Plug-In Electric Car Sales Driven Up By Tesla In Netherlands

JUL 11 2018 BY MARK KANE 15

The Netherlands closes out the first half of the year at high gains in plug-in electric car sales – 131% year-over-year at an average market share of 3.6%.

In June, some 2,309 plug-in were sold in the country (up 141%) at a high 4.9% market share, which is the best result in the past 18 months.

The majority of sales come from all-electric models – the top eight models are BEVs:

  • Tesla Model S – 650 (1,763 YTD)
  • Nissan LEAF – 251 (1,242 YTD)
  • Volkswagen e-Golf – 144 (1,180 YTD)
  • Tesla Model X – 475 (1,045 YTD)
  • Hyundai IONIQ Electric – 101 (797 YTD)
  • BMW i3 – 156 (641 YTD)
  • Renault ZOE – 130 (561 YTD)
  • Opel Ampera-e – 75 (524 YTD)

Interesting is that Tesla becomes the biggest player in the Netherlands with 1,125 sales in June (more than Audi sold of all of its vehicles).

The Model S is #1 EV and almost outsold the BMW 5-series for the first half of the year (2,050). On the other hand, Tesla Model X is the most popular SUV – the second best Volvo XC90 noted only 533 in six months (including 33 T8 PHEV).

Plug-in electric car sales in the Netherlands – June 2018 (Source: EV Sales Blog)

Historically, sales in the Netherlands were better in the past, which was related to generous incentives and rushes when those incentives were ending. Now it’s a little more organic growth up from the bottom.

Plug-in electric car sales in the Netherlands – June 2018

Source: EV Sales Blog

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The demand for €50,000+ EV’s will decrease as from 2019.

By how much?

At least by about 50%, I guess.

But the overall demand for EV’s will increase in 2019, it might even be twice as much as in 2018.

Extra info: because of a tax incentive that ends by 2019. The amount over € 50k will be taxed like a regular car (21%) and the part below €50k will be taxed 4%.

Then Tesla Sales will fall below zero

Like your brain?

No, because cars registered before 2019 will maintain that 5 year 4% tax disc. It’s only for cars registered after 1-1-2019. That also applies to the Jaguar i-pace and audi e-tron which are over 80k euro.

Of not here is that Tesla will start shipping the Model 3 in 2019, and that car with long range, without premium would fall under that 50k euro threshold. Also, it is still cheaper to drive a model 3 with premium over other cars as only the part above 50k is taxed at 22%.

So a say 70,000 Euro Tesla will become more expensive Euro than before by 3,400, but still get an incentive of 8,500 Euro over a combustion car? Doesn’t sound too bad…

Previous spikes were the removal of the incentives for PHEV.
The incentives for BEV did not change much.
The incentives are mainly for company cars made available to employees as benefit in kind. That is about half the new car sales in the Netherlands, mostly the bigger models. Limiting the incentive to the first €50,000 makes the Model S not longer cheaper than the VW-Golf GTI, but stil more attractive than a VW-Passat.

The main problem is still lack of knowledge by the general public how cheap an electric car is compared to the ICE competition.
Tesla’s biggest problem is not enough stores to sell their cars.
There will be a slight spike in Model S&X when the new tax regime goes into effect. But no long term consequences.

Another Euro point of view

“The main problem is still lack of knowledge by the general public how cheap an electric car is compared to the ICE competition”. As a second family car yes, and then only if it is a second hand EV (like a Leaf). if not, either it is expensive in absolute terms (Tesla) or it depreciates like a brick (the other EVs). So only “cheap” proposition is a second hand EV that will often have so short a range that many need to keep an ICE anyway, so as I wrote, cheap only if used as a second family car that is needed anyway.

What a load of bull crap! You call your car that you take 90% of your trips a second car? Teslas can go pretty much anywhere with their charging network. It’s no surprise, you don’t drive ev so how would you know.

Another Euro point of view

OK, and a Tesla is cheap then ?

Compared to the other ev brand that has similar tech and a fast charging network… i forgot its name, help me out here…

Another Euro point of view

So it’s not, no need of so many words.

So the BMW 5-series outsold the Model S even it’s way more expensive after tax

That will change too! Yesterday, a new national policy was published with massive change in policy towards bevs.

Details please