Porsche Taycan Grand Turismo & Targa Rendered In Stunning Form


Now InsideEVs has some more proper and astonishing renderings of the upcoming Porsche Taycan.

Our readers have made it clear in the comment section that they’re tired of seeing early Porsche Mission E images in our Taycan articles. However, we simply don’t have images of the upcoming Taycan, since Porsche has yet to release them.

We do have many spy shots of the Mission E. However, few may be more specifically attributed to the Taycan. Sadly, there’s just not much out there aside from some renderings. Thankfully, TaycanForum shot us an email with some updated digital previews. The forum images give us a better idea of what the Taycan Targa and Gran Turismo / Sport Turismo may actually look like. We’ve included all the new renderings in an image gallery below.

TaycanForum shares:

The Targa version shows a shorter wheelbase two-door body that features a large glazed glass opening that slides down from the windshield to the rear hatch area.

The Gran Turismo Taycan features a fastback roofline design previewed in recent spy photos which showed that Porsche opted for a sportier roofline and stance than the Mission E Crossover Concept from which it was loosely based.

Source: TaycanForum


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Do Not Read Between The Lines


Just sad.

You might be misinterpreting where the renderings came from.

The renderings came from a fan of Porsche Taycan.
“TaycanForum is proud to bring you a rendered preview of what the Targa Taycan and the Sport Turismo Taycan COULD look like.”

Notice the word “could.” It is just a fan’s interpretation.

There’s a concerted effort to downplay the efforts of non-Tesla EV/PHEV cars. That comment is an example of it.

No need to downplay anything when Tesla are the only ones that actually do something for the planet.

Witness mental illness made manifest

As well as another example…

This oughta get me a bunch of thumbs downs: The Taycan looks nothing like the super cool Mission E. Yet another super rad concept that turns into something completely different (and not in a good way).

No thumbs down from me

I agree; the Taycan and particularly the Grand Sport look great and definitely are the hottest looking EVs you can buy, but they look nothing like the Mission E, which was pure sex. It’s odd the production version ended up being so subdued, when the 918 made it to production basically unchanged from its concept. Oh well – Porsche will still sell a million of them.

Thanks. And to me, the Taycan looks like a Panamera, but I’m sure I’m late to the game with that comment. While not bad looking, the Panamera (and now the Taycan) look LONG and big. The lengthy look takes away from the sportiness, the Mission E looked really cool. Too bad..

No thumbs down from me

The Mission E dimensions are short for a sedan; it has the proportions of a 4-door coupe a-la Rover P5 or Mazda RX8. If you took 5″ out of the Mission E wheelbase and removed its rear doors (which, as suicides, were short to begin with), it would be a proper sports car. Of the two Taycan models, the Grand Sport has the best proportions, as they fit its shooting break styling. I’m holding out hope that Porsche has done a really good job with all that plastic camo and fake pipes, and there’s a more aggressive-looking car underneath. Regardless, Panameras are wildly popular, and if all the Taycan ends up amounting to is a BEV Panamera, they’ll sell like hotcakes.

We’ll see what the Taycan sedan looks like in the production reveal in 2019.

There is no reason to go by a fan’s renderings which is what is being shown in this article.

No thumbs down from me

Sure, but we’re less than a year away from its debut, so it’s not going to look a whole lot different than the most recent spy photos which these rendering are based on. As I said, unless those mules are running heavy, heavy camo (and they may be, as Porsche seems to have eschewed the typical, “we painted wavy lines on it – you definitely can’t tell what it looks like when we paint wavy lines on it” camo, and has gone with some sort of plastic cladding instead), the car is going to look a lot like these renderings. It’s still going to be a great-looking car (especially the Grand Sport, which is as close to the stunning Sport Turismo concept as Porsche has made), but far from the Mission E. It would be nice if Porsche eventually ends up offering a two-door BEV GT that more closely resembles the Mission E, as its proportions are closer to a proper GT than a sedan.

You realised that it was just an fan forums rendering, and I think most people should have figured this out. But the naysayers are acting like the renderings came from Porsche.

This should have been made more clear in the article that the images didn’t come from Porsche.

I think the rendered images are OK, but I don’t particularly like the rear/right side angle renderings.

LOL — it’s just a fan’s rendering of what the vehicles COULD look like.

This didn’t come from Porsche, it came from a fan forum.
Porsche hasn’t revealed the production version yet.

Fan’s rendering of what it could look like. Nothing else.

Production reveal comes in 2019.

Porsche Taycan looks nothing like the great Mission E concept. All spy photos and renderings look like a Panamara. How could Porsche destroy all the excitement. If they don’t want to have cancellation orders on the 20.000 cars. they will need to redo the exterior more like the Mission E. Lets just hope the test cars are just that and the real model is in hiding!