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Our first sighting of an orange wrapped Tesla Model 3.

This appears to be a modified Unplugged Performance Model 3. Note the logo in the lower front portion of the front driver’s side door.

Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3

Approximately one month ago, Unplugged Performance (UP) showed off a render of its tricked out Tesla Model 3. It was dressed in orange, just like this actual Model 3.

UP stated:

While Tesla desires to make the Model 3 as rapidly and inexpensively as possible, the Unplugged Performance variant Model 3 will be made slowly, in an artisan fashion befitting of a Supercar experience.”

“The Unplugged Performance Model 3 will be the car Tesla does not want to make themselves: An ultra-low production, artisan made specialty vehicle for a limited audience of motoring enthusiasts.”

We’re not exactly sure which modifications the actual Model 3 sports, but we can assume it’s wrapped at the very least.

Unplugged Performance CEO Ben Schaffer says that each tuned Model 3 will be “one of a kind,” adding that customers will be “involved in interior material selections, colors, stitching detail, exterior color, body design specification, wheel design specification and custom tailored performance attributes to each owner’s driving preference.”

In orange, the Model 3 is visually quite stunning. Agreed?

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Looks great! I really wish Tesla would expand their factory color selections. They have been a bit stale for a while.

You got that right! Nothing but safe for resale, rental car colors over at Tesla. I guess they figure that very few will actually buy their cars and only rent them for three years, so they need bland colors to be able to easily unload them later.

Yes, “they figure” not many will buy the car if they offer nonstandard of colors.

Pretty sure it has more to do with speed of production, and the backlog of people who put $1,000 down already, sight inseen…more than any other car in history.


And why can’t the consumer choose? Offer the rental colors AND some cool colors.

People complain about paint upcharge costs enough already. They would freak out if Tesla upcharged the same as BMW Individual or Audi special paint prices for low volume paint colors. Other companies charge 2500-4000 dollars just for a low volume paint choice like this.

Really… well that’s pretty damn lame. I paid a premium of $400 for my orange Bolt. $600 less than Tesla charges. I say these other companies are seriously ripping people off, or simply charging what they know they can get out of people that are obsessed. A good choice of colors is NOT a huge manufacturing burden. Simply load the equipment with different paint.

Well, serial anti-Tesla troll DavH8or steps on it again!

It nearly makes the aero wheels sexy combined with this color ^^

Not “nearly” enough though….I will agree they look a bit better in this combo, but still ugly!

Looks like someone’s hair from last year.

Beautiful. My number one color choice!

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I want a “Taxi Cab Yellow” TM3……lol

Orange isn’t my favorite color. And looking around every single parking lot I’ve ever seen, orange doesn’t appear to be a crowd favorite either. But if some people like it, great for them. Enjoy.

Personally, I’d kill it with fire, but in that shade of orange it looks like somebody beat me to it… LOL!

Beautiful. I lurves meh some Burnt Orange. Looks sporty on the M3. Wish TM3 came in some colors that were more typical of their early roadsters. Monochrome (except or blur or red) palettes are boring.

Tesla Model S used to come in Brown and Green and those colors had the lowest CPO resale prices. I am Not a fan of the Tesla orange color. Brown, orange and avocado green colors were 70s appliance colors that look so dated in Grandma’s kitchen today.

This Tesla also reminds me of some formerly red cars in the junkyard that have rusted out to orange. (There is no accounting for taste. No matter how strange a color, you can always find one or two people in the art world or the trailer park that love it).

They just damaged this car’s value. One day the next of kin, will likely inherit this orange car and have to spend 5 grand to have it all scraped off and repainted to a color that actually sells.

Why should someone care what color will sell at some point in the future? Why should your opinion of the color matter to them? It’s their car, they can make it whatever color they like.

Besides, the colors that sell the best are generally monochromatic, i.e. boring. At least it’s different.

I’ve only had one orange car. An Olds Starfire ‘76. I was 21 and my first new car. Offy intake with Holley 4bbl. Blew clutches often.

I’d prefer a much more appropriate *green*, but for whatever reason, green is a really uncommon car color!

Oh, dear. There’s no accounting for taste…

That’s an awesome color.

Wish Tesla would offer this color as well. The Bolt EV comes in an orange much like the M3 pictured here.