Just 204 miles (328 km) of EPA range

We were waiting for the first series produced all-electric Audi e-tron for quite some time (deliveries in the U.S. from May) and were hoping that such a company will deliver range and performance comparable to Tesla Model X, but after the most recent announcement of EPA test results, one should be disappointed.

The Audi e-tron's energy consumption of just 74 MPGe (455 Wh/mile or 283 Wh/km) on the combined cycle is the worst result on the market, even behind the Jaguar I-PACE. Will it negatively impact sales? We think so.

Let's check the energy consumption chart.

All-Electric Car Energy Consumption (EPA)

  • * The results were converted from EPA’s MPGe (Miles Per Gallon equivalent, assuming 1 gallon of gasoline=33.7 kWh) to Wh per mile of EPA range – Combined, City and Highway.
  • Energy consumption includes charging losses from on-board charger (AC)
  • Some data estimated. Some versions of models received the same ratings despite being slightly different.
All-Electric Car Energy Consumption (EPA) - April 5, 2019

BEVs by range

Now range. The EPA rated the Audi e-tron at 204 miles (328 km), which is the lowest 200+ result of any BEV. It's not something to be proud of, as we expected at least 225-250 miles.

Part of the reason behind the relatively low range is that only 88% (83.6 kWh) of the full battery capacity (95 kWh) is available for use. Combined with high energy consumption, range is much lower than expected

For comparison, the WLTP rating is up to 417 km (259.1 miles).

A big positive is that the Audi can be recharged quickly at 150 kW DC, but it's rather a consolation and not a win.

BEVs by range

BEVs price (MSRP + DST) per mile of EPA range comparison

BEVs price (MSRP + DST) per mile of EPA range comparison

Audi e-tron specs:

  • 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds or 0-100 km/h  in 5.7 seconds
  • Top speed – 124 mph
  • 204 miles (328 km) according to EPA
  • up to 417 km (259.1 miles) under the WLTP test cycle
  • 95 kWh battery / 83.6 kWh usable (36 cell modules, each module is equipped with 12 pouch cells, nominal voltage of 396 volts)
  • battery pack weight: 700 kilograms (1543.2 lb)
  • dual-motor all-wheel drive – up to 300 kW and 664 Nm in S mode (boost) or up to 265 kW and 561 Nm in D mode. Front motor is 135 kW, the rear is 165 kW (S mode).
  • Maximum tow rating – 1,800 kg (4,000 pounds) when properly equipped
  • 9.6 kW on-board charger (240 V, 40 A) in the U.S. and 11 kW or 22 kW three-phase in Europe
  • DC fast charging up to 150 kW: 0-80% in 30 minutes (10 minutes adds up to 54 miles, 30 minutes adds up to 163 miles)

Press blast:

2019 Audi e-tron arrives next month: Fully electric SUV built for everyday use is designed for customers to go electric today

  • e-tron deliveries to begin in May to reservation holders, in line with demonstration vehicles arriving at dealerships  
  • Fully electric e-tron is the right size, in the right segment, with the right tech and right ecosystem to go electric today
  • Audi e-tron battery engineered for repeatable performance, longevity and peak charging power – to deliver EPA-estimated 204 mile range – supported by fastest charging in its class

HERNDON, Va., April 4, 2019 – The 2019 Audi e-tron – the first fully electric model from the brand – arrives next month. A true mid-size luxury SUV, the e-tron – with an EPA-estimated range of 204 miles – is built for everyday use. The e-tron will be available for demonstrations at Audi dealerships, and customers who reserved the e-tron will soon experience fully electric driving without compromise.

The right size: comfortable seating for five adults and luggage

  • With two rows and a panoramic sunroof, the Audi e-tron is a true mid-sized SUV with comfortable seating for five adults and luggage.
  • The Audi e-tron is the largest model in the mid-size luxury electric SUV segment, delivering 57 cubic feet of cargo space with rear seats folded down; an additional front trunk houses the standard equipped Level 2 charging system.
  • Similar in size to the Audi Q8, the e-tron has a wheelbase of 115.1 inches and height of 65.5 inches.
  • For true SUV functionality, the e-tron tows up to 4,000 pounds when equipped with an available towing package, and features standard air suspension and roof rails.

The right segment: fully electric mid-size luxury SUV delivers premium features and everyday usability     

  • The Audi e-tron is a true mid-size SUV – the largest segment in the luxury SUV market – and provides the fit and finish that luxury buyers expect.
  • Definitively Audi and uniquely e-tron, the model features standard heated/cooled seats, top view camera, distinctive badging and all-new ergonomically designed shifter, in addition to available massaging seats, night vision assistant and a full suite of standard and available driver assistance systems.
  • New standard-equipped electric quattro® all-wheel drive helps provide exceptional control and confidence in a variety of driving conditions. With an electric motor placed on both e-tron axles, power is efficiently distributed to provide nearly instantaneous torque and powerful electric performance.

The right technology: revolutionary electric engineering without compromise

  • With buyers of premium vehicles driving an average of about 30 miles per day1, the Audi e-tron – with an EPA-estimated range of 204 – is designed for daily usability.
  • The e-tron can charge at a class-leading 150 kilowatts at high speed public chargers – resulting in the fastest charging speed of any electric SUV. Charging at this speed translates to:
Approximate charge time (charging at 150 kW public chargers) Estimated range (actual range will vary)
10 minutes 54 miles
30 minutes 163 miles


  • Powering the e-tron is a precisely developed battery. Positioned low in the vehicle within a protective honeycomb structure, the e-tron battery is engineered to utilize 88 percent, or 83.6 kWh, of the 95 kWh total battery capacity. This engineering approach ensures battery longevity, repeatable performance and peak charging power for longer amounts of time during the charge cycle.
  • A revolutionary cooling system separates the battery modules from cooling fluid to maintain optimal efficiency and enhance performance for the long-term.
  • The e-tron achieves 355 horsepower, and with Boost Mode engaged – unlocking the full power output of the vehicle – achieves an increased 402 horsepower, reaching 0-60 in 5.5 seconds.
  • Unique to the e-tron, the MMI touch response® system features a detailed map displaying where drivers can travel on the vehicle’s current charge; and, for longer trips, the MMI system suggests charging stations along the route, noting the anticipated charge level upon arrival, resulting in increased range tranquility.
  • Drivers can select the e-tron-specific virtual cockpit display, providing detailed charging, battery, route and infotainment information in the driver’s line of sight directly behind the steering wheel.
  • Amazon Alexa is fully integrated into the e-tron, and, when combined with an active Audi connect PRIME subscription, enables virtually seamless access to news, information, music, audiobooks and control of Alexa-enabled devices directly from the e-tron steering wheel.
  • The e-tron enables pioneering vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) technology including Traffic Light Information (TLI) and Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory (GLOSA) where available, and is the first Audi model to feature standard Toll Module Integration, eliminating the need for state-specifics transponders.

The right ecosystem: with an EPA-estimated range of 204 miles and robust network of support, the e-tron makes going electric easy

  • A key benefit of electric vehicle ownership is the ability to wake up each day with a freshly charged vehicle. Understanding that more than 80 percent of charging takes place at home2, Audi and Amazon Home Services collaborated to provide in-home installation of a Level 2 charging system, comprised of a 240 volt, NEMA 14-50 outlet, enabling the e-tron to be completely charged in approximately nine hours.
  • 98 percent of all single-trip journey trips in the U.S. are under 50 miles3, meaning the Audi e-tron – with an EPA-certified range of 204 miles – is more than capable of everyday use. For the anticipated two percent of trips over 50 miles, e-tron drivers are supported by Electrify America’s nationwide charging network.
  • By the end of 2019, the Electrify America network is expected to deploy nearly 2,000 chargers across 500 fast-charging sites throughout 42 states and within 17 metropolitan areas. Offering advanced charging, Electrify America’s chargers can deliver up to 350 kW to capable vehicles.
  • Audi e-tron owners receive 1,000 kWh of charging – the equivalent of approximately 2,000 miles of range – from Audi at no additional cost for use at Electrify America fast-charging stations within the first four years of ownership.
  • A complimentary suite of e-tron support services ensures confidence in going electric – including dedicated Audi electric vehicle customer service, robust roadside assistance and the all-new myAudi app for vehicle and charging station information.

Key specifications and pricing

Horsepower 355 (402 with Boost Mode)
0-60 (seconds) 5.5 (with Boost Mode)
Battery 95 kWh
EPA-estimated range (miles) 204 (EPA-estimated)
MPGe (city/highway/combined) 74/73/74 MPGe (EPA-estimated)
Starting MSRP $74,800
Audi e-tron federal tax credit (see energy.gov for eligibility details)


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