Off-Road-Ready Tesla Model X Rendered


This macho beast of a Tesla Model X is ready to tackle the toughest terrain.

Mo Aoun is behind this render of an off-roading Tesla Model X.

As Teslarati explains:

“Mo was inspired to create the beast after talking with a friend about ideas on how to get a job working on the Forza Horizon game with 10 Turn Studios. He had previously experimented with “Frankensteining” an Audi R8 into an off-road vehicle which gained widespread exposure on the front page of Behance.”

The render took some 9 hours in total to come to life. Aoun has spent 14 years of his life as an automotive designer of off-road vehicles, so he’s experience in the field and his work here shows that he’s got some serious skills.

The everyday Model X can venture off the tarmac a bit, though it’s not really designed for rugged terrain, whereas this Tesla Mudder version clearly is.

Source: Twitter via Teslarati

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The perfect expedition car. You drive around 150miles in rough terrain and then the battery runs out without any chance to re-charge….

Easy Fix.
Tesla’s Remote Terrain Supercharging network.
Solar/battery powered.