available in Europe in around 6 months. Furthermore, the Tesla CEO stated that the affordable version of the Model 3 will be available in the Chinese market in approximately 6 to 8 months – provided that the production of the entry-level electric vehicle in the Gigafactory 3 commences on time. While for some, that’s a big if right now, but judging by the moves made by the company lately, we should see Model 3’s coming out of the Shanghai factory hopefully soon.

A real game-changer for EVs and even possible gas competition

In the end, it bodes well for Tesla to be able to produce the $35,000 Model 3 earlier than expected. In reality, it shows that the company is right now at a position where it can comfortably meet demand in various different markets without any issues. And with the Chinese Gigafactory 3 coming online in the forthcoming months, the California based carmaker shouldn’t have a problem expanding the production volume at all. And with the Model 3 – and particularly the entry-level $35,000 version of it – the company will enter a playing field reserved by the likes of a Toyota Camry or the Honda Accord. In Europe, this market share is underlined by the likes of the Volkswagen Passat or the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

And all those cars will be the main competitors the Model 3 battles against. However, with sufficient range, a rather interesting price tag (which goes down with incentives), everyone from VW, BMW to Mercedes-Benz, will have to get their acts together as far as electric vehicles go.

And that might produce some interesting situations for us, as the customers, in the long run.

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Translation – we expect about a 6 month backlog of SR Model 3 orders in the US and Canada.

6-8 months in China for Model 3 Standard means that the Gigafactory 3 in China could be up and running by August of this year. Because it would be a hard sell and a bad PR move to import the Model 3 to China with the 25, 40 or 60% tariff and a few months later offer locally produced models at dramatically reduced pricing. I think the push is to have all Model 3 Standard sold in China to be produced in China. Europe is a different story since they will come from the US initially to maximize production volume and profitability at the US plant.

Man, Tesla’s pushing forward HARD. It’s strange how opposite their progress is in relation to how negatively the financial industry views the company. It’s almost as if they’re like, “Meh, whatever. We’re just gonna keep moving forward, regardless that we’re not supposed to be.”


There is an apocryphal tale of an aeronautical engineer who supposedly claimed to have “proof” that bumblebees can’t fly, because their wings don’t provide enough lift. But bumblebees keep on ignoring that “proof” and keep right on flying! (Details at the snopes.com link below.)

I’m often reminded of that apocryphal tale when I read a comment that’s part of the constant drumbeat from serial Tesla bashers that “demand has fallen off a cliff” and “Tesla’s finances will collapse in three months or less”.

Yeah, well Tesla doesn’t seem to be aware of any impending catastrophe, and goes right on expanding and increasing production year-on-year!

Keep going Tesla!


I think the point is that bumblebees do not fly in the same way and by the same principles as birds and other insects — something that a theoretical, mathematical proof can usefully shed light on. The media, as ever, neither understands not cares, and just ran with the most extreme angle they could find.

You say Tesla seems unaware of any impending catastrophe. If Tesla’s finances *were* looking terribly insecure just a few months ahead, what do you think they’d be saying?!? That the ship is sinking? I think not. They certainly didn’t on the several occasions they nearly went bust so far — in one case it was a matter of hours before it would all be over, according to Musk himself. Yet surprisingly he only said so AFTER the fact, everything was always presented as challenging but optimistic, then as now.

They have fired lots of people in manufacturing and are now axing the showrooms. Maybe that’s a company pushing hard to expand as quickly as possible, or maybe it’s a company desperately fighting to survive. I don’t know, and I don’t think you do, either.

Or maybe they needed more people while their entire setup was still in building process and now are simply cutting off the fat. People overlook the fact that Tesla will have alot more people working for them by the end of the year mainly do to their China venture…so still growing.

“Base Model 3 available in Europe in ~6 months, Asia 6 to 8 months.”

Tesla will receive a combined annual global total of more than 400,000 orders for the Tesla Model 3 (all versions) in 2019. Perhaps even 500,000.

Tesla doesn’t have the production capacity to produce that many units of the Tesla Model 3 in 2019.

As a result of that a substantial number of orders (more than 100,000) that will be made in Q4 2019 for a Tesla Model 3 will have to be served in 2020.

I wonder why the don’t need physical sales outlets.

For the same reason Amazon.com doesn’t. Amazon.com got its start selling books. And despite a lack of brick-and-mortar stores, Amazon.com drove one of the biggest booksellers, Borders Books, out of business.

Will Tesla do the same to one or more legacy auto makers, despite (or because of) Tesla’s lack of traditional dealerships? Very probably!

A car is not a book. People will want to experience it before buying. I just don’t see Tesla sell a million cars a year from pictures on the internet, that’s not how the industry has worked so far and I doubt the consumer is or will ever be in a place where he just orders a big ticket item like a car without ever having driven it or even sat inside it, checked out the seating position, luggage space, get a feel of the quality of the materials and fit and finish, things like that. Without the stores Tesla will have to find a suitable solution to address this problem, maybe have a fleet of test vehicles at each service center.

It’s not a book, that we can agree on. But think of all the other products sold on line. PC’s , home appliances etc. They sell on tests, reviews and design.

With Tesla’s promise that you can return the car within 1000 miles, you realy take away the need for a dealership.

There is a huge price difference though..

Another Euro point of view

Comparing the experience of buying a book with buying a car, that’s a good one. As from a time zone perspective. I note that the most amazing comments comes relatively late at night as from an European perspective, this would mean that they come from a place much further to the west than for example east coast USA.

“Tesla doesn’t have the production capacity to produce that many units of the Tesla Model 3 in 2019.”

Musk says they do.

No, he doesn’t. And even if he would say that we all know that what he says needs to be taken with a grain of salt or three.

What would be so bad entering 2020 with 100,000 orders in the books?

I tried placing orders for a Kia Niro Electric yesterday in UK – dealer wouldn’t take an order, nothing available for at least 18 months. Same with Hyundai Kona Electric, nothing available for at least a year. Long range Nissan Leaf is on their website at £36,795 including incentives. Too expensive compared to a Tesla standard plus. If Tesla can start delivering in 6 months then they should have the market to themselves for 6 months to a year. I think Maarten Vinkhuyzen is spot on with his discussion of the Osborne effect and the perfect storm brewing for the ICE industry. Tesla’s announcement about Model 3 standard means that there is another huge segment of customers who will now postpone their planned ICE purchase because they can now afford a Tesla, and have one delivered within a year. I think a lot of criticism of Tesla comes from organisations who would rather like to take it over, because they know it could be immensely profitable in the future. The biggest problem holding back Tesla’s competitors is the availability of good, suitable batteries, and I think they have been holding back investment in battery production because they cannot decide which… Read more »

Unfortunately when they say Europe in 6 months, probably meaning LHD models in Europe in 6 months, and RHD probably a much longer wait… we can only hope it won’t be too long

The seven day return policy is an interesting take. Hopefully it will give people the assurance needed to buy unseen.

However, they’ve got to stop the ridiculous punishment for having taken a test drive. I’ve spent twenty minutes driving a performance version after being invited by Tesla to do so, with absolutely no mention that there were any drawbacks. Now, if I buy any Tesla, regardless of version and even model, I will only get ONE day return, instead of the seven I would have got if I’d turned down the test drive! What a way to treat reservation holders!

” Base Model 3 available in Europe in ~6 months … ”

Probably a lot earlier; I’d say in JUN rather than SEP. My guess would be that a significant number of remaining TM3 reservation is by Europeans; the longer Tesla makes them wait, the higher is the chance they’ll go elsewhere, given the fact that more and more new EV’s models are coming – especially in Europe.

Will be very interesting to see how this will affect sales. Suddenly, it will be in another price class – where there are even more customers in Europe.
Hitch would be nice though. That is surely easy for Tesla to get approved. Don’t need to pull more then 600-1000kg tops, for most people.