Which Electric SUV Would You Buy? I-Pace, Model X Or Kona – Take Our Poll


Jaguar I-Pace

With the newly revealed Hyundai Kona Electric and Jaguar I-Pace, we wonder which would you buy (we’ve included the Tesla Model X) if price didn’t matter.

Let’s say you’re in the market for a long-range electric SUV. Your priorities are that it seats at least 5 and has more than 200 miles of range. Well, your options are limited right now and you’ll still have to wait awhile for the Kona Electric and I-Pace to become available, but which of the three would you choose?

Hyundai Kona Electric

We’ve added the Model X in because it meets the above criteria, though it’s been on the market for quite some time now.

Tesla Model X

Before selecting an answer, take a look back at our detailed debut posts of both the Kona Electric and I-Pace for a refresher on specs and other important details.

Hyundai Kona Electric – Everything We Know – Plus Videos Galore

Jaguar I-Pace Debuts With 240 Miles Of Range, 90 kWh Battery

Tesla Model X Info

Money no object, which electric SUV would you buy?

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102 Comments on "Which Electric SUV Would You Buy? I-Pace, Model X Or Kona – Take Our Poll"

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Whichever has the fastest and most available DCFC.


Right, but also 3-phase AC charging capability is essential for me.

Tim J

Are you incapable of charging at home?


I can’t charge at home if I’m 175 miles away, can you???

WTF is your point? Or are you that stupid?


His point was that it was one of a number of minor issues, and one that I agree with him.
Does you no good to have the fastest charger if you can not access it.

Me? I take the MX, since $ for $, it offers the most.


and BTW, being rude and calling ppl names, really does not get you far in life.

Mr. Turner

Not so sure. You can be President of the US.


Only in reply to obviously unhelpful sarcasm


Cost is never no object so the whole premis is silly, but that being said I would take the model X and promptly sell it.


As far as brands, I would have voted for Tesla but I would want to deal with the hassles and future costs associated with those problematic rear doors.



Doors, especially when warranty runs out, were an issue for me when considering X. That said, even the ability to drive more safely and functionally using buttons/knobs doesn’t offset the lack of charging, and the extra ~50 miles a 100X would provide.

With Porsche’s news this week, that it intends only dealership DCFC chargers for its Mission E, it looks more possible infrastructure won’t get the shot it needs. I mean, C’mon. VWG has to spend >1billion on US chargers, and its going with Porsche dealerships??

I see board rooms, looking at Plugshare DCFC and saying, “That’ll do”. It won’t, and they are about to find out why.


Where did you read this that chargers are coming to Porsche dealerships only?

I don’t know for sure and would like to know, but the first thought is that it is yet another typical cult legend to trash competitors and boost believers morals.


Says the Tesla Hater cultist and Fool Cell fanboy. 🙄


Porsche decided to build new chargers at their dealerships. That has nothing to do with VWs effort in bringing charging stations. Two different things.


U misread the DCFC. It said that Porsche will bring them to all dealers in America. It did not say that it would not bring them elsewhere. Just their early focus will be on one of the WORST locations (dealers of luxury vehicles? city only).


Not sure I get your point. Jag didn’t say they wouldn’t install 800V chargers, on highways, either.

VW’s diesel-gate settlement had to have approval, but my understanding isn’t that anyone is stopping them from Porsche-compatible highway charging. Why not adjacent stations, that can do 800v (~350kw)?


how funny.
Talking to many X owners and none of them have had issues with the rear doors.

Oddly, I have heard more issues about their door sealing and creating noise, than the doors. In fact, I have heard only 1 person have issues with the FWD, while everybody else has praised them, esp in the rain/snow.


That Jaguar i Pace is a great looking vehicle. Electric or not I love it. Given that it is a nearly 400 hp electric car with 90 kwh battery I would love it. The price has me worried though. Make it around 40k and give it 250 hp and I would be all in.


Spot on. Perhaps a bit more, because of Jaguar brand etc… Now in Europe base version starts at 75,000 EUR ….


I-Pace is easily the best looking, but no way am I paying $80k+ for a “city” EV with basically zero charging network.


You mean zero proprietary charging network? There are lots of other 3rd party chargers for the Jaguar.


But that should be understood, by first time Jag BEV owners. Plugshare, is perhaps best at illustrating available fast-chargers. They show tow things:

1 – Comments: How often has someone logged a “station broken”, or “would only charge at 25kw” comment.

2 – Number of CCS plugs: Many having a bubble on the map, feature only one plug. This can mean waiting, or being SOL, or worse when it forces someone low in range to triangulate to level 2 charging, where miles load at ~18 per hour.

This whole community knows what “Plan B” means, and it can suck.


“two” things


From article: “Let’s say you’re in the market for a long-range electric SUV…”

The ONLY truly long-range electric SUV is the one with access to a robust convenient and reliable supercharging network for those occasional long distance trips… the Tesla Model X.


Depends how you define long range. To some it may be 200 miles, to others maybe 400 miles.

How would you personally define long range?


Being able to go anywhere I like without worrying about being able to actually get there.




Driving the I-Pace (that has a range of ~190 miles @ highway speed) from LA to Vegas (~270 miles highway distance) requires a trip charge… good luck with that. Tesla Model X would also require a trip charge but there are several Tesla Supercharging locations along the way (~20min charge while grabbing a bite to eat)… and the Vegas hotel you stay at likely has a few Tesla Destination Chargers so leave the hotel next day with a full charge. So what’s that charging convenience worth?


I went for the X, because it’s a known quantity.


oh, and 500 miles LR, but I drove for a living.

Warren M

Yup, even the X5 40e with limited EV range has a total range of over 500 miles. So to that buyer, 300 miles of the Tesla with the hassle of charging might seem inadequate. Yet that person might have a daily commute to work of 14 miles total, so that car’s EV range is perfectly suitable during the weekdays, where slow city traffic would normally be poor MPG while on petrol. Each person has their own needs, so its hard to make blanket statements.


True. The only SUV for your wife is the Tesla.
No one else actually has a high speed charging network.


Money is no object makes for a useless poll.

If they would produce enough Kona’s to meet demand they would sell far more than Tesla sells Model Xs and Jaguar sells iPaces.

But they won’t, it will likely have extremely limited availability in the US just like the Ioniq EV.


+1. Let’s have the survey with “money an object” and see what it looks like. I’m thinking Kona by a Long way.

Someone out there

The best one is undoubtedly the Jag but I think the Kona is more in my price range. The model X doesn’t interest me at all. I don’t want the hassle with a Tesla.


I prefer the hassle with a Tesla than the hassle with a non-existing DCFC network.


When you say hassle are you talking about reliability?

If so consider that Jaguar is another luxury brand rated poor in reliability working on improving that.


“When you say hassle are you talking about reliability?”

“Somewhere out there” has established himself as a serial Tesla basher. Don’t look for any actual reason or facts behind his Tesla bashing; it’s just part of his FUD agenda.


I would like AWD, so the Kona is out. Between the Tesla and iPace, the high required service charges and funky doors of the Tesla (let alone price) drop that. So iPace for the win.


With AWD the Kona would be all the car I need. Without it it is off the table. The model X is way too big and the Falcon Doors are just silly. That leaves the Jaguar, which is also good looking and I bet it will be fun to drive.

Chris Stork

I still don’t understand why people are comparing the I-Pace to the Model X. I-Pace is a five-seat hatchback; that’s a Model S. What exactly makes it a S/C/XUV? A slightly higher roof line? A slightly higher ride? Just a chunkier look? None of them are what I would consider off-road capable, but then again a lot of modern xUVs aren’t off-road capable, they’re just sedans with the mumps.

All-Purpose Guru

It’s not even a Model S. It’s the same size as the Model 3.

Model S is 198″ long, Model 3 is 183, the I-Pace is 184.

Jeff Songster

definitely true about size…sat in iPace at LA show… small cabin. Crowded feel. Chose the Model X and after 4 years of Nissan LEAF 100 miler there’s no going back. 100D and the SuperCharger Net are fantastic. My wife and I are getting ready to go x country in it and after a few 400 mile test runs and a glance at the supercharger and destination charger map it looks easy.


Nobody cares about “proper” off-road capabilities or SUV abbreviations but few enthusiasts and even fewer people in remote wild locations.

All of these are city cars and 90% will not see off road in their life until junkyard. Model X including. It can’t even tow on highway trips for all practical purposes.

Higher seating position and SUV styling is all what is needed to sell in this part of the market, and it sells.


the X tows just fine.
You have to buy the package or add a hitch yourself.
And unlike the rest, it actually has the ability to hit the tesla stations even while towing.

John M

This time I have to agree with you Mr. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


The Kona would be my choice, at least at this point. It’s not a theoretical question for me. I have a Spark EV that I will turn in at end of lease a year from now, and with solar on our roof I won’t buy anything that doesn’t plug in.


I wouldn’t buy from a luxury brand so Hyundai for me.


Unfortunately- this poll underscores the lack of choices in the EV segment. Taking 3 different sized really not SUV and comparing them.
A Better question, what do you want?: a FWD Hatchback, AWD Sportswagon, or fancy door minivan?


Tesla X is no minivan.


And why care if it is called a minivan?

People get all wrapped around the axle by labels and perceptions.

John M

Please elaborate on that.


While the category that an auto maker assigns to one or another of its models often seems to be rather arbitrary, and often appears to have far more to do with marketing than reality (for example, Chevrolet calls Bolt EV a “crossover” …really??), at the same time it’s hard to see how anyone could confuse a Tesla Model X with a minivan. The Model X is neither long enough to qualify, nor does it have the flat roofline which (correct me if I’m wrong) all minivans have, without exception. For example:

comment image


Poll issue. I only saw the “money no object” part at the end, as I only read the headline.


The Kona is the only one small enough to be interesting to me. Then again, I’m not typically interested in SUVs.


Where is the box for…Would Rather Walk Than Buy an SUV?

George Bower

I don’t know. I was going to vote for the Kona cuz I can’t afford the Tesla, but Mark threw in the “if money were no object” so obviously I would have to vote for the Model X………………so I guess I’m not voting.


These seem more like CUVs than true SUVs – Especially the Kona. I would rather have the Niro EV than the Kona it looks to have more useful cargo space behind the back seat. Funny how some compact CUVs can’t do much offroad and do not have less utility in their cabin.

The X is actually available today though and if money were no object put me in for one. The Jag is great looking too but my hunch is the first ones off the line may have some issues to sort out just like the X did at first.

Also besides having the best charging network the X has lots of useful cabin space compared to these others.


What is a “true SUV”?


For one thing, a true SUV is built on a light truck frame, not a lighter passenger car frame and suspension. A true SUV also has the higher ground clearance and heavier suspension of a light truck.

Many CUVs are now being labeled as “SUV” by the auto maker, for marketing purposes. I guess they sell better that way, or at least the auto maker thinks they will.

It’s a similar situation with the Bolt EV being labeled a “crossover” for marketing purposes, despite the fact it’s pretty clearly a hatchback.

John M

The Model X is what the british call a people-carrier.


The three vehicles are financially apart like a day and night … flawed poll, if you ask me. Or did you mean to say … if your budget is limitless??


Money, being an object, I’ve got to go with the Kona I could afford.


Ok this will fire up the EV pursist but if money is factored in I would chose the Outlander PHEV. It could probably replace our household’s largest vehicle but the Kona could not. That vehicle has opportunity to charge in the day between errands and the AER would cover daily driving. We would save more gas with it because the Kona would replace our most efficient vehicle which is more than twice as efficient as the vehicle the outlander would replace.


Also like the X do not have to wait for the Outlander you can iwn it today.


Kona virtually not available outside SK.

TMX is too expensive for 99% of buyers and has silly doors.

I-Pace is too expensive for 98% of buyers.

Vote for your least obtainable car !


Tesla X, because it can tow a trailer. Of course, there’s the convenience of superchargers as well.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

The X.

I’ve been at too many Chad/CCS DCFC’s where if there were 2 stations, either one was not working or it’s filled with free charging peeps. Many more are just single stations with a line from free charging folks with dual Chad/CCS stations.
Free charging SUCKZ!!!

The Supercharger network for me.


I would buy the Tesla X hands down but the shuttering problem has me very concerned.I discovered this issue just before I was going to write the check. I feel the fix is to drop the five levels of air lift in the suspension. Just my opinion. Tesla is the only one to do it right on the superchargers at the moment.


Kona is an SUV? Same size as a Bolt but it’s lower. Its a 164″ sub compact with SUV styling elements.

MTN Ranger

No more an SUV than the Bolt EV, especially since neither offers AWD. Kona doesn’t belong on this list.


The Kia Niro probably, since it’s slightly bigger than the kona. They’ve started taking orders for them in SK.


Money no object, definitely the i-Pace. Real world, definitely the KONA out of those three.


Charging network


Money no object… I can only dream.
i-Pace, because I like the interior best.
Tesla, because I want to support their effort to change the world.
Kona, because to me, money does matter.

Paul Stoller

You need a none of the above option, no towing on the non Tesla’s and the X is too expensive and cost aside it still has those stupid, gimmicky fw doors.

ABE Fluence

Neither of them. I prefer my fluence ze with a big battery. I hope the chinese shop next to me sell one or cells, becouse Renault doesn’t mind. Waiting….


Why not offer the PHEVs as an option such as the Outlander PHEV, the X5 xDrive40e, Cayenne S-E, etc as an option, maybe a second poll?


Is the Kona really an SUV? With no AWD option, it’s not really in the same class I’d say.


What is an SUV, other than a stylistic marketing exercise?


An SUV is a minivan or station wagon which has been jacked up on a light truck frame, and has been squashed somewhat back-to-front, making it a taller vehicle with a shorter wheelbase.

In America, SUVs appeal to women because they (consciously or subconsciously) view driving and the roads as dangerous, and the “tough-looking” (or “mean-looking”) SUV style makes them feel safer. The higher seating position also helps shorter drivers see better, and of course women on average tend to be shorter, so there is a practical reason in addition to the illogical emotional motive.

In America, there is a wholly illogical cultural trend towards men thinking that driving a minivan “isn’t manly”, and they would far rather be seen driving a “macho” SUV.

As a result, almost no auto maker is still offering a minivan in the American market. I think Chrysler is the only one left? And for a similar causes, few if any American-make car models are station wagons these days. Almost all have been replaced by SUVs and CUVs.


Which one of these SUVs can I buy at Home Depot or Lowe’s?

A one stop shopping experience is what I want
for my car and home!

Batteries included, and
No Stealership required!


Even money, the X is best, and definitely X over the unproven Jaguar. I have 6 years of driving a first-gen Tesla battery and drivetrain in our RAV and both still run like a champ. Like the size of the Hyundai, but not crazy about the goofy Hyundai looks.


As with all expensive luxury cars, maintenance is expensive. From parts to over priced oil changes. EV’s break part of that mold as expenses are less, especially maintenance. But if you still buy an expensive version of any car the parts will always be expensive. In other words, a $35,000 car parts will be less than $100,000 car parts. That is why most people can not afford expensive cars. If you buy a used $100,000 car for $50,000, the parts are still for a $100,000 not a $50,000 car.

Tim Miser

How can money not be an object if you have to buy it?

Big Show

Partly because someday you might be able to buy a used Model X or I-Pace at a comparable price to a new Kona. At that point, it really does become a question of which one is the best for you. A used EV isn’t like a used ICE. For example, the Porsche my co-worker bought spends half its time in the shop, and the rest of the time he can barely afford the gas it guzzles down 😉

Tim Miser

My 4 year old leaf could only go 40 miles in the winter. A 4 year old ICE would still be like new.


I think they are targeting the poll to car thieves…..



This is a marketing bait by Tesla. Elon Musk asked the board to give him multibillion dollar pay just now. It’s a marketing company.


So you think the financial targets that he has to hit to get that money will be easy?

It cracks me up that you guys pretend at the very same time that Elon is just being handed easy money for massively growing Tesla, while still posting nonsense like Tesla will go bankrupt and close their doors.

So which is it? Is Elon on easy street because Tesla’s business will easily be so successful that he will hit those huge growth targets easily? Or will Tesla crash and burn?

Because it can’t be both.


The jag is the best looking of the three. And none of them is an SUV. Can we please stop falling for the marketing machine?


You fell for the marketing machine, as evidenced by your “none of them is an SUV” comment.


SUV – A station wagon with a slightly higher roofline

Minivan – A station wagon with a slightly higher roof line and shorter front end


I voted for Model X only for the Superchargers, if Jaguar has similar charging options I would go for the I pace, better looking than the ugly Model X


Money is always an object. If they were free, I would take the Model X. If I had to pay, I would buy the Kona.

Actually, I would like to buy my wife a Kia Niro, which is similar to the Hyundai Kona, but not listed. She has a Kia Sorrento and is happy with it, but I want to go electric.


Show me how the iPace or Kona have learned from Tesla, and gone one better than Tesla, then I’ll pick them. But Tesla goes one better than all the rest, whether it is commitment to charging infrastructure, trying to redefine the interior and controls of their cars, or just trying something different with the Falcon Wing doors. They show what an EV can be, they show what an EV should be. No obsolete engine bay full of electronics that can/should be moved to better locations, lots of practical ideas to improve the driving experience, not scared to give it a go.
Maybe that’s only good for people who like to be on the edge, but for companies that make $bil profits, they sure are giving them a run for their money.


And the only other manufacturer to come close is BMW with their i3. Like Tesla, they took a completely fresh look at how the car should be built, how it should look, how it should work and how eventually it should be disposed of.


Model Y AWD.

Will probably be for sale around the same time as the iPace AWD or Kona AWD anyways.


How do you figure? The Kona EV and I-Pace hit the market this year. The Model Y? Probably 2022, after applying Elon time.

Marshal G

Model Y I think would suit most people. As great as the Model 3 is, I need more of a hatchback. I just hope I can hold out long enough with my Leaf


Why make it a BEVs only list?

I think the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV should be on that list too!


Marshal G

Tesla supercharger network makes the X the only attractive purchase. Anybody who says Porsche dealership chargers are the same obviously doesn’t own an EV and has never waited for a “fast” charge. Do you want to spend 30 minutes to an hour at a car dealership on a long trip? Most are in out of the way places with no amenities in walking distance. Also dealerships aren’t going to want to dedicate more than 1 or 2 parking spots, because that real estates is their life blood. It’s a good first start that should have been done 6 years ago like Nissan did. If they sell more than compliance levels of cars then that will clog up quickly, trust me.


Living in the UK I would choose the Tesla.
Certainly the I-Pace is a good design but far too expensive. The Kona would be my second choice because of affordability

Tesla’s big plus for me is their attitude to service via Mobile / Service Centres. Then their commitment to OTA upgrades, often at no cost. In the U.K. dealers would go broke without an income via the service department and have a long way to go before their customer service philosophy matches Tesla