Plug-in Market Share in Netherlands Approaches 20% in December – Outlander PHEV Dominates

JAN 3 2014 BY MARK KANE 14

Outlander PHEV

Outlander PHEV

Powered by strong government incentives, sales of plug-in electric cars in the Netherlands seem to exceed 15% market share in December and appear on the way to 20%.

However, it will be hard to replicate such results after incentives ends (we believe with the end of 2013) and pre-order lists for some models dry-up.

The absolute hit in the Netherlands is the Mitsubishi Outlander, which had 4,988 registrations in December and 12.7% market share. The bulk of them were PHEV, maybe even 99% like in November, which would bring several new world records. December results for the PHEV Outlander should be by about 2,000 units higher than the 2,736 in November.

Update: 4,976 of the Outlander PHEV registrations in December were plug-ins.

Anyways, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is number one in Netherlands for the second month in a row. Volvo V40 and Volvo V60 are second (2,158) and third (2,082) respectively with over 5% market share. Again we don’t know how many V60 Plug-ins are among all V60, but it also could be most of them. Maybe 2,000?

In second for plug-ins and #10 overall, we see the Opel Ampera with 703 registrations and 1.8% market share. Ending incentives probably also had effect on this model because average monthly sales for the year is way lower. In the whole of 2013, Opel sold just 2,207 Amperas.

Then we have the Tesla Model S. Place #20, 578 units and 1.5% market share. YTD stands at 1,194.

BMW i3

BMW i3

The numbers are falling along the table, but the rest of the results are still interesting. BMW i3 for example outsold Renault ZOE and Nissan LEAF. i3 had 225 registrations and 0.6% market share and this is the first significant month for i3, because YTD are at 252.

Renault ZOE is now the third best selling fully-electric car.  With 205, ZOE has 0.5% of the market. YTD is at 547.

Nissan LEAF did not shine as bright this time  with just 110 in December and 0.3% market share. 462 YTD.

The last one that we have found is Citroen C-Zero with 21 units and 0.1%. 29 YTD indicating that even this car surged in December.

We don’t know have precise sales results for the Toyota Prius, which at about 1,000 units sold should have a few hundreds of the Plug-In version and maybe 1% of market share. We also don’t know have electric smart orVW e-up! numbers yet.

Summing it all up, all we see over 20% market share for plug-in vehicles, which mean that one out of five new cars has a charging inlet. The accurate number remains unknown at this time due to lack of data.

Source: Best Selling Cars

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Can’t wait for this to come to the US.


What are the incentives, and why are they ending?


The incentives… Without going into too much detail, since it is fairly complicated, boil down to the fact the the total cost of ownership is more than halved, considered over a five year period. It is still possible in 2014, but you now need to add 4-7% of the car’s value to your income and pay taxes over it. It is all part of a government initiative to promote lower emissions.


Thanks Rene!

Seems like it’s having an effect… The Dutch have broken multiple EV world records this month! maybe it will cause the government to revert to the sweeter deal? Or no chance?

Martin Tesar

Must be the only well educated and intelligent place left on the planet 🙂


So when are the Netherlands going to stop using fossil fuels for generating electricity?

My figures are a bit outdated so I would appreciate if someone has a good source for new statistics for the dutch electricity generation (including import sources).

But the best ones I have says 95% fossil fuels… I hope it has changed a lot in the last 4 years or so. It makes the cars a lot less clean right now.


Looks like you’re right, and not much has changed. The numbers I found tell me It’s about 28% coal and the rest is natural gas.


I checked the numbers on dutch official statistics agencies and it seems like it’s 96% fossil fuels in overall energy use and 89,5% fossil fuels in their electricity.

Hopefully they will change that soon. But unfortunately the cars would have done greater good in other places. Oh well, there might be someone from Norway, France, Belgium or Sweden importing some of the used Netherland plug-ins in the future…


Currently renewable is small but target for 2020 is 14%. They are putting 10000 MW of wind by 2022 and closing down 3 coal plants by 2015. Hopefully by 2022 all EV will run on clean energy 🙂

Ocean Railroader

What would also fuel these sales is that the Netherlands has $10.00 a gallon gas which would help writing the rules in terms of picking a plug in car over a regular gas car.


It’s 8-9 dollars/gallon in (almost) all of europe. And it’s where the price should be unlike the extremely cheap US prices.

10 dollars per gallon in the US would really speed up the progress.

Dan Frederiksen

Wow, that’s a crazy market share. Even though it might be an artificial squeeze by a deadline.
That should wake up some dead heads among automakers.


Damn… 23,8% market share…. That’s insane!


In this instance we can look to the Netherlands as
world leader. For this they can be very proud. Hopefully
input from admirers world over can generate competition
as racing series like F1 and Formula E historically tend
to stir up healthy natural rivalry.

The USA pales in competition with country for the
cleanest, lowest impact energy generation, and
it appears the Dutch now also need to begin
focusing on the power sources for their numerous
electric cars.