Six-Chargers Strong EVgo Stations Pop Up In Maryland

AUG 22 2018 BY MARK KANE 33

A Tesla Model S driver figured out that this is not a Tesla Supercharger

The times when a single 50 kW DC fast charger was installed in the metropolitan areas (with a charging-station desert between the cities) is slowly disappearing into oblivion.

Not only Tesla Superchargers and recently Electrify America stations, but also EVgo is now trying to install multiple chargers in one place.

According to PlugInSites, EVgo already launched two six-charger-strong stations in Maryland:

  • a hotel parking lot in North Silver Spring, Maryland near Route 29 and Cherry Hill Road
  • at Nottingham Commons in White Marsh, about 2 miles east of the White Marsh Blvd

Those are dual-head (CCS Combo and CHAdeMO) chargers supplied by BTC Power, although just 50 kW each.

Charging infrastructure expansions enters a new phase as bigger stations are installed:

Source: PlugInSites

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50kW? How forward looking…

I have a feeling, that in the future, the 50kW ones will to Urban Superchargers as EA’s 150kW+ ones are to Supercharger V3…
They are still useful for local charging, and are still useful for low-range EV’s so they don’t clog up the faster chargers… Especially, when we get slow-charging EV’s that are part of free-charging programs, they will sit for almost 2 hours at DCFC’s to get the tiny amounts of tapered charge so they can save $0.02…

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Beat me to it.

Sweet! And I was excited when I saw two at a time. Now EVGo needs to up the power to 150kW each.

see my comment below

Here’s to your “good authority”. I hope it is true!

I might add that I remember from somewhere that at least these new BTC fast chargers are upgradable to 80 kW. I believe that would mean upgrading from the current 400 volts 100 amps to 200 amps.

Awesome! Multiple stalls at many locations is the key. 50 kW though? Charging speed needs a little to be desired.

I like that they are clearly marked, it’s hard to argue “I didn’t know they were for EV:s only…”

Yeah, and the Electrify America chargers look like gas pumps, so that’s a plus. But I’ve come to the realization that about the biggest thing that can be done is placing them away from where prime parking stops are and PAINTING the charging bay spots.

I understand businesses wanting people to see how green they are and putting the chargers up front where more people will see them makes sense if you don’t know how things work out, but chargers should be in the back of the lot, not the front.
Make it easy to spot in a part of the lot that is usually not used as much by people trying to park their cars in a hurry.
Can’t wait til most of the new chargers are 75 kW or faster. 150 kW would be outstanding for chargers that are going to be used for quick charging sessions alongside an interstate. If they are in front of cafes or grocery stores, I guess 50 kW chargers make sense.

For climates with snow – painting the charging bay spots is not such a great idea. One winter of snow and plows going over it will have half the paint scraped off, by the end of a second winter – the painted spot will be indecipherable.

For those areas with snow – sign on a post will be far more effective. That first few months before snow and plows the spots looked truly awesome though! A waste of money after the first few months though.

This is an exaggeration. Snow plows also plow across the yellow lines and painted handicap signs. They last many years before fading significantly. If your claim was true, the handicap spots would have to be repainted every spring, but that just doesn’t happen.

What about the rest of the USA?
The new Electrify American dot come Fast Chargers are 150 kW, have 4 to 10 at each location and are going all across the USA. They have over 9 locations in now with 20-30 in progress and a total of 500 being planned by mid 2019. Now that is forward looking.

Not all Electrify American chargers will be 150KW or higher. Some will be level 2 and 50KW. The 150KW or higher chargers are for nation wide travelers.

See the national plan on their web site above or you can read a summery here for the Western states:

Not new for them. They did a six-charger install last year in North Haven, CT.

Foolish to keep installing 50kw units at this point. Should be using at least 150kw.

Not really.

It doesn’t make any sense to install expensive 150KW or greater chargers at the local mall, restaurants, grocery store or any other activity where you are going to stop and be there for a half an hour or more.

It seems to me that you are more likely to spend money if you have to be there for a half an hour.

The Electrify America plan does exactly that, install 150KW or higher, traveler chargers, 50KW and level 2 local chargers.

The issue I see with the local 50KW chargers is cost to charge, price it too high and they won’t be used.

Current EVGo pricing in the northeast is comparable to gas for a 43MPG ICEV. I think that is extremely reasonable pricing.

Depends where they are. If installed in a mall/store/restaurant parking lot then 50KW might be just fine since the time to eat/shop/etc might equate to a “full” charge.
It’s the “refueling stops” along interstates that must be significantly faster.

I don’t think EVgo actually even has any 150kW hardware operational yet, so not surprised to see them going with 50kW. it’s still useful since most cars realistically can’t use much more anyway and the ones that can (i.e. Teslas) have their own charging network.

EVgo has been busy installing these. As a matter of fact there are two such locations with 4 and 6 chargers along I-95 between NYC and Connecticut that went live last month. There are at least three others, besides the one in this article and the two I just mentioned, so total now on the I-95 corridor is around six. The one is actually up I-91.
We’ve got better reliable long distance coverage here on the east coast now than is available in California!!

Forget Maryland. Install more in Montana and Wyoming and Canada. There’s a distinct gap north/south in Montana currently, for both Superchargers and Electrify Americas rollouts.

Actually since this is just the beginning of ultra fast chargers being installed, they should be put in where the they will be used the most, on main highway corridors, where there are EVs to use them. In a couple years once coverage is achieved where they are needed most, then they can go to the remotest highways stretches in Canada and Montana.
Electrify America is really rolling tho, and by this time next year there should be in the range of 200-300 ultra fast charging locations all across US highways.

I understand that, that doesn’t mean I can’t be selfish and hope for more EV chargers in places I’ll use!

It seems Tesla do have plans, but EA don’t yet, to put chargers in Great Falls. That would solve the issues as currently there’s a gap of over 330 miles on the I15/Highway 4, which is the main border crossing route between Alberta and MT. Chargers in Great Falls would put some bang in the middle of Montana and cover three major routes in the region. That, and the Transcanada…

People on the east and west coast of the US don’t realise how impractical EV’s are at the moment for those that don’t live in those locations. There are still big gaps in other parts of the continent.

Their coming, and yes, they are very important to freedom of travel!

See my article:

As far as I see it, all highway corridors, certainly Interstates, are places where we can expect EVs to be traveling. With charging infrastructure in place, more people will buy EVs. They can even start by just installing one or two chargers per location.

The charging network companies are now marking their territory. Once they have secured the good spots they can start thinking about upgrading the power to market demands.

I have it on good authority that these sites are actually ‘future proofed’ to support higher power levels (150kW) which EVgo did by bringing in more utility services than needed for 6x50kW but the units won’t be swapped out until there’s a bona-fide market for that power level.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

All charging stations need to put teeth in them to prevent charge campers that stay connected waaaaaay longer after getting their fill.
Too many times people stay parked in the time limited spot all friggin day after they have topped of and it took only 1hr.

This kind of abuse needs to be addressed.

It should be addressed with fees. Many networks have already applied idle fees that are even greater than the charging fees!

Yup, Electrify America has idle fees…. $0.40 a minute after a ten minute grace period. EVgo really should implement some too. I’ve recommend them to. I think eventually they will.

Charge extra fees

Now they need to do same at Walmart locations