Production Chevrolet Bolt To Be Unveiled In January

NOV 23 2015 BY MARK KANE 139

The Debut Of The Chevrolet Bolt Is Putting Pressure On Other OEMs To Not Get Left Behind

Chevrolet Bolt concept

The upcoming CES (January 6-9, 2016 in Las Vegas) will be the place where General Motors for the very first time will present the production version of Chevrolet Bolt.

News comes from GM executive vice president Mark Reuss at the 2015 LA Auto Show.

The concept version of the car was presented at NAIAS in January 2015, and we believe that production version will be shown at the 2016 edition of NAIAS too (January 11-24 in Detroit).

Timeframe from concept to prototype, to unveiling the production version and moving production is extremely quick.

It looks like the race to introduce the first 200-mile affordable all-electric car before others is going to be won by GM!

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“we believe that production version will be shown at the 2016 edition of NAIAS too (January 11-24 in Detroit).”

Any way to confirm this?

Before confirmation comes repentance.

Spits tea on monitor!

Bless you, my son.


Wow, that’s going back a few years.

I’m sorry to say I actually know what that meme refers to. 🙁

Why does Bernadette Bassinger have a beard?

“Do deep knee bends before Zod”

-Robot Chicken

If it’s unveiled at CES, it’s a safe bet it will also appear at all subsequent major auto shows.

I spotted the following differences:
– door handles stand out of the body
– side mirrors looking different (less pointy)
– tires look smaller
– head lamps seem to be slightly different (maybe)

Ah, I see – the cameo-shot is already 4 moths old. This memory must have slipped me 😉

What they’ve done with the all glass roof / spaceship interior will be interesting to see…

You guys haven’t been keeping up. There are a lot of really good spy photos of the Bolt. The interior looks completely different from the prototype, a lot more real world and functional.

Thanks for the link! I like the interior. It’s nothing special, per se, but it’s functional. I’m glad that GM abandoned those horrible touch-sensitive controls from the original volt, rather than deciding those are the future. I don’t think I could bring myself to buy a car with them. The Bolt, on the other hand, seems to be a good blend of future and function using an LCD display to present a traditionally styled (and presumably configurable) instrument panel.

The shifter looks especially interesting. I wonder if they are incorporating some of the shifter designs from the Volt concept.

Highly Likely. Mary is just ‘crazy’ about that jewel-like Volt shifter. 😉

“Tech support, how may I help you? . . . The red button near your right knee . . . rotate clockwise and pull back out . . . Is there anything else I can help you with today? . . .”

Would you sit on top of a prototype machine with 50kwh of high voltage cells without a kill switch?

That is an ejection button.

Eject Warp Core?

That movement reminds me of my Mom’s old GE clothes washer, except that the knob was white, not red.

The 2011 volt’s controls and nav screens are twice as good as the joke for controls I have in my ELR. They are BEYOND PITIFUL. The volt’s controls are usable. It takes way too long to do the simplest thing in the ELR, and it is a real safety hazard, but then GM issues recalls on the ‘start’ button which I refuse to have done, since anything that REALLY needs changing they won’t do.

I like the basic car, and it so far has been very reliable. But my Volt screens still occassionally freeze and I have to powercycle the car while coasting to get them back. The ELR hasn’t frozen on me yet, other then its intentional idiocy.

As far as the BOLT, so far so good. Will love to see detailed specs in January, not too far away…

Thanks for the link. 🙂

Hard to comment, since it’s mostly wrapped up.

But I do think “Start” buttons are old-fashioned.

Start buttons are old fashioned? 10 years ago, they were practically non-existant. Most cars had you insert the key into a slot and twist!

That’s nothing. My dad had to insert a handle in the front of the family car and hand crank the starter. 😉

You’re showing your age…

Thanks for that picture.

I hope they keep the red ‘E-stop’ button in there 😉

Small as a Yaris?

Sonic sized, so huge by comparison. 😉

Sonic 59 x 68 x 173
Yaris 57 x 66 x 169

What unit?

Parsecs 😉

GM have probably raided the existing GM stock of standard door handles, would have been nice to see some auto flush ones introduce.
Same happened on Volt 1, concept had much more body flush door handles and then it had to be practical!
However I do like the Tesla S pop out ones makes the car so much better looking when they don’t stick out.

Is there swirly wrap on the windshield at the very top? Because it kind of looks like they kept the high windshield, though perhaps not quite as high as the prototype.
You definitely will want to upgrade to larger wheels, those little things look kind of old fashioned on a new BEV.
Gonna be interesting to see how the headlights turn out.

Hopefully it will be as reliable as the LEAF.

Hopefully it won’t lose as much range in winter as the Leaf 🙂

Or ANY OTHER electric vehicle for the matter.

Oh, wait a second, you don’t know how EV battery works, do ya?

I know it perfectly well thank you very much.

The Leaf does not have active thermal management of its batteries unlike most of the other EVs. So, you can preheat the cabin but not the batteries. It takes a bigger hit on range than the other EVs.

I like my Leaf but not enough to warrant a defacto Nissan purchase when the lease is up.

@pk: +1.

The buyout for my former 12 Leaf was $18k.
Nissan knocked $5k off that, making it $13k.

I offered to buy it for $9k; Nissan refused.

So I walked away. The car ended up on a lot several states away, listed for $9k; I’ll bet it sold for $8k.

They’re taking a beating on these cars.

What was the mileage and how many capacity bars were left?

I have all the capacity bars still left on my 2012 Leaf but it only goes about 50 miles in the winter time now with the heater on.

With a much larger battery to work with, the effects of the HVAC system should be less. A 6 kW drain on a 24 kWh battery is a lot more visible than a 6 kW drain on a 50 kWh battery, for example.

To echo what Bro said, big batteries lose a smaller and smaller share of their range, to heat the cabin. This means that, even if the Bolt has the higher kw heater of the new Volt, or something similar to the resistance heater found in the Tesla, it will likely retain ~80% of rated range.

Where it gets tricky would be the number of warm-up cycles. I Can’t get 3, 50-60 mile days out of an 85kwh Tesla, in winter. It’s odd, because long range isn’t so much the problem. It’s whether you can go 1-2 nights without a charge, almost no matter the daily distance.

Problems many would like to have.

Did anyone on the Tesla forums ever measure and/or graph how much electricity the Model S’s thermal management uses overnight to condition the battery at different winter temperatures, ie @ 20, 25, 32, 40 degrees?

That’s a lost cause.

Remember Chevy’s silly deception for the first 18 months of the volt, calling the engine just a ‘genset’, and they didn’t stop lying until NYSDMV said “You’re not fooling anyone”.

Cold range is Tesla’s version of that.

I don’t know just how much detail you want on the reduced range of a Tesla Model S in very cold conditions, but there’s a lot of data here:

PUPU thanks very much for the link: there is much to chew over there. I’ll read it over , over the next few days. Meanwhile: Now what I did years ago was just come to a few simple conclusions regarding the test drive. 1). 65 miles was lost by staying at the motel 2). Loss ‘rate’ was 1840 watts. 2A). Charging at 1300 watts at 115 volts will still have discharged the battery. So under these conditions, 115 volt charging is impossible, but would have been helpful since it would have at least minimized the inevitable loss. (A minnesota woman 1 month later actually proved all of my conjecture). 3). Broder was told by Tesla receptionist to increase and decrease speed to ‘maximize regeneration’ ( BEYOND STUPIDITY, or BS) 4). Broder told by other personell to turn on electric heater to recoop range, when , analyzing the chart shows the ONLY thing that will increase range at a given batt temp is to CHARGE it. 5). Broder was concerned at one point the ‘guess-o-meter’ said he didn’t have enough juice to get to the next spot, and was told by a 3rd tesla employee to ignore it , ‘it is… Read more »
Ok, thoroughly read your link… The most fun part was when the Blog said that JB Straubel doesn’t know the significance of his own charts. That has the ring of truth to it. But I think everyone at Tesla was worried about the Stock Price Reaction at the time. As far as unanswered questions go, I can’t seem to find an “S” owner who is willing to talk in detail about their cold weather experience. Amazing. Another factor is that Broder started “Sleeping” at the Motel with a HOT car. No one seems to worry about anything around 0-10 degrees. All the charts seem to think 32 deg F is EXTREMELY COLD. IN my part of the county, this is HOT weather and we never see the thermometer approach 32 (or anywhere near as hot) for months – last year was BRUTAL. I suspect much poorer performance if the car was left outside in a parking lot (cold), and then it got DOWN to 5-10 degrees overnight. As I mentioned before, during cold weather the car loses more juice than it gains at 115 volts, therefore, ‘convenience’ charging is impossible. Seeing as GM batteries are UNBELIEVABLY GOOD, running much better… Read more »

“genset”, Wow, I had to look that up but yes, you are right about the deception. They claimed it to be a “True Series Hybrid” meaning the engine was used ONLY as a power generator, which implied no transmission. It turned out to just be a variation of what the Prius does, but at least with much greater battery only range. I was so disappointed in them. I’m glad you brought that up; I don’t see many people bring that up.

We don’t bring it up because it doesn’t matter. 90% of the time the car is an EV, unless the temp is below 15 degrees. 10% of the time the genset runs. I can’t care if the genset is tied into the drivetrain or not because it doesn’t matter to how the car drives.
I take that back, it does matter, because the car is more efficient when the genset is tied in than it would have been if it hadn’t been used in that way.
Tempest in a tea cup.

Nissan will have to play catch up real soon.

I’m almost certain that If Nissan can’t bring Leaf 2 before Bolt (October 2016), they’ll release a 48 kWh battery for the current generation Leaf to gain more time to prepare the second generation. They already have these 48 kWh batteries for the Leaf, just have to decide if they want to go by plan A or B.

I think you may be right on the increase, but probably just on the base model Leaf’s. When the Next Gen Leaf comes it will have the longer range of close to or above 200 mile range for sure on the upper trims.

I wouldn’t worry.

Looks like a Spark EV.

Have you driven that piece of junk? I like all EVs but the Spark really sucks. Tiny passenger cabin, tiny cargo space, terrible driving dynamics.

You are just one of thousands who do like the Spark (both gas and BEV) and drive them every day in many nations. So your opinion is just a drop in the BEV ocean, and not worth anything.

Will GM start first deliveries of the Chevrolet Bolt in Q4 2016?

That’s what I’ve been hearing..

Because that is what GM has been saying.

I hope so. I expect to see my first Bolt “in the wild” around Christmas 2016.


You must be planning on spending next year’s holiday in California. Is Dallas too cold for you? 😉

Actually, I spend Christmas with my family, in the greater NYC area. I suspect that the Bolt will be availalble there pretty much at launch.

BTW, I think you have me confused with a different Brian. I live in upstate NY (Syracuse area). Dallas will never be “too cold” for me!

Guilty as charged, got it confused. My bad. Yeah, you might have a shot at getting one in NY.

There needs to be a map with pins for regular commenters to help my squirrelesque memory.

Maps with pins reminded me of a movie that scared the c_ap, out of me when I was a kid.

GM won the presentation of series 200 miles affordable BEV, but when they deliver in December 2016 first units others will be not far away. I bet Nissan will present series Leaf Tokyo 2016, and orders start in December and delivery in March, but fourfold production of Bolt which is built small in order to get not to much purchases.

I thought the 200 mile Leaf wasn’t due till 2018?

Nissan is still saying “by the end of Power-88”, which means March 31, 2017 at the very latest. I personally expect them to deliver starting Q1 2017, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they make some token deliveries in December 2016, just like the Leaf / Volt did in December 2010.

At this point, it is almost a given that Bolt will be first to delivery, but the Leaf will not be far behind. It’s anyone’s guess as to when Tesla will deliver the Model III. If history is any guide, it will be a while, but they are really upping their talk to convince us that the date won’t slip.

It has sounded like Tesla is serious about keeping the schedule on Model 3. That gives me confidence that it will be 2018, not 2020 when they start shipping real production cars to real customers.

Tesla is getting the pre-order process started before Bolt and LEAF 2.0. I wonder how many cancelations they will get once Bolt and LEAF are available ahead of Model 3? Tesla really hasn’t had this situation before.

Yes Tesla sure is talking like things will be different this time. I am going to stay out of the business of predicting whether they have learned enough to meet this aggressive schedule.

Nissan never committed to a 200 mile LEAF, they just said they would “compete” with it. I highly doubt we will see a 2017 model year 200-mile LEAF. It will probably be a 2018 model year with 150-miles.

I would bet on the LEAF 2.0 being a 60 kWh battery after the latest concept.

That sounds like 200 mile EPA to me.

I wish GM would spill the beans on kWh instead of just promising range. It would give me more confidence.

I am worried that the Bolt is going to be on the small side for me. I am probably leaning toward LEAF 2.0 or Model 3.

Bolt seems to be about the same size as the Nissan Leaf, so I’m not sure why someone would go Leaf 2.0 or Tesla 3 if size was an issue. I actually would expect the Tesla to be smaller than the Bolt, based on their aero targets (drag of <0.2).

I've seen the Bolt in camo (in person) and it is bigger than I thought it would be. It seemed like a larger version of the Pontiac Vibe (wider, taller, longer but with similar proportions). I had a Vibe for a few years and it had GREAT utility. I think that is what GM is going for with the Bolt.

That is great to hear. My impression is that it was going to be i3 size, not LEAF size.

Interesting, Jeeremy. I wouldn’t have thought they could stretch the Gamma II platform that much.
The ICE Sonic comes in two sizes, the 4 doroor is 173″ long and the 5 door hatch back is 159″. The Leaf is 175″ and the Volt is 177″.
I would have thought that the Bolt EV would be similar in size the Sonic hatch, but maybe it will closer to the Sonic 4 door. Time will tell.

The Bolt is resetting the bar when it comes to range and price – a 150 mile LEAF will be DOA unless it prices out at a level thousands less than the Bolt.

I’m not sure Nissan ever said a specific range other than “double the range of the current model.” At the time that was 84 miles, so that would be a range of 168 miles. And I’d go so far as to say 168 miles would be satisfactory. I couldn’t complain about that.

I like that longer ranged EV’s are coming out, at more affordable prices. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for the era of ICE vehicles.

Good to hear but even better to see actual mass production.
That it isn’t gong to have a glass roof is a great point as a deal killer in the
All EV’s need to have great insulation to cut heating, cooling needs instead.
Where is it being made is a question I still haven’t got an answer to?

On my last flight, my window had electronic controls to adjust the amount of light that was allowed through. I thought that would be a cool feature for a glass roof on a car.

I imagine that’d be hella expensive to replace though!

That was “Dreamliner” 787 right? Only plane I have been on with that features.

I also had a 30 minute delay because they had to load new firmware on the aircraft engine (scary as hell). Pilot said “these new planes are just big computers”, and sounded uncomfortable with the systems. Probably my least comfortable flight ever, and I travel regularly.

yeah, a 787 BSOD sounds uhmm.. bad.

Luckily Microsoft isn’t writing firmware for planes. AFAIK anyway.


Boeing writes its own software. Besides, even Microsft publishes a warning against using its software on such applications (aircraft). Read the fine print on the WIndows licenses and you will see it. I bet no one reads that now!

Hello, this is your captain. We are passing though 8,000 feet, expect to be in Dallas by 12:00, and we will be rebooting the plane in 5 minutes…

I believe so. I was on an ANA flight to Tokyo. The touchscreens were really nice too.

ah the 787, The one they had to re design the wings because of several serious design calculation flaws caused by modern CAD etc. software.

Seem teams of calculations done by slide rule in the 1960’s produced accurate results vs modern optimizing software with calculation errors built in.

2nd the LI battery fiasco, how that end? better box to hold a fire inside I heard.

Lastly there is the composite construction with question of the quality of the holes drilled through it.

Well I’m Flying in a months time 2 trips on these so called dream liners.

I’ve been told they are quite and a better ride provided the plane holds together and the software stays up LOL!
Don’t wish to be a volunteer to the Coffin engineering crown – just yet, but these days – no one really knows ?

Still safer than your drive to the airport.

“ah the 787, The one they had to re design the wings because of several serious design calculation flaws caused by modern CAD etc. software.”

Software does not cause design flaws. Idiot operators cause design flaws.

Already been done… Maybe 10 years ago or so, albeit on a Maybach, if I remember correctly.

There is still a conflict on the name with the Yamaha Bolt motorcycle. I wonder when we’re going find out the production name of the Chevy Bolt.

There is no conflict. Name was settled long ago.

Yeah, that what I was going to say too, though I held fire thinking it might be impolite, but now that you said it I can chime in without feeling like a jerk.

And how about the Walt Disney cartoon dog? Maybe GM can use that dog as part of the Bolt promotions.

Nissan will have sold more than 250,000 Nissan Leafs before the first delivery of the Chevrolet Bolt.

The Nissan Leaf is a pioneer.

Other than the Leaf was a reaction to the Volt, which was a reaction to Tesla, which was a follow up of the EV1.

EV Domino Theory. 😉

They’re all reactions to CARB. The days of the lone visionary are long gone.

I’d say Tesla/Elon are a lone visionary. They are 100% electric all the way and they don’t really have any company right now. Albeit, other companies do have products, just not the commitment level Tesla is at.

The CARB is visionary? Exactly how do you become a visionary with your head up your A**?????

If you ever read y Leaf timeline MNL, you would know you are wrong.

I can’t wait to see this car. It may be worth going to NYIAS 2016, as I presume it will be present.

Hope this things not a tiny compact like the volt.

Eager to see it though.

smaller in size than the Ford Focus

It will have more cargo room than the Ford Energi products most likely though; due to better battery placement.

The word “utility” was stressed several times when the concept was revealed.

Troll, the Bolt is going to be on the sub-compact Gamma platform, same as the Sonic and the Trax. They may stretch it a bit, but not a lot. But since the pack will be under the cabin, it may have a surprisingly roomy interior.
Nah, who am I kidding, this is GM. It is going to be as tiny inside as clown car. LOL!

I think the interior volume may exceed 99cuft and push it out of the sub-compact category. The length may be in excess of 165″ too, which would also make it a compact, not sub-compact.

If they make the back seats removable, that would be a really nice touch for hauling things.

Sonic is considered mid-size by the EPA (91CF), just slightly larger than a Volt (90CF) and slightly smaller than a Leaf (92CF). Of course that is the current generation Sonic, we don’t know how much bigger the next gen platform will be.

How does that compare to the BMW 3-series, which many expect will be the size target for the Model 3?

Okay, the BMW is in the compact class, 100-110.

Not sure where you are getting your data, but this is what I read for EPA ratings.

“The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies a passenger vehicle with an interior and cargo area of 100-109 cubic feet as a compact car. A compact car is larger than a subcompact vehicle, which has an interior area of 85-99 cubic feet and smaller than a mid-size car, which has an interior of 110-119 cubic feet.”

I used the EPA/DOE’s website. My numbers are for passenger space. Your numbers are referring to combined passenger and cargo space.

From your link. (matches what I was saying)

Class Passenger & Cargo Volume (Cu.ft.)
Minicompact <85
Subcompact 85 to 99
Compact 100 to 109
Mid-Size 110 to 119
Large 120 or more

It’s the larger cargo area that makes the diff. That’s why I think the utility of the Bolt will make it a much larger class than the Sub-compact Ziv was referring to.

kdawg, I hope you are right. If the Bolt is a compact car with a bit more space it will be a better car for it. I had thought that it might be a roomier subcompact but if they actually size it so that it fits the compact car description/criteria, I would like it a lot more.
My beef with the Volt is that the interior is just too cramped to allow for decent back seats.

Tesla will win the race for the 200+ miles car because of their Supercharging network. They smartly built the foundation before producing the mass marker car.

Who will buy a 35K Chevy sonic? wtf

Doesn’t the Sonic use gas?


sonic 40mpg 14k
bolt 35k range smaller than 200 EPA mile

All other things are same

Who will buy bolt?

“All other things are same”

But they aren’t, so your question is kind of pointless.

Why would anyone buy a $35K electric Versa? Well, over 100K people did.

100k people buy it in more than five years

and the same price level ICE car sold more than 5 million a year!!!!

Apparently, plenty of people bought a $35K Eletric Versa…

I’ll probably at some point buy a BOLT.

It will be the first car with enough range to hear people talk about charging it a significant number of miles at Public Chargers..

So, then, 2 questions:

1). Will it optionally have a Fast charging facility as the Leaf optionally does?? (Except probably CCS will be the option in the BOLT).

2). Assuming 1). is optionally available, will the expected LARGE NUMBER OF SALES of the Bolt cause other companies to start installing 25 or 50 kw charging facilities?

(ABB was rebranding a very cheap single-phase 240 volt input 24 kw Portugese very small Fast-Charger, that may be handy for a small business that only has single phase service, or in Rural areas that may have only Single phase lines in the area where a ‘refueling spot’ is desired. I think the low cost of the unit is the more compelling issue).

Yes on both questions.

Yep on the CCS

Well assuming you can actually buy one out the door for $35,000 and that a comparable Sonic is $14,500 lets run some numbers!

-7500 (federal credit)
-14500 (sonic cost)
=8000 (total price differential)

Assuming 15,291 miles per year, according to USA Today (

Then that’s about $1,050 per year in gas @$2.75/gal and 40MPG.

So total payback is right around 8 years without factoring in any savings on maintenance (bc it is such an unknown variable at this point), or lower premiums than the sonic (because electric skews older, safer, richer and the bolt is likely to come with the newest generation of GM’s version of the MobilEye collison avoidance system. This same system has been shown to reduce claims around 30-40% on all new Volvos since it was made standard in 2012).

You have forgotten to include the cost of charging in your analysis, as well as the time value of money. Beyond that, many people can’t use the federal tax credit, since it is not refundable.

The original Prius was based on the Toyota Echo body, so everyone uses a gas car body to build their first hybrid or EV. Even Tesla Motors – the Roadster is based on the gas Lotus body.

Only the GM EV1 was totally original.

EVfans, I am not sure if you are being ironic or not, but platforms do not equal car quality. That was the canard used against the Volt, “It is just a $39k Cruze” when in fact the Volt is a much nicer car than a Cruze in every way.

Possible names of future Chevy evs:
The Arc, The Sissler, The Thunderbolt (fully loaded LE Bolt), The ZZZTTT! Some possibly in the LW (live wire) edition.

Well, I guessed that the production Bolt would look pretty close to the prototype, and it looks like I was right, altho the headlight area is noticeably different. Just as I guessed that the production Volt 1.0 would look quite different, altho one didn’t exactly need to be a Sherlock to figure that out!

I’m guessing the Tesla Model ≡ is gonna look a lot like this, too. But that’s a somewhat riskier guess, and I look forward to seeing just how right or wrong I am.

This is actually shaping up to be ok. I’m imaging an electric Honda Fit (judging from the camo body shape) type vehicle. Which honestly would be just fine with me assuming it is actually:

1) 200mi capable at 55-60mph
2) Priced around 30-35K before federal credits so that the out the door price is around 23-30K.
3) not 100% cheap plastic inside, just give us a little soft touch material and decent NVH isolation. Think modern Subaru not Volvo quiet.

AK, that is exactly what I am thinking about the Bolt. If it is as roomy and utilitarian as a Honda Fit, I will be fairly satisfied. The Fit back seat is roomier than the Volt and that is fairly important to me.
Finish quality is just as important though. I hope doesn’t go dirt cheap on the quality, and I think GM gets that.
I usually cruise at just 65 mph now, it would be nice to be able to get 200 miles at that conservative pace.