“Panic in Detroit” Sets Dragster 1/4 Mile Run Record – 7.24 @ 186mph – Video

AUG 9 2016 BY MARK KANE 19

"Panic in Detroit" at DC Plasma Racing video channel

“Panic in Detroit” at DC Plasma Racing video channel

Panic in Detroit… is the name of an electric dragster.  A dragster which recently set a new record 1/4 mile run at Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown TX.

The result: 7.24 seconds @ 186 mph (299 km/h).

8,000 amps really could induse panic in Detroit, an area known for its ‘traditional’ automotive offerings .

The previous record was held by the Swamp Rat 37, Dragster – 7.274 @ 185.60 mph.

Quickest and Fastest EV Dragster 7.24 186mph
This is our all electric dragster “Panic in Detroit” we were pushing 8000amps through four 9″ motors designed to 200amps continuous. We made 3000ftlbs torque off the line, equaling zero to 60 miles per hour in 1.0 second flat. We crossed the line for the fastest single 1/4 mile run by a 4 wheel electric dragser at 7.24 seconds and 186mph. This was at Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown TX in July 2016. This is the Gopro footage of that run. Find us on facebook at Lonestar EV Racing Team or Lonestar EV Performance. on the web at ampahaulic dot com. Thanks for those teammates who came out, Nathan, Kevin Douglass. John Metric Owner/Driver”


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84 year-old drag race legend, Don Garlits is trying to top 200mph on a 1/4 mile run in his electric dragster. So far, he’s failed at his attempts. I’m pulling for him to end his career with such a notable milestone.

These guys may get there first.

These guys may get there Fast.

They don’t even have the right gearing yet as still set up for 1/8 mile.
. So they have lots of faster runs coming. They will be in the 6 second class soon.
To answer some questions they run 4 controllers and the sparks are from the motor brushes that need to be advanced in timing to cut the plasma down.
The torque is so massive a switch won’t work at this power level as just melt andburn off the tires

Ray Cooper PR & Comm. Dir. for NEDRA

We want Garlits to meet this milestone also before he decides to call it quits and let the younger guys with new vehicle builds in the works chase the elusive 200mph on batteries mark. John Metric and the LoneStar EV Racing team have put in some seriously hard work getting to this point, but there are guys like Mike Gerry who designed Garlits car with some things in the works also.

Ya, but does it have a supercharging network?

I was wondering if the sparks were normal but then I read they pushed a lot more through the motors than they were designed for 🙂

Also, I’m not sure I could get behind EV dragsters. As someone who grew up near the Pomona Fairgrounds and would frequent them to me at least the coolest part of watching dragsters is the deafening noise and the earth shaking that goes on as they go by. If you haven’t ever experienced it, it’s friggin awesome. Don’t really get any of that with an EV dragster.

I don’t know your age but exposure to “deafening noise” will cause hearing loss and it becomes evident in old age. I can do without deafening noise and choking pollution.

That’s why I was so surprised to see Harley Davidson making it’s LiveWire EV motorcycle.

Harley Davidson and Quiet EV seem oxymorons.

Surely more than 50% of Harley sales revolve around that Thumpita Thumpita sound. I live near a major highway. Guys sit at the stoplight and rev their Harleys all day long. It’s a ritual for them. The sound is everything.

Then you have probably seen and heard the incredibly loud and blisteringly fast jet cars at Pomona as well. Those certainly send you running for the earplugs. I just like speed, and that is very evident with electric vehicles.

Ray Cooper PR & Comm. Dir. for NEDRA

Running a DC setup with 8000amps will definitely give you a light show DJ. Also a great way to make plasma…And melt brushes on the motors! LOL The fans think it’s cool and most drivers do too, until they notice they may have to replace the brushess and possible comm.

What a name …

I could give up drag racer gasser noise, if it also means giving up tractor trailer and bus noise as well. That’s just the description of heaven.

I wonder if they even use a motor controller or if there is just a giant contactor between the batteries and motor?

These are old fashion brushed motors, no controller and no high tech there. Look at the sparks which come out of the motors. With electronic comutated high tech motors it will probably reach 250mph. Of course the development of such motors and controller would be very expensive.

The squeaky and removable steering wheel is a nice touch.

0-60 in 1 second WOW

Have they found some super-cooling trick like using liquid nitrogen for their electric motors? Please enlighten us.

Street legal BEVs like Teslas couldn’t last a day by “pushing 8000 amps through four 9″ motors designed to 200 amps continuous.”

Does Tesla need some trick like liquid nitrogen and battery swap stations, to one day compete with professional racers?

Race cars are typically designed to be rebuilt entirely after three to five hundred miles, while dragsters may be rebuilt after every meet, if not each and every heat they run. A street car such as the Tesla Model S is designed for durability, longevity, and reliability. Different priorities lead to varied results. If a Tesla Motors product were designed from the outset to be a race car, trust that the limitations would be few and the result would be astonishing.

That’s our video. Follow us on facebook. Lonestar EV Racing Team.
John Metric