Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck Shows Rugged Abilities In New Video


Built to take you just about anywhere your heart desires.

The Rivian R1T electric pickup truck ventures far off the roadway in this new video that shows it’s a very capable off-road electric truck with robust abilities.

Pitched as an outdoor adventure vehicle, Rivian says the R1T is at home both on and off the road. In fact, several of the truck makers latest videos have focused on backcountry driving.

We documented much of the adventure here at InsideEVs. It all started back in Aspen, Colorado where both the R1T and R1S were displayed. Later, both of the electric vehicles headed off on a journey where few EVs have ventured before. With Rivian dropping hints here and there along the way, it was quite spectacular and helped to introduce us and the world to the capabilities of Rivian’s vehicles.

That was then and this is now. From snow-covered roads to rocks, dirt and gravel.

Now you can grab a look at the R1T tackling some rocks, throwing stones and sliding around in the video below:

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16 Comments on "Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck Shows Rugged Abilities In New Video"

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If that is not the worlds most badass electric truck, then that is the worlds most badass CGI.

They really need to up their game as the leading electric truck contender in the market. An “Adventure Truck” with 400 mile range only warrants a 28 second video in a gravel pit? I didn’t see anything a Tesla X couldn’t handle. At least a Chevy commercial would have it splashing through an “engineered” mud puddle.

A model x would be leaving a trail of plastic parts behind it.

it will void the warranty.

That is nothing any and every Subaru could handle. Dirt with gravel from a quarry with some water is just essentially a road.

I was prepared to be impressed by it driving over those rocks. But no, just a gravel road behind the rocks. My minivan has driven through worse.

That’s old footage.
Something fishy at Rivian?

Old footage? Where did you see it before?

on youtube. Not the whole whopping! 28s, but a piece of it
on nov 26 2018, by the author of this article!

Yep, proof that Eric L may be a paid?? shill for Rivian – I still want Rivian to succeed but InsideEVs should disclose their relationship with Rivian rather than come across as very shady with the hidden advertising and deception.

Why do they keep posting the same old footage over and over again? I love Rivian so much, but what they doing reeks of desperation. I would be more sad to see if they follow the path of Tesla.

Rivian, please show us more new cool footages such as the progression of making R1T, the insightful perceptions of Rivian workers, how they address the controversial issues including stakeholders, or something like that.

Where did they show it before?

yawn, old news and even my civic could traverse that “road”

old one or new one?

old one but the 1st part is too rough but the latter part is no problem – the video makes it sound like it’s a “robust” off-road track but it’s only a gravel road. More sounds like InsideEvs is paid to promote Rivian at times – or promised a free truck or something…

All the same footage I used in this cut. https://youtu.be/hMAK13IKnFI