Rimac C_Two Debuts With 120-kWh Battery, 0-60 In 1.85 Seconds – Video


The stunning Rimac c_two has just hit the stage in Geneva.

It boasts impressive specs, such as a 0 to 60 MPH time of just 1.85 seconds. That comes courtesy of its 1,914 HP and 2,300 newton-meters of torque.

The battery pack checks in at an equally impressive 120 kWh.

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Rimac c_Two

YouTuber Shmee150 was provided with the chance to be among the first to fil the Rimac c_Two before it even debuted. Check out his video of this electric masterpiece below.

Video description:

The Rimac C-two is going to blow your mind away!

With 1,914PS and 2,300Nm, the 0-60mph time is just a ridiculous 1.85 seconds…

Equipped with technology such as facial recognition cameras for access to the car, Driving Coaching training systems and 400 sensors in total within the car, the C_two demonstrates that Mate Rimac means business!

After the launch of the Concept_one and the demonstrations of technology it was capable of showing, this project for an entirely new car has been in the works for 4 years. With a production run of 150 cars it boasts this magical feature set along with some usability, luggage space, and level 4 autonomous driving – should you wish.

Stay tuned to dive into more detail about the C_two in future and an opportunity to discover a lot more about it. A huge thanks goes to the Rimac team for this chance to shoot a video with the car just ahead of the launch at the Geneva Motorshow.

General All-electric two-seat supercar
Number of units Limited to 150 units
Homologation Full global certification, including USA
SoP 2020
Power 1408 kW / 1.914 hp
Motor torque 2.300 Nm
Wheel torque 1st gear 17.047 Nm
Wheel torque 2nd gear 8.227 Nm
Acceleration 0-60 mph* 1.85 seconds
Acceleration 0-100 km/h* 1,97 seconds
Acceleration 0-300 km/h* 11,8 seconds
1/4 mile time 9,1 seconds
Top speed 412 km/h / 258 mph
Range 650 km NEDC
Chassis and structure
Structure Carbon-fibre monocoque with integrated structural battery pack and bonded carbonfibre roof. Structural reinforcements and crumple-zones for front, rear and side-impact. Carbon-fibre rear subframe. Front and rear aluminium crash structures.
Suspension Double-A-arm wishbone suspension with electronically adjustable dampers and active ride-height.
Front brakes CCMR 390mm 6-piston
Rear brakes CCMR 390mm 6-piston
Powertrain Four independent permanent-magnet electric motors, four-wheel drive with software-controlled torque vectoring.
Rear gearboxes Two independent two-speed gearboxes
Front gearboxes Two independent single-speed gearboxes
Cooling 7 independent cooling systems – all fans and pumps running on 48V
Capacity 120 kWh
Chemistry Lithium Manganese Nickel
Cell format Cylindrical, 21700 form-factor
Number of cells 6960
Maximum voltage 720V
Cooling Liquid
Fast charge 250 kW DC Combo ( <30 min 0-80% SoC)
On-board charging 3-phase 22 kW
Active elements Front diffusors, rear diffusor, rear wing, bonnet turning vane, underbody inlets and outlets
Cd in low-drag mode 0,28
Control Central control system coordinating torque vectoring, active aerodynamics and suspension
Airbags Driver airbag (Steering wheel)
Passenger airbag
Side airbag (lamella bag installed in the door at belt line)
Seatbelt (complete system)
Airbag control unit (ECU) and crash sensors
Active safety Collision risk prediction and Automatic Emergency Braking with evasive control (steering and motion planning) for collision avoidance
Dynamic systems Torque Vectoring with traction control and stability control, integrated with hydraulic ESP and ABS system.
Structural Pre-preg monocoque passanger cell with aluminum and carbon-fibre crash structures and deformation zones.
8x cameras (including front stereo vision)
1 or 2 Lidar
6x radars
12 ultrasonic
Lenght 4750 mm
Width 1986 mm
Height 1208 mm
Wheelbase 2745 mm
Weight 1.950 kg

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Rimac are about to put this on sale, whilst Volkswagen and Toyota make concepts and do nothing respectively. It just beggars belief.

Rimac are about to put this on sale, whilst Volkswagen and Toyota make concepts and do nothing respectively. It just beggars belief.

Fun….please bring a show down with the 720s, Cheyron, etc.

Hello 2nd place, Roadster 2.0! That was a short lived run as king of the 0-60 time.

“The point of doing this is to just give a hardcore smack-down to gasoline cars,” Musk said. “Driving a gasoline sports-car is going to feel like a steam engine with a side of quiche.”

The C_two is exactly what Tesla was hoping for.

1914 horsepower from a 130kWh battery works out to a 11C discharge rate. That sounds really hard on the battery, but I guess a $20k battery replacement in a car this expensive isn’t such a big deal. How often are people going to be able to connect that much power to a road anyway. I’m sure that much power would just spin the tires below 120MPH. Also, 1914HP will deplete a 130kWh battery in only 5 minutes and 28 seconds, assuming you can find 25 miles of road straight and level enough to go that fast without dying. It’s not how fast can it go, it’s how fast do you want it to go.

I doubt you can even keep max power for that long in any scenario. The top speed is limited to 402 km/h, but that can be done with 1000 hp as well.

The Veyron could do 407 with 1000 hp and had a worse Cd (sure CdA is what counts but still higher). So this car probably only uses halve of it’s max power to maintain top speed.

So probably 50 miles for 12 minutes, or so. Again, pretty close to the Veyron.

@bro1999 said: “Hello 2nd place, Roadster 2.0! That was a short lived run as king of the 0-60 time.”


Tesla Roadster P200D is 0-60 faster than Rimac c_Two… and longer range by over 2X, and seats 4 with room for luggage.

Go Fish…

But congrats to Rimac for getting the c_Two into production… a very cool looking car and great limited production exotic EV collector’s car for those that can afford it.

Well the Roadster is still a prototype. I don`t even think it has a 200KWh battery yet. Maybe in two years they will release new cells to be able to have that capacity.
It is easy to do 0-60 sub 2 seconds now, but the rest is harder. Rimac can actually do 2 full laps of Nurburgring now.What about the Roadster? So we will see in 2020 what Tesla comes up with. I`m expecting more realistically 2021-2022 seeing how they never are on time with the production. Who knows maybe they will this time… I like Tesla, but i`m glad to see others going into electric too.

@Steve L said: “Well the Roadster is still a prototype…”

Tesla Roaster is in the production intent development stage as is Rimac C_Two; neither cars have yet entered production.

The Rimac C_Two will be limited to 100 cars @ 1.250M

The Tesla Roaster P200D @ $0.245M (Founder’s Series)

That’s the BASE model! You’ve got to get out of that 1999 mindset bro!

Favorite car right now!

That car looks way too small for the guy. His bum is less than 6″ from the ground and the top of his head is over 6″ above the top of the car, and somehow they need to fit a roof, seat, and floor of the car, plus the road clearance.

Guess you don’t understand camera perspective…

Is Rimac’s long-term plan to start making daily drivers at some point? It would be a shame not to apply the expertise they’ve no doubt garnered into something for the general public.

They consult companies that are doing daily drivers. I think that will be as close as they will get.

I see that they decided to borrow the nose cone from the old model S 🙂

Really? Does anyone else see that same model S nose cone in this design?

Very impressive. I like the new competition between electric hyper sports cars. Let’s see what the traditional automakers will do. I mean who wants a Ferrari when you can have this. And of course Tesla surely wants to step up their game now. But they got some more time.

Bigger and heavier than previous version.
Rimac 1/4 mile 9.1sec.
Tesla said 8.8sec 1/4 mile roadster does with todays technology

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

What’s the price????

All those numbers but no price?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Where are those clowns for this Sport EV that always spew their garbage like….

Let’s see how long this will last on the track.
It won’t last on Nürburgring.

1914 PS (‘pony power’) is 1888 Horsepower.

Bro1999: The new Tesla Roadster may be taking a back seat to this car both in first availability and performance, but Tesla (I never thought I’d say this) is the Value Leader here, even if it is likely that Musk changes his mind and raises the price over 20% as he did with the First Roadster.