Ohio Turnpike Gets Electrified Via Electrify America


Electrify America is officially working with the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission to install the roadway’s first-ever electric vehicle charging stations.

The U.S. Midwest states tend to be less serviced than other areas when it comes to EV charging infrastructure. Still, it’s somewhat surprising to learn that the Ohio Turnpike has never had any electric car chargers to date. Fortunately, that’s about to change in the near future.

The Ohio Turnpike has been a substantial interstate in the U.S. since 1955. Essentially, it connects the Midwest with the East Coast. According to Green Car Congress, the turnpike saw 55.2 million vehicles in 2017.

The new Electrify America charging stations will each have four separate units with 150 to 350 kW of power available. The 350 kW units employ a unique, cooled-cable system, which is the first of its kind that has been certified for public use. These chargers can deliver up to 20 miles per minute, which is about seven times faster than typical 50 kW fast chargers.

In terms of locations, the stations will be built at the Blue Heron and Wyandot Services Plazas in Genoa, as well as the Tiffin River Service Plazas in West Unity. The partners picked these particular service plazas due to an assumption that they will encounter the most electric car traffic in the years to come.

Electrify America will install 4,800 charging units across the U.S. as part of its $500-million Cycle One plan, which is due to be complete by June of 2019.

Source: Green Car Congress

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Per the sub head: “Electrify America is officially working with the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission to install the roadway’s first-ever electric vehicle charging stations.”, am I to believe they meant Zero, Zilch, Nada, None?

As in No Level 1 Charging, No Level 2 Charging. AND No DC Quick Charging …. of ANY Kind on the Ohio Turnpike, for its full length?? (No Private ones, no Tesla Ones – L2 or Superchargers, etc!?)

Or, are they redefining “electric vehicle charging stations” to match what they are installing?

None, big fat 0 of any kind at any of the actual Turnpike rest stops. If you want to hit a charger you have to get off the Turnpike in order to find one (there are a number of Superchargers located right off the Turnpike but that still requires going in and out of tolls).

In Solon and Strongsville and none DCFC afterwards until the New EA chargers in PA but before that New Jersey

None. I travel the route to go into PA

Please map it!

Links to maps are included in my post below. The Ohio Turnpike runs from Youngstown,OH to Toledo, OH. The EA website doesn’t have any stations identified along this route yet.

We know that but on the map. I’m PlugShareing

Now all we need is for car makers to actually create cars that can take that much power.

We now have the eggs, now we just need to wait for the chickens. This is a much better situation than we had just a few years ago when we had neither the chickens nor the eggs. Now that we have the 350 kW chargers there is going to be very strong demand for even non-luxury models to charge faster and I’m sure auto manufacturers will follow the demand.

So true😊

Electrify America added a new map to their website on Tuesday. The new map shows over 90 stations that were not previously identified for a total of over 150 EA stations. Most of these newly identified stations are already well into construction and some of them are almost complete.

When these newly identified stations are operational, there will be at least three DCFC routes east from Texas, one towards Illinois, one towards Tennessee and one towards Florida. These routes open up the entire east coast to non-Tesla DCFC Travel from and to Texas. Going west from Texas is not as well developed but there is a DCFC route between Texas and Colorado in the works.

https://www.electrifyamerica.com/locate-charger. The last time I posted the link it took InsideEVs several hours to approve the link and by then the article had gotten old and overlooked. The new EA stations are also identified on PlugShare.

Keep on developing

They have to get a chargers near ft Wayne and before Gary Indiana. It’s a dead zone in Indiana

I’m hoping the next round of locations will include more Montana/Wyoming and Dakota locations. There’s a major planning dead spot for all fast charging EV’s there which makes getting to the US from parts of Canada extremely difficult (that includes Tesla).

What locations? I live off the Ohio Turnpike on State Rt57 and 58

They should have built one near the Akron and Lordstown service stations

Just can’t wait 😊 for these chargers to open in Ohio. I was looking at the map and these chargers can make my Volt obsolete

MPM. Miles per minute. I like that unit for charging rate. Much better than MPH that is already used for driving speed.