Red Wine Versus Tesla Model 3 White Seats: Video


It’s the real-life red wine test. Oh boy!

Tesla’s Elon Musk claims the white seats in the Model 3 can stand up to red wine without staining. Normally, one would just take his word for it, but not this fella.

Instead of just believing the claim, this Model 3 owner went ahead and poured red wine all over his new Model 3 white seats.

Did it stain? Was it difficult to clean up? Were the claims made by Musk true? Let’s find out. It’s video watching time.

**Note: We still suggest you refrain from trying this on your own white Tesla seats.

Video description:

“Insane testing.”

Spilling RED Wine on my 1-month-old Tesla Model 3 white seat!

Elon Musk mentioned before: “The white seats are actually extremely stain resistant. You can spill red wine on the seats & just wipe it off.”

So I did it!

See the tweet from Vincent, friend of InsideEVs, below:

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Does this pass as red wine in California? It’s a rose at best.

Pour some old vine Zin or aged Cab on it and see if it will hold up… =)

Elon, why would you spill wine in a car? Drink and drive often?

Think on blood instead of wine…

Regular occurrences of blood splatter on the interior of a car raises disturbing questions of its own.

Leave that there for more than 30 minutes then I’d be seriously impressed.

Was just going to say. Leave it there and let it soak in for a little… then try wiping it off

That’s actually pretty impressive. What kind of material is that?

Polyurethane. It is just plastic. It doesn’t have any pores or anything that could soak up a liquid.

Test is no big deal. Wine didn’t even have enough time to set in.

I know from experience that red wine doesn’t even ruin carpets (even the non-StainMaster kind) — if you start working to soak it up within seconds. I remember an ex-gf and I having a huge red wine spill on carpet and we both worked to get it up quickly followed by Resolve. After it dried, one couldn’t tell anything had happened to the carpet there.

A couple of times Bjørn Nyland has shown the grimy white seats in his well-used two-year-old Model X. Really bad.

They’re probably not any more stained than typical for seats that’s been used as much (he does spend much more time per year in the seat than most people do), but it really shows since they are white. I agree it would have looked a lot better if they were dark.

They are the old white leather they used to use for the seats. No more leather in Teslas since mid-2017. Bjorn got his in 2015.

Who the hell is rich enough to do this for YouTube views?

It was less than a dollar worth of wine. So I’m rich enough to do this. Well, I would be if I could afford the Model 3, the cheap Tesla…

That was brilliant.

Well I’m happy someone did this so we can more confidently drink wine in our cars.

That’s fun. And not really saying anything about how well they’ll keep up in three long run, which is the thing you really need to worry about. I for one don’t consume wine, red or otherwise, in my car, so it’s sort of a bit irrelevant whether the one-month old seats stain or not in this way.

Doing the same test on three-year old well-worn seats (the driver’s) would be slightly more interesting, since any chemical treatments might be mostly gone by then. But really, how they keep in normal use over many years is what matters.

The ultra-white seats in X were also claimed by Musk to be stain-resistant and everlasting. Bjørn Nyland’s car, Optimus Prime, has them. And they really haven’t kept any better than average seats. Thanks to them being white, the wear and the staining is however much more noticeable than with dark seats.

I think the seats are ceramic coated.