Sell A Tesla Model X To Buy The Model Y? Rear Seats Considered: Video


Should you trade in that Tesla Model X for an all-new Model Y?

The folks over at What’s Inside and What’s Inside Family already own not one, but two Tesla Model X crossovers. Not to mention an original Tesla Roadster, plus a free 2020 Roadster on the way in the future. So, a Tesla Model Y has been on their radar for some time. Interestingly, Dan was one of the very first in line and entering the event, as he has a tendency to arrive early for these events. To top it off, he was almost immediately welcomed by Tesla YouTubers Ben Sullins, as well as Kim from Like Tesla.

As most of us that follow the segment well know, there was much speculation surrounding this sought-after event. According to Sullins, a Model S and Model X update were in order at the reveal. Meanwhile, Kim thought that Tesla would tease its all-electric pickup truck.

Even Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) expected an announcement of Model S and X updates. Unfortunately, while many of us expected Tesla to either unveil or tease other model information, the event didn’t play out as such. Instead, Tesla CEO Elon Musk spent most of his time talking Tesla history and accomplishments. Then, thereafter, he finally exposed the Tesla Model Y.

In the end, Dan says he won’t trade in one of his Model X crossovers for the Model Y. While he sees great merit in the vehicle, it’s just not going to suffice for his family and situation. While it offer seven seats, there’s just no way to assure that reasonably sized passengers will be comfortable back there.

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The Tesla Model X is about 30 cm longer than the Tesla Model Y (I think).

But nobody seems to know what the exact vehicle dimensions of the Tesla Model Y are.

Scroll forward to 7:00 to see 2nd row headroom and get a brief glimpse of the space behind (3rd row seats are down).

It is pre production, they could be still playing with exact heights and locations of the seats. One of the videos said the front seats are model 3 seats on spacers.

I don’t understand. He says he wouldn’t drive a Model 3 because it’s too small. Then later he says he loves the Roadster and can’t wait to get it???

Haha, well, the second roadster appears to have much more space than the first roadster, which was noteworthy for being one of the smallest cars (interior wise) ever made.

He said the Model Y and/or Model 3 isn’t big enough for his family. He’s not buying a Roadster Mk II to be a family car!

He said regarding the Model 3: “it’s too small for me”.

As a potential customer, I’m not interested in the Model Y as our family are just two, elderly adults and three small dogs. The Standard Range Model 3 fully meets our requirements to retire our Prius Prime.

As an investor, the Model Y fills a price-performance niche to compete head-to-head with the other mid-sized SUVs, electric or ICE. This will pit the fear of EVs against a performance EV. Combined with V3 SuperChargers, it becomes a serious competitor no longer hindered by the Model X, rear doors.

Tesla better step their game up with the truck because the Model Y is underwhelming.

Rivian just spoiled everyone.

Model S and X refresh should catch your attention from what I’ve been told.

Rivian isn’t trying to compete with the Model 3 or Model Y; they’re aiming for a more upscale market.

Just placed my order for a AWD version and skipped on the 3rd row for more storage space. Finally someone is offering a vehicle with decent size, range at an afortable price. Will need to part with my Rav4 EV.
The confirmation said late 2020. I hope it will not be that long.

All of the videos so far show the passengers saying that the third row is a penalty box. Luckily it’s an option.

I think those who say the 3rd row seats are only for young children and extra-small adults are probably correct.

Don’t forget halflings

Instead of advertising 7 adult seating, it should be 5 adults and 2 Hobbits. For reference, the Prius V has 67 cubic feet of cargo space behind front seats. The Y is specified at 66 cubic feet.

I see the Model X as an amazing car for families with small children for a number of reasons, and it also fills that Realtor/Uber niche for good space in back. The Model Y sounds more like a car I would like, as I generally would have all rear seats down for stowing the bike or other stuff. The 3 doesn’t really match with that expectation on my end, although the S would.

I think they have a winner, just not something the Tesla faithful are dying for.

I think the point of the Y is not to attract the Tesla faithful, but the rest of the world that currently don’t own an EV. I put down my deposit and will retire our Denali when the time comes to pick up mine. Blue, long range, AWD. Should have it next year….

Bingo. Many Tesla fans are expressing disappointment, but I think there is a good chance that the Model Y will have more mainstream appeal than Tesla’s other cars.

I was a little disappointed. I think Elon spoiled us with the last couple unveiling events and this one did not live up to the high expectations. I agree that it will have good appeal – despite the underwhelming, poorly lit debut.

Many seem to be in agreement with the reviewer here – that there are some issues with the ‘Y’, but it actually looks like a VERY NICE product to me. Larger, and somewhat more pricey than a ‘3’, but with that coupe type styling there are going to be compromises with head room in the rear, as there are in my ELR.

The best feature to me seems to be the attractive price, and reasonably sized batteries. – TESLA STILL is the only EV manufacturer that ‘gets it’, namely that BEV purchasers want to be able to drive somewhere, and the supercharger complex is not necessarily going to be only a few miles away.

Well Done Tesla – overall seems at this early blush to be a very attractive product and value. They’ll sell many of them.

I think a lightly used Model Y will be our next car, circa 2022. I’m still waiting to hear about about the backseat width (three kids) and whether the suspension is softer than the Model 3 — but it looks like a winner so far.

Imagine being rear ended and you were sitting in the 3rd row. Your head would smash into the rear window. Better wear a helmet 🤕