Plug-In Electric Car Sales To Surpass 500,000 This Month In California

NOV 9 2018 BY MARK KANE 15

The 500,000th plug-in electric car should be sold right about now.

Because of the Tesla Model 3 sales tsunami, California experienced a high acceleration of plug-in electric car sales in the past few months. In April, the state celebrated 400,000 cumulative sales, and in November it will be 500,000!

October 2018 ended with 491,001 sales, which was 48.1% of the total in the U.S. (1,020,317) according to Veloz. It means that less than 9,000 were needed to hit the 500,000-unit mark and it that should be achieved right around now.

“Veloz—a first-of-its-kind public-private coalition of major electric car industry stakeholders—is eagerly anticipating California achieving its 500,000th electric car sale. The organization, which closely tracks advancements in the industry, launched the “Electric For All” awareness campaign to boost electric car awareness and purchase intent even more.”

This year, California notes a very high share in total U.S. plug-in sales – 60.9% after the first ten months of 2018 (161,825 out of 265,882).

The other stats include:

  • 18,151 charging points
  • 35 hydrogen stations
  • 41 models available

We need to add one important note here that having 500,000 cars sold sine 2010, doesn’t mean there is 500,000 cars on the roads as many sold were to out-of-staters and others are off the road for various reasons.

“Veloz has its finger on the pulse of California’s electric car market and its latest monthly report on sales and infrastructure shows that this month the state will sell its 500,000th electric car. As of the just-released numbers, the state has just under 9,000 sales to go before it hits the goal. The data is aggregated from a number of trusted sources and packaged in an easy to read and share “sales dashboard.” Graphics embedded below.”

“September electric car sales for the nation more than doubled from a year ago. And the Tesla Model 3 is now the fourth-best-selling passenger car in the U.S. But, even with California capturing almost 50 percent of national electric car market, almost 70 percent of counties across the state received a failing grade for ozone pollution caused by tailpipe emissions.”

Josh Boone, executive director of Veloz said

“It’s clear Californians are embracing the electric car. Sales have skyrocketed in the last three months—bringing us to the brink of the half-million electric car sales mark—but more needs to be done. This is why Veloz’s ‘Electric For All’ public awareness campaign is inspiring consumers to make the jump to electric transportation. Electric cars are simply amazing and the experience is delightful – they are fun, fast, quiet and clean.”

“Electric cars are the new cool. With this campaign, more Californians will know about and experience them. And, like these half-million people, many, many more will fall in love with a better way to drive.”

Plug-in electric car sales in California

Source: Veloz

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How nice.

Add in the total number of hybrids sold in California too.
This may explain the surplus in gas supplies nation wide, as California is the biggest market for cars.
Tipping Point. The oil industry should see this as a sign to put 51% of CAPEX into Wind, Solar, and Battery Storage for future growth.

It may also explain the possible kickbacks to the auto industry, from oil, to just advertise Pickup Trucks.

It’s part of it. Oil is getting hammered since Saudi and Russian increased production in anticipation of constraints placed on Iran crude. Then Trump pulled the rug out from under them by granting waivers to the top 8 consumers of Iran oil, so as not to disrupt the market. Also U.S, production is up to the highest levels ever as demand falls.

Is not Trump waiver, is that the world does not care about the crazy man policies of isolation.

It’s not about “the crazy man policies of isolation” it is about “Supply & Demand”.

California dealer association releases quarterly figures on cars, truck etc sales. Penetration rates vary between the coastal regions and central valley. There is a high number of teslas driving around in bay area, coastal LA and SD, Orange county.

Including plug-in electrics, electric car sales were a little above six percent (6.2) in the second quarter.

“California dealer association releases quarterly figures on cars, truck etc sales.”

I think you are referring to the California New Car Dealer Assoc. at While their info is interesting it makes you realize how spoiled we are by IEV. Here we are almost half way through Q4 and CNCDA’s most recent Info seems to be from June.

Another source of data you might be interested in is

….actually I meant

“October 2018 ended with 491,001 sales, which was 48.1% of the total in the U.S.”

I demand a recount! …not funny? Ok.

I suspect we might be a day or two early unless you’re expecting 50k o lugins this month. 60% of 50k would be 30k for CA per month or 1k per day so the additional 9 k by the 9th of Nov. if Nov’s total is ~40k then we would expect to hit that on Monday. Hopefully you’re right.

Didn’t you bury the lead: In October, the US reached 1000000 EVs!

For every model S, 3, or X sold, there is an ICE carmaker who loses a new car deal. It will occur to these makers sooner or later that they are losing market share in these segments . And, it may already be too late for some to respond.

However, the real danger for these ICE makers is if Tesla decides to enter the $20,000 family sedan segment and can produce affordable cars…then it’s curtains for most of them.

BMW, MB and Audi are already feeling it big-time in the US. Once Tesla introduces the Model Y — the big 3 German brands will be in HUGE trouble in the US……


“35 hydrogen stations”

Are plug in cars how exactly????

I doubt that many people from out of state but EVs in California. The sales tax is among the highest and California doesn’t care if you are taking the car out of the state. You won’t get the sales tax back.

Even Tesla has almost no out of state buyers even though the cars are made in California and buyers want to pick the car up and take a factory tour.