Renault Celebrates Production Of ZOE #100,000


Renault recently reached a milestone of 100,000 ZOEs produced at the Flins facility in France.

Renault ZOE, with its 41 kWh battery and now with an 80 kW electric motor, is one of the best selling electric cars in Europe (it was the best selling in 2015, 2016 and 2017).

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In 2017, well over 30,000 ZOEs were sold and, according to the Gilles Normand, SVP, Electric Vehicle Business Unit at Renault, there will be lots more to come:

Renault ZOE R110

Today is a special day. I had the pleasure of participating in the celebration of the 100,000th Renault ZOE that was manufactured in Flins (France). Already 100,000 customers have fallen in love with ZOE! Launched in 2012, ZOE was fitted with a bigger, 41 kWh battery in 2016, allowing it to go even further. And for enhanced driving pleasure we equipped ZOE this month with a more powerful engine, the R110 (80 kW).

In addition of being the leading electric vehicle in Europe for the third consecutive year in 2017, ZOE has been voted Best Electric Car by different juries composed of automotive journalists an impressive number of times throughout Europe.

But today, I especially want to thank the thousands of Renault employees and the entire dealer network that have worked hard for making this happen.

And this is just the end of the beginning… More to come.

Renault ZOE sales – February 2018


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How many EVs have sold 100K cumulatively so far? I imagine the list is fewer than 10 so far…

Is anyone keeping track of cumulative worldwide sales for EVs? The ev-sales blog keeps track from year to year, but is anyone gathering that into a multi-year cumulative?

So circa 320,000 Leafs and 100,000 Zoe’s worldwide, plus some Mitsubishi iMievs (and over 100,000 Outlander PHEVs but I prefer not to count those).
Renault-Nissan-Mistu alliance has sold well over 450,000 pure EVs globally to date. Not bad at all. I wonder if Tesla will surpass them this year, with those new 2018 Leafs apparently flying off the lots in Europe and Japan it might not happen in 2018, but defintely by 2019 I would think.

I wish Renault would come back to NA with the Zoe. When I was in France last year the exchange cost for a Zoe was $32K CAD for the 40Kwh version; I bet they’d sell like hotcakes!

They would indeed sell like hotcakes, especially in Canada where the Leaf’s MSRP was INCREASED BY CAD$4,000 versus the outgoing model, it now starts at CAD$37,000 for the base trim. Many people would prefer a Zoe 41kwh for 32K (provided it comes with DC fast charging), but I suspect Renault will never bring it to North America, sadly.

Even Reanult India is working to produce EVs on large scale. Lets hope to see them celebrating soon!