Secrets Behind The New Formula E Race Car – Video


The Gen2 Formula E car, which will be used from the 2018/2019 season onwards, is a dramatic departure from the first-generation machine that has been used since 2014.

In this video from’s The Flying Lap, Craig Scarborough gives his first impressions of the new Gen2 Formula E car, designed by Spark, built by Dallara and scheduled to make its debut in 2018. Will it take Formula E to the next level? And how has the new McLaren Applied Technology full-race battery been integrated into the design?

This includes an explanation of the deletion of the rear wing – with just two tailplanes in its place – and what the new car has been conceived to achieve.

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Thanks for posting – an informed and intelligent discussion. I hope Formula E racing gets better, with this new car.

Maybe they will race on some road tracks, that are near enough to large populations? I think a mix of street and track racing would draw in more fans.