Rolls-Royce Says No To Hybrids, Yes To Electric

OCT 20 2018 BY MARK KANE 16

Rolls-Royce will go electric in the next decade

Rolls-Royce is currently busy with the market launch of its all-new product and first SUV – Cullinan. If the famous luxury brand is willing to introduce  an SUV, then maybe it will be willing to introdan uce electric model as well?

Torsten Müller-Otvös, Rolls-Royce CEO said that’s the case for the next decade. Rolls-Royce will have an electric car, while hybrids, on the other hand, will be omitted

“There is an electric future for Rolls-Royce. We have not made our plan about what comes first, and what comes when, but we know that we will go full electric. We will not do hybrids or whatever. Our proposition is full electric. It will come in the next decade, step by step by step.”

According to the interview, Rolls-Royce intends to make use of BMW Group’s tech and simply adopt it. Range, performance and cost will be sufficient for the purpose.

We assume that such large and heavy cars would need at least 200 kWh battery.

“And the BMW Group is more than happy to help. Otherwise we would not be capable to get our brand electrified. If we would need to do that on our own, completely alone, that’s quite a task.”

Four years ago, after teasing a concept prototype of electric Rolls-Royce, Torsten Müller-Otvös said to not expect electric limousine anytime soon, but as you can see, things change.

Source: Bloomberg

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introduce an

“According to the interview, Rolls-Royce intends to make use of BMW Group’s tech and simply adopt it. Range, performance and cost will be sufficient for the purpose.”

That would require BMW to invent some relevant tech first. So far their BEV chops aren’t so solid.

The i3 is good but expensive af.

Sounds like the perfect base for a Rolls-Royce 😉

Nothing wrong with the tech as far as I can tell — it’s the management that’s too chicken to get serious about EVs…

This is so obvious now. Of course Rolls Royce will be all electric. The future is clear. Thanks Tesla.

They would be forced to go electric even without Tesla. Which by the way is not at all a competitor. The principal causes are :
– the new European cycle,
– the future European emission rules,
– the cities / countries banning ICE from 2025 for the earliest, to 2040 for the latest.

I had nothing to do with that. It is the simple fact that ppl are no longer buying ICE unless that is the only form available for the model that they want.

The pre Tesla bs from the car makers was that Electics were unbuildable, that nobody would buy them that they were unaffordable. Tesla set out to prove them wrong. With proof now in hand, countries can now start banning ICE cars. Tesla was a proof of concept for electric cars. Before Tesla there were only deliberately engendered failures.

It makes sense. In the 21st century, it is ridiculous to try to call any car that has engine vibration, a lurching transmission, regular oil changes, engine noise, spews deadly toxic gas emissions, can’t be fueled up at home, etc a “luxury vehicle” when you can eliminate all of those things with an EV.

I don’t think most of that really applies to Rolls-Royce. They pride themselves on having the quietest engines; and for things like fuelling or maintenance, a typical Rolls-Royce customer presumably has servants…

You’ve never been in/around a Rolls Royce have you?

Either way, a good 5 or more years ago they investigated EV’s, built some prototypes and even invited customers to come and try them and see what they thought. They all agreed that when the tech is mature enough they will adopt it. It appears that time is near.

With a price tag of $300,000 these machines can easily go electric.
After all electric drive means more smoothness and comfort. Kick those nasty V12 engines out.

with a v12, the electric would probably be lighter and more powerful.

More powerful, easily; lighter, nope. Not any time soon. A battery large enough to give this tank a decent range, would weigh about a tonne with today’s technology.

Arms wide open, this is how you do it. They learned well from Tesla.