See Tesla Model 3 On Mid-Ohio Race Track – Plus BMW M3 Chase Video


How does the Tesla Model 3 perform on a proper race track?

To find out, we head to the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course to catch the action of a Model 3 lapping the track from two perspectives.

Drag racing is one area where Teslas often shine, but out on a real track, these electric cars aren’t often standouts.

Watch This – Tesla Model 3 Sets 1/4-Mile Record

This first video is in-car footage from the Model 3. Please mind the wind noise, as it’s a bit irritating.

Video description:

Tesla Model 3 on Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. Car handles well and is neutral, but it needs track pads!

The need for some proper tracks pads was well documented by us here:

Check Out These Toasted Tesla Model 3 Brakes

The video below is filmed from the chase car – a BMW M3 (see what a BMW owner has to say of the Model 3 here) – and its quality is far superior to the first video, though the perspective is entirely different.

Video description:

Rudy brings his father’s Tesla Model 3 to the race track! Video from chase car

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course (Club)
NORPCA Organization (HPDE/Driving School)
Weather: Cool 55deg and dry conditions
Chase vehicle: 2016 BMW M3 ZCP

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S summer tires
OEM brake pads
Castrol SRF Brake Fluid
No modifications

This might just be the future of trackdays for us car enthusiasts! With performance brake pads this car would be lapping even faster, but this is already a very impressive time for a street car

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LOL, and what does this have to to with the BMW M3? We all know it would toast the Tesla on any track, even the Model S 100DL couldn’t compete on the track

Yes a M3 with the same driver would toast any current Tesla. Their Ring times aren’t even close.

The performance version of the Model 3 is still on the way. I wouldn’t expect the non-performance version of the TM3 to be faster than the M3. The proper comparison would be to a 330i or an Audi A4.

For the Model S 100DL, the correct comparison would be to the BMW Alpina B7 xDrive, not the M3. And yes, the M3 will crush the BMW Alpina B7 xDrive on the track too.

And you shouldn’t expect the performance version of the TM3 to be faster than the M3 on the track. And no need to compare the Model S 100DL to the BMW Alpina B7. Even a standard BMW 7er will smoke the Model S 100DL

I would be massively shocked if the initial version of the performance version of the TM3 were Tesla’s fastest version. I fully expect Tesla to ramp up TM3 performance over time, the same way they did with the Model S over the last 5 years, where the original P85 was 0-60 in 4.2 seconds, and the latest P100D now is 2.5 seconds. (both factory specs)

It is clear that it is simply a question of time before the performance version of MANY car maker’s EV’s crush even the best ICE car performance numbers. Including the BMW M3. Both on the strip and on the road track. The electric motor advantage is just that big. Just like the Nio EP9 that ran 6:45.9 on the ‘ring, faster than the current record 6:47.25 in a Porsche 911 GT2 RS (991.2) driven by Lars Kern

I hope you are next being toasted by a Tesla

You can’t be serious. A B7 would toast a model 3 around the ring…or any current Tesla.

The BMW with just about any driver would hammer that Model 3. If you listen he was half or less throttle most to the time, and look at the RPM’s, he never got the beamer wound up…

Neither were racing and I sure hope BMW’s performance version of the 3 Series can beat the non-performance version of dthe model 3. That is like claiming victory over beating a stock A4.

You know the Tesla fanbois aint the smartest people out there. Thus they should believe the M3 is chasing the Model 3 and can’t catch up

I think you BMW fanboi’s are the only ones who think they were doing anything but using the M3 to video the Model 3’s first track outing before even being prep’ed for the track, at less than full-out race pace (using his DAD’S CAR) and obviously weren’t racing.

Liked the 996 GT3 wave on, which of course is to the M3 what the M3 is to the Model 3. A P100DL wouldn’t be that far back, making up off the apexes much of what is loses in the turns. This is assuming the brief cool-honeymoon, for the Tesla.

Remember Musk just tweeted “AWD & Performance”, coming in July. it won’t just be “all wheel drive”. Chances are the usual energy-density, over power-density, will prevail, along with a lack of cooling for the track. But everybody who doesn’t go to the track should just chant SO WHAT. Without steady >100mph driving, these Teslas remain cool & ready performers.

And i heard those Teslas are toasting humans lately

BMW recalled 1.4 million cars because they burst into flames without even being wrecked. That doesn’t even get into rhe deaths in firey crashes in them.

The BMW M3 is having trouble staying behind the Tesla… In the second video the Tesla Model 3 is is wiggling all over the place, does not look neutral at all, and the Camaro checked out on the Model 3 like the Tesla was tied to a post.

Nothing, my buddy in the M3 simply followed to get video of the Tesla. The BMW is ~15 seconds quicker than the pace of the Tesla.

Can’t wait to see the actual Performance version of the Model 3 to go around a track, with proper performance brake pads!! No self-respecting track day enthusiast shows up with stock brake pads to track day…


But it will take more than brake pads to make a performance car out of the model 3.

Yes, it is a midsize 4-door family sedan, so even a performance version won’t compare to what the next-gen roadster will do. If that’s what you are getting at.

BMW M3 is a family sedan too.

Brake pads are so ICE. What a performance EV needs is a bank of ultracapacitors to soak up the energy when braking, then return it to the motors 5 seconds later when leaving the turn.

agreed 100% – guaranteed someone will begin implementing this in short time

I’m the driver here, in my defense, if there was a track pad available for this car, I would NOT have ran the stock pads, under any circumstance.

That’s good to hear. If the performance version gets brembos like the model 3 there should be plenty of choices for pads

The Model 3 does seem to have a difficult time with the corners, it holds them but slows pretty bad. Hopefully the performance version will come with a better handling package.

Yes, a proper performance version is needed for the track. But it is also the driver’s first day with a car they’ve never had on the track before. It takes some time to learn how a car drives on a track, especially when the electric drivetrain is nothing like any gas car you’ve ever taken around the track. It takes quite a few shakedown laps to get in the groove with a car that is new to the track.

I invite you to watch the same driver and the same track in his own M3, doing a 1:40

That’s a gutted M3 on DOT compliant racing tires, modified suspension and competition pads. Tires make a huge difference here.

Actually you can learn an EV pretty quickly because the torque is so smoothly delivered, and just have to find the limits of the tires and suspension, brakes too as you get faster. Man, that Camaro just checked out on the Tesla…

The Camaro is designed for track days.

You nailed it.

Corners were fine, but I’m limited by the car’s traction control coming out. Also I’m blowing every corner before the brake zone because I’m doing my best to keep the car on track 😉

C&D measured the Model 3 at 0.84g on skidpad, which is more typical for family sedans than sports sedans.

EV-TV Model 3 battery teardown.

Nothing to see, he does not tear into the module…

The m3 is not even pushing……

I would sure hope neither the m3 nor the TM3 drivers would be pushing anything more than a 9/10 pace on their first track day without track brakes in the non-performance version of a car they’ve never driven on a track before. Running full out while videoing would be irresponsible.

With that said, you can still hear the m3 squeal tires in some corners, and see him have to correct the wheel for losing traction a couple of times. So it isn’t like they were out for a Sunday drive the whole time.

The suspension appears to be at its limits with current settings.

The Model 3 suspension looks pretty twitchy in the second video… I would say it is near the limit, or the driver was over driving the car. Might be a bit of both…

He was following him to take video. You can see at the end he gives him the thumbs up and the takes off at this own pace.

Exactly. This was NOT a race between the BMW and me. He simply followed to get video. The M3 runs 1:39.7’s around the track, which is 15 seconds quicker than this lap.

Another Euro point of view

Those “mine is bigger than yours” contest in the comments section is so typical of internet age 🙂 . Makes even less sense here. I mean it much depends on the drivers of each car. If you type “UPsetting a Ferrari” you will find a video in youtube where a 120hp VW up (budget city car) overtakes a Ferrari on the Nurburgring. Is a $15k VW Up faster than a Ferrari ? absolutly not. Is the VW Up driver excellent, for sure !

How can there be wind noise inside the car?

The mic is overly sensitive.

You are required to have your windows down during track day events>

Lot of people getting wound up about “is it faster than an M3”. The last of the old will always beat the first of the new.

It doesn’t really matter. That’s a question for the P model coming later. The fact that it can even do some decent laps is pretty impressive.

Tesla will have serious work cutout for themselves trying to touch any BMW M on the track.

Well, this just shows that Tesla is the new American Muscle Car brand. Great in straight line, 0-60mph and 1/4 miles numbers are what it can do nicely.

Track cars need to be lighter. Weight is the first and biggest enemy. EVs aren’t light unless it is special built cars like Rimac and Nio or potentially the new Roadster.

I’ve driven Mid Ohio. It’s a technical track that favors good handling and proper lines over raw HP. My veteran friend was in his Focus SVT (stock powertrain, but full race suspension and brakes) and was passing newbies in their Porsches. If you know the proper racing line and your car stays flat you can work magic there. The Model 3 is going to need suspension, brake, and tire upgrades to compete with a 330 or A4. Does anyone know details about the rear sway bar on the TM3? Hollow or solid, and what diameter? I’d be tempted to start there, as suspension is already firm. Car needs help rotating instead of the push we see.

There are a lot of mods necessary to make a street car track-ready, i.e., improved brakes (including racing fluid, race compound pads and heat shedding rotors), racing compound tires, a 5 point harness, etc. So a comparison between a model 3 and a set up track-ready BMW really has no meaning. It is entertaining however to watch how well the Tesla handled and to imagine that sometime in the near future a well-prepared Model 3 sports sedan will be competitive with the ICE BMWs…Let’s go Elon!

That Camaro blew past the Tesla like it was pulling a plow. Tesla are brain dead 1/4 muscle cars that can’t turn a corner. Now that GM and Ford make proper track cars glad one of the US auto makers is making drag strip cars for the rednecks.