Renault Electric Car Sales Increased By 31% In May

JUN 30 2018 BY MARK KANE 4

In May, Renault sold nearly a third more electric cars than a year ago and is on track to achieve full-year result of around 40,000.

In total, around 3,169 electric cars (excluding Twizy) were delivered (up 31% year-over-year). In Europe, where most of the sales occurred, BEV share stands at over 3.4% of passenger Renault (2.77% YTD) and 2.1% of light commercial vehicles (2.36% YTD).

  • Renault ZOE2,697 (up 28%)
  • Renault Kangoo Z.E. – 490 (up 57%)

So far this year, Renault delivered 16,980 electric cars – almost 18% more than a year ago.

Renault electric car sales – May 2018

Separately, in South Korea, Renault – through Renault Samsung Motors – is also selling all-electric cars, the SM3 Z.E. So far this year, 566 SM3 Z.E. were sold, which is 86% more than a year ago.

It’s expected that the Kangoo Z.E. also will be introduced in South Korea.

Renault Samsung Motors SM3 Z.E.

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I just have the explanation of the bottle neck of the production of the Renault Zoé.
It’s the motor line of production. Renault can only make ~40,000 of it. Renault was thinking that more people would choose the Zoé Q90 with the possibility to charge @40kW, and the motor is from Germany. But the Zoé Q90 is only about 20% of the orders. And that explains why some received their Zoé in a few weeks, and others have to wait 6 months.
But this July a second line of production will be operational. At the end of 2018 at Cléon factory, Renault will be able to produce about 80,000 motors.

The Twizy should get a small AC unit, proper doors a modern battery pack AND cost no more then now.
It is just so fun to drive, easy to use and really handy. This was on my list of EVs to buy ( before I got a company car), and it is still on the list of EVs when/if I change one of the jobs.
I just feel like it’s too expensive for what you get. It must be cheap to manufacturer.

I don’t need anything else to get to and from work. To and from a grosery store.
Range is no problem, and there are charging options all over the place.

It would be cheap to manufacture at scale; but since it’s a niche product, a price premium is unfortunately unavoidable 🙁

I see the SM3 and I can’t understand why they don’t renew the car for the New Megane IV sedan.–renault-megane-4-sedan/S0-modele–renault-megane-4-sedan.jpg

To 2022, Renault announced that they will have 5 new EV cars, and 3 renewed.