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Perfect for the super-villain who wants to destroy the world, but also save it

We’re not sure what it is about billionaires and boats — maybe it’s an unwritten rule or something — but if you’re super-rich, you need to flaunt a superyacht. Now, you can impress your friends high net-worth associates by ordering up a little something that not only says you fit in with the super-elite, but that you’re also aware of the environmental toll a high-consumption lifestyle takes, and are willing to make a sympathetic gesture in that general direction. Big shots and supervillains, your ship has come in and it’s called the SolarImpact Yacht.

Launched at the Yachting Festival De Cannes (which we missed because we were trekking in the Himalayas with authentic Sherpa guides), the three-story ship is powered by twin 500 kW (670.5 horsepower) electric motors, which can push the aluminum craft through seas as quickly as 22 knots (25.32 MPH). It boasts an 800 kWh battery that can allow it to cruise for 10 hours. After that, a set of 65 kW (87 HP) range-extending engines of unmentioned provenance can take over.

As its name implies, the ship features an abundance of solar panels embedded in its skin. The energy collected can add up to as much as 320 kWh per sunny day, which is pretty significant.

Designed by Marlena Ratajska, the SolarImpact Yacht keeps the swaying to a minimum by leaning on SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull) technology. According to the company, “This achieves a physical shaft decoupling that reduces the rolling and heeling of the yacht by up to 90 percent. the hull lies calmly in the water even in strong swells, putting an end to the annoying swaying motion of the boat.” Besides keeping any tummy troubles at bay, the smooth, even-keeled ride will also help keep the champagne in your exquisite Baccarat Tsar Coupe ($3,500) glass.

The price? Well, if you have to ask…these two gentlemen will now escort you off the premises. Tah-tah.

SolarImpact Yacht

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They already have solar powered ships with much greater range, they’re called sail boats.

This is so much different. A sail boat is not easy to operate, doesn’t have so much free space and, well, yeah, is a lot cheaper

You must be fun at parties.

problem with a boat is for every hour of sailing enjoyment you’ve got to invest in an hour of maintenance and/or repairs

getting rid of the rigging cuts this load by 50%+

plus no rigging makes this much easier to single-hand

a BEV catamaran is my dream right along with a BEV 4×4 RV, BEV Supra, BEV Bronco, etc etc

A solar sail on a boat? Good luck with that 🙂

Very cool.

A Yacht that can take me to sea and provide unlimited energy to the super Laser muhahaha.

For when the private jet doesn’t have room to land at your private hollowed out super-villain volcano lair.

And those torpedo hulls are…a secret nuke and getaway submarine!

So it’s basically the i3Rx of the seas. You’re livin’ large until you run out of battery and are trying to get home with only 87HP of generator to run your 500HP motors.

Yeah, of course you only wait until the ‘battery low’ light comes and then wonder what to do next. Planning is a thing 😉

It may be possible to use the generators when the boat isn’t moving.

Weird, you would use 87 HP generators when you have 350 KW of solar power. Also I am the type to anchor off an nice topical island for a day or two as the batteries charge and enjoy being stuck in paradise.

You just do not know how to make a minus into a positive.

320kWh/day or about 40kW instantaneous power

two 87 HP engines (130kW) @ 50% power and 80% generator efficiency is ~50kW power rate

Well, probably still good for the super villain that wants to destroy the world. Since it won’t be dependent on any sort of fossil fuel, it doesn’t matter if civilization comes to a halt, this thing can still move!

This thing will still move when not only civilization, but also everything else including mankind has gone. Provided the last human being on board has left the autopilot in operation.

Last picture is of the Honda car, seems out of place. 😉

Maybe you get a free Honda with the Yacht 😀

Ha! Old news! I’ve had a solar powered yacht (well, it’s actually a kayak) all summer. 100W solar panel, small electric trolling motor, 240 Wh battery. Sweet.

I am baffled by that steering wheel. How can it rotate?

Nice… Perhaps I should have followed my childhood dream of becoming filthy rich, after all 😉