Red Tesla Semi Spotted

DEC 31 2018 BY MARK KANE 12

Is Tesla is expanding its Semi fleet?

A new red Tesla Semi was spotted the other day in LA and at the Kettleman City Supercharger. It’s not yet entirely clear whether it’s an all-new prototype or one of the previous black Semis, wrapped in red (plate numbers XP24261 are the same as in case of black, but maybe those are used in various prototypes). We believe it to be wrapped though. The silver Semi shown at the debut had a bigger cab.

Below you can find many photos of the red Semi:

First two Tesla Semis – silver and black:

Tesla Semi

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I believe ‘262’ is a third prototype.

Manufacturers’ Plates are like dealer plates , they are utilized at random on any given vehicle as the need occurs .. Happy New Year ! * 🙂 *

who ever took through phots forgot to look for the vin number in the window or look up in the Vin registration DB

“yet clear entirely clear” should be “yet entirely clear”

With these Tesla semis out running around, why aren’t why being useful and hauling loads of new Teslas to delivery centers??

I love this place! Three down votes and not one can answer my question. Why can’t these trucks be doing real work and advertising and testing all at the same time?? Go ahead, hit me with more down votes!!


Red makes this article newsworthy.

Well, red and Tesla. Soon they will re-wrap it in blue and get some more free press.

So are they gonna start building & selling them?

In fact, I was wondering where they are building these 3 NOW.

There are only two.