Popular Mechanics Declares Tesla Model 3 Its 2018 Car Of The Year

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The Tesla Model 3 appears front and center in Popular Mechanics lengthy annual awards publication.

Popular Mechanics (PM) suggests that this year may be the beginning of the end when it comes to “cars that make us happy to still be in the driver’s seat.” PM writes:

In the face of imminent autonomy, we explore the unexpected abundance of four-wheel fun.

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Blue Tesla Model 3Despite the fact that many people know of Tesla‘s Autopilot system (for reasons positive and negative), added to the fact that the Tesla Model 3 was designed with full self-driving in mind, it’s not there yet. As far as PM is concerned, this may have paved the way for the Model 3 to earn such high honors this year.

The Model 3 is a mass-market electric car that boasts performance, which puts it in a league of its own. It’s the first car since the 1964 Ford Mustang to garner such mass appeal, with about a half a million pre-paid reservations. Needless to say, Tesla has been unable to chip away at even a fraction of those and it could be years before all variants are available and all orders are filled. PM shares:

The demand makes sense. I try to reserve judgment on any car until I drive it, but the Model 3 sure looks good on paper. Tesla claims zero-to-60 times in the five-second range—unofficially, the first owners are getting into the fours.

You know what else is rear-engine, rear-wheel drive? The Porsche 911. That’s fine company for a car that’s priced like a Buick LaCrosse.Tesla Model 3

The brief review of PM’s Long Range Tesla Model 3 goes on to explain the car’s minimalistic design. Though it was strange at first, it took no time to get used to. Autopilot seemed reliable and provided a pleasant experience. The car is not as mind-blowing as the Model S in terms of acceleration, but its instant torque is seamless and it will easily blow past performance cars with twice the price tag (and with no effort).

While the publication appears pretty enamored overall, it’s clear that the Model 3, like any car, has its flaws. PM suggests that a head-up display would solve the problem of having the speedometer out of the driver’s immediate line of sight. Cost-cutting efforts are clear throughout the vehicle as well. But, these small issues aren’t enough to take the top spot away from the Model 3. PM concludes:

But I think I could live with such compromises. In fact, I know I can, because when I get home, I do something that I’ve never done with any of the other thousands of cars I’ve tested: I put down a deposit. I pay my $1,000 and get in line. Maybe I’m number 450,001. Maybe I’m doing this because I enjoy supporting a guy who builds rockets and shoots cars into orbit. I don’t care. Because unlike almost everyone who’s reserved a Model 3, I’ve actually driven one. I know that it’ll be worth the wait. And while I wait, it makes me happy to think that sometime in 2019, I’ll have the Popular Mechanics Car of the Year in my driveway.

Source: Popular Mechanics

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Well, it’s obvious that Tesla paid to get this award. The writer was also threatened at gun point into making the deposit for TM3….how else can we explain all of this?

The fact that my tablet autocorrected gun point the wrong way is further proof that the Tesla 3 screen will be unreliable and a complete failure.

Why yes, clearly he’s a paid shill. No Tesla car has ever won any real “Best car of the year” award. Just look at the awful panel gaps on that car! And besides, Tesla is about to go bankrupt and their stock is crashing. How could anyone buy a car from a company that’s soon to go out of business?



The post you are replying to is sarcasm…
Paying to win car awards is the general glass half full view by pretty much all in regards to mainstream ICE publications…

Didn’t you hear that buying this award cost Tesla so much, that it drove them into bankruptcy.

I don’t think it was done by intimidation…

It’s more likely the Popular Mechanics test driver is a Tesla Cult member… if so he should have disclosed that in the article… and perhaps also the entire Popular Mechanics Review Board are Tesla Cult members… otherwise how to explain they selected the Tesla Model 3 for 2018 Car Of The Year?

Reading the review, that guy sounds just like Elon’s cousin….very suspicious, I tell you!

Well if he wasn’t before he sure is now .LOL

Don’t forget that according to conspiracy theorists ClownCIE and mental MadBro the Tesla legal department is making independent organizations do and say things that they don’t want to!

Tesla has never paid a penny for marketing. Check their financial reporting. So simply WRONG!!

Can’t wait for the troll fest denizens to try and explain this away.

Their logic will probably rival that of Trump’s tweets on Mueller’s investigation!

A logical and clearly irrefutable choice.
Though I would spend the $200 to put a HUD in it.

I’m surprised that we have not yet seen an IEVs article about someone putting a HUD into their Model 3.

I’m thinking it’s because you get used to the new angle fast and don’t miss it. I would be interested too in seeing data of how many mt3 buyers added a HUD.

Considering that Tesla isn’t at all the first car maker to put the speedometer in the middle instead of behind the steering wheel, and none of those other companies have had to put HUD’s in their cars to make up for it, my guess is that it is a huge non-issue.

I’ve seen a number of them, one by Model 3 owners club, here are the top 5:

As regards the need or advisability of putting one in I think it’s clearly a plus, and not too expensive.
In addition many reviewers believe the main oversight in the UI is the lack of a HUD.

Tesla and PM are jedi mind tricking in believing everything is ok

@Will, “Tesla and PM are jedi mind tricking in believing everything is ok”.

It is NOT okay, unless it killed more than 10 people like the ignition switch in GM cars, then it is Okay.

Though it doesn’t work on giant slugs.

It amazes me that Tesla bashers try to paint this as a negative thing.

How wonderful that Tesla is so pro-active in dealing with every possible problem! Tesla bends over backwards in its service to customers, going far as to do recalls even when “There have been no injuries or accidents due to this component”.

Contrast with other auto makers, who often try to hide problems even when they cause accidents and/or deaths! Don’t you wish other auto makers were more like Tesla, Will?

So thank you for this good news!

Go Tesla!

Facts Are Important…. Tesla Knows A Thing about NDAs too – coincidence?

Tesla stopped this practice once the fed regulators started seeing what Tesla was doing.

‘Federal regulators in the US have started to investigate whether electric car maker Tesla sought confidentiality deals with customers over suspension problems in its Model S sedans.
The US National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) said customers may have been asked to sign non-disclosure agreements following reports of a possible defect causing suspension control arms to break and the driver to lose control of the car.’

Tesla only clarified what was already the case — which was that nothing in any of their non-disclosure agreements ever kept any owners from reporting problems to any gov’t agency.

It is the same stupid tactic that was used to win a presidential election.
Step 1. Target a company (Tesla) that is building one the best and most innovative cars ever.
Step 2. Target great company (Tesla) by childishly repeat negative nonsense about them.
Step 3. Hope that enough people don’t find out how great Tesla cars are, and the good that it will do for clean air, better environment, sustainability and more.

Simply Amazing how some humans rationalize getting in the way of a company doing good for humanity.

May God give them the wisdom to see, and courage to change and help humanity.

Yes I’m sure it will be very popular among mechanics, it will give them lots of jobs!

You don’t have to worry yourself so much Some Troll Out There since you are neither a mechanic, nor popular and will probably never own a Tesla.

In actuality it’s quite the contrary as are many of the views expressed here by you. I suppose in some ways our monikers inform our comments.

The Model 3 is the second EV to win this award. These are the previous winners:
Chevy Bolt in 2017
Chevy Camaro in 2016
VW GTI in 2015
Mazda6 in 2014
Ford Escape in 2013

Two years in a row with an EV getting top honors in such a big mainstream publication. That’s great!

What electric vehicle is coming out next year that could grab the honors? Volvo XC40 electric?

The first company who manages to build an affordable AWD pure electric SUV/CUV would probably win hands down.

With demand for sedans declining and yet the M3 has incredible demand, it seems safe to say so.

Congrats to Tesla, well deserved. I got to see a Model 3 in person and sit in it for bit. Was actually impressed with the interior. The screen seemed well placed, but I think Tesla should offer classes and maybe live online webinars on how to use the UI. It seemed fairly complex, and not very intuitive at first. The car is much better looking in person, than in pictures. I didn’t really like not having basic mechanical latches for the trunk and hood, and glove box, and needing to use the screen. But maybe if they added a smartwatch app that allowed you to simply pass the watch near them to open? They make great products overall, but seem to over complicate things that should be simple. Wish they would make a $20k EV, with just basic features and not a lot of unnecessary fancy tech. By 2020, I’ll see what they have to offer for the Model 3, and hopefully some options will be more alacart and not all bundled together. In the meantime, I did sign up to get notified when the Model 3 will be available for a test drive. I’m not shelling out any cash… Read more »

Thanks to Popular Mechanics for taking the right choice. Model-3 is a great car, what a cool dashboard and no keys, just the card to open the doors.

…and this is before the AWD and “P” versions are available.

I’ll save everyone some time… Background and Credentials ‘Ezra Dyer is an award-winning automotive writer and columnist who has written for Esquire, The New York Times, Men’s Journal and, most recently, Automobile. He has also worked as a writer and guest host on Speed Channel’s The Car Show and he produces videos for Yahoo! Autos. Outside the realm of cars, Dyer writes a humor column for The Improper Bostonian magazine and has critiqued celebrity sartorial choices as a member of US Weekly’s Fashion Police.’ Journalistic Credentials (from the PM article) ‘ I immediately get into a drag race with a frustrated day trader in a Mercedes S550, which the Tesla casually dusts until I back off and he goes screaming past. I take a moment to ponder what happened. I launched effortlessly, with instant torque and total traction, no gears to shift’ — No constructive comments about reliability — No constructive comments about the operating conditions of AutoPilot — No constructive comments about rear seat comfort The assessment from Ezra Dyer speaks volumes for it’s casual assessment based on casual insights that demonstrate very little educated consideration. I would trust Pushmi-Pullyu for a more balanced perspective on the Model 3… Read more »

Rear seat comfort- what % of buyers would be bothered too much about that?
Get it re-upholstered if it bothers you that much!
Cost- next to bugger-all.

Reliability? That takes at least a year of driving to assess- maybe more. WTF RU blabbing about?

When BMW’s Z8 was produced, it had all its instruments in the center of the dash just like the model 3. I own a Model X and so tired of the autopilot stuff. It is like any other assistant in other car companies. It is just a name .

Mini Cooper has the middle speedo too. Non issue.

You know what other car is rear-engine, rear-wheel drive? The Corvair. The i-MiEV. The Beetle. C’mon Popular Mechanics. You can do better than that.

A glowing review from a gearhead ’nuff said.

Maybe instead of a speedo HUD Tesla can OTA a Speed warning Voice Nag, something like ” you have now exceeded the speed limit, further disobedience will get you a speeding ticket or Demerit” , “DANGER COP AHEAD !”