Rivian R1T Video Round Up From LA Debut


Have a look-see at the official presentation.

Rivian rocked the world yesterday when it revealed its revolutionary all-electric R1T pickup truck yesterday. We shared all its amazing specs and some images, along with a number of videos which reveal even more about its capabilities. Then, last night, under the stars at the Griffith Observatory, the company held a more formal presentation. We’ve got an official bit of footage (above) and are collecting other clips and photos from around the ‘net to share with you below.

Just from the clip above, we learn just how cool that gear tunnel — the’s appears to be the official name for it — is on the pickup. Not only does the pass trough give you more space for your stuff, the door actually doubles as a step to allow you easy access to the front of the cargo bed and the roof. This is the kind of utilitarian engineering we like to see.

We’ve been pretty effusive in our praise of this product so far, but how does seeing these extra, more candid images move the needle for you? Does it make you want to make a pre-order? Let us know in comments, and don’t forget, we look forward to hosting in-depth discussions with future owners and the interested in the Rivian section of the InsideEVs Forum.



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sneak preview of our upcoming @rivianofficial episode, had a blast at the #R1T unveiling 🙂

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The icing on this cake would be compatibility and ability to use Tesla Supercharging Network even if not free.

Volt#671 + BoltEV + Model 3

I’ll second that. Tesla was willing to stick their neck out and build this DC network at great cost. There’s no reason to attempt duplicating the effort. Help to build the existing network quicker and further will help everyone with an electric vehicle.

Why the down-votes??? Makes perfect sense. NOBODY in the US has true 100kW+ DCFC capabilities nationally. The SC network is where it’s at.

Ok now that they’ve had the release – how about some specifics and some hard pricing beyond what they’ve released so far….

As other commenters have noted – some of the specs such as weight do not jibe with the differing battery options.

I presume that they don’t know exactly how much the other packs will weigh, all things considered (coolant, etc.). Based on the stats sheet in the other article, I assume the weight is for the 185kWh pack.

The best thing is that this should make Ford, GM, a bit concerned as trucks are their bread and butter, and neither even have a concept ev truck, though Ford says they will have a Phev. Those lumbering behemoths need to wake up, and quit listening to the predictions of decades more time for ICE. Disruption is proceeding apace, it’s not just Tesla anymore that people have to worry about, though this is still years away.

Ford definitely has a F150 PHEV program underway. But interestingly the benefits marketing message is apparently focusing on job site power and camping support rather than fuel economy or environmental impact. Clearly focused on appealing to “traditional” truck buyers…

It will be interesting to see how they protect that big flat battery pan in a vehicle that is touted as being off-road capable.