Opel Bolt As Opel Trixx To Be Available In Europe In 2017?

DEC 23 2015 BY MARK KANE 32

Chevrolet Bolt Concept Debut At 2015 NAIAS(InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

Chevrolet Bolt Concept Debut At 2015 NAIAS(InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

Opel (a subsidiary of General Motors) disappeared from the EV radar after Ampera’s (Chevrolet Volt clone) extinction in Europe.

However, the German-based carmaker needs some plug-in model in the lineup to stay in competition with other brands and to comply with emission standards.

Here is where the Chevrolet Bolt comes into the game. It’s expected that in 2017 Opel will begin sales of the Bolt in Europe (production will stay in the U.S., as in the previous case of Ampera) as GM themselves stated last year they would have a city EV available in 2017, the only option available to them today much close to that date – is a rebadged Chevy Bolt.

The name of the European Bolt could be Opel Trixx (concept model from 2004), according to some speculation.

We should note that GM sources have confirmed that the Eurozone Bolts will have no RHD drive option, so that will leave out part of the Union to get cars.  Early estimates peg European allocation at no more than 10-15% of the 25,000-30,000 plant capacity.

An excellent photoshop image of a possible Opel Bolt (above), using concept version as base, was provided by the Remco Meulendijk (at RM.Design).

Earlier we saw spy shoots of the Chevrolet Bolt prior to its full unveiling scheduled for January.

Chevrolet Volt and Opel Ampera comparison:

Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet Volt

Little Known Fact:  All Opel Ampera Ads Are Legally Required To Have Windmills Somewhere In The Ad Copy* (*-not at all true)

Little Known Fact: All Opel Ampera Ads In Europe Were Legally Required* To Have Windmills Somewhere In The Ad Copy (*-not at all true)

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Read the description. Its 3rd party imagination at play here. Ampera was nicer looking car, so one can hope that Opels “Bolt” will too be good.

Looks like a Spark.

Looks like all 0ther EV makers will get near Zer0 Competition from Government Motors..0r are they on their own now ? Pretty Hard On the Eyes ,….I say…I have always Wondered., Why Do Lower priced Cars always Need to be Soooooooooo Ugly!&^%$#@!@#$%^&*(O)P???…… Perhaps T0 “0ver Price” the Half decent looking Cars……Yea!

4 seater………meh.

Chevy already has a “city EV”: it’s SparkEV. Price it like they do in Mexico (~$24K), and it’d be roomier, quicker, faster charging than anything in Europe for similar price.

Yep. GM took a good looking design and crapped it out.
It should be bigger than a spark.

The car in the last picture is not an Opel but a Vauxhall, the brand name Opels are sold under in the UK.

Whoops your right, Mark slipped a Vauxhall in there. Honest mistake as they are visually similar outside the badging (and the steering wheel).

/fixed, thanks for the heads up

Right! So that right hand drive Opel Bolt EV rendering on the first picture makes little sense.

Not when you know the background is from the Bolt Concept photo shoot and the city in the background is Melbourne Australia…the original photo was shot on the top of the carpark at GM Holden head office there. RHD makes sense 😉

Pretty Slick Wabbit U Got there Doc.

You guys are over the top with your negativity.

I think it looks pretty slick.

So why did the Volt aka Ampera not make it in europe?

It did. However it was eekspensive and not quite to the European’s taste. Also Chevrolet decided to pull the whole brand from “Old Europe” leaving the few customers to hang dry for service.

I’ve just bought a second hand Volt in the UK. Getting the car serviced isn’t great but they haven’t left everyone totally out to dry.

There are a limited number of Vauxhall dealers that can service the Volt and the Ampera in the UK. I have do a 50 mile round trip to get mine serviced.

Because it was like 1.5 times the price as in the US.

And to add to the list: only 4 seats, no hatchback (limited storage room)

I think Ampera was good looking. But with four seats, little storage place and no possibility for a ski box, it was unpractical.

The black strip under the hood is unattractive. They just can’t be going with that interior.

The bike rack is interesting, but not something most will need.

Perhaps the black strip under the hood is a homage to the Toyota Mirai. Both cars also have a blacked out C-pillar (floating roof). 😉

In addition to the bike rack on Trixx, the doors also look interesting.

MUCH BETTER looking than the Bolt concept. Its look like much more like the i3, which is gorgeous. But may be my taste is much more european.

I hope it will be available below 50.000€

Does the name “Trixx” have some real meaning in German, or some other non-English European language?

I can see the association between Volt and Ampera (after “ampere”, or amp), but does “Trixx” contain any reference to electricity or lightning?

No, it has no real meaning in German. I think the manufacturers are running out of cool electricity-related names. No one is going to call their car “Coulomb”.

Lol, good one! Here’s another: How about “Opel Farad” 😉

The RM render of the Bolt looks very European to my eyes. That’s a good thing to my eyes, but I can see where some American consumers might find it visually challenging.

Why can’t they just sell it as a Chevrolet? I would guess that at least outside of Germany the Chevy brand is probably just as good as Opel.

Indeed, some analysts have cited the Opel badging as a contributing reason why the Ampera failed to sell in Europe. Certainly the primary reason was that it was overpriced (considerably more expensive than the price in the USA), but the off-brand didn’t help.

I have low hopes for the Euro-Bolt. Ampera was very expensive for what it had to offer. It couldn’t compete with the Prius nor with the Leaf.

Even with 1 child the Bolt seems too small for a single family car. Leaf (Model 3?) size would be much much better for families with 1-2 children. We’ll see.

Or am I the only one who thinks that the larger car in the family should have the most range?

6 ft 4 inch 260 lbs a spark ev/ ice felt like i was in a sardine can. didnt even test drive it. build a more comfortable/ roomier ev.