Nissan Will Bring The New 2018 LEAF To You For A Test Drive


Test driving the new LEAF in the US couldn’t be any easier.

2018 Nissan LEAFs

If you live in the US, all you’ve got to do is sign up and Nissan will handle the rest. Heck, Nissan will even bring the new LEAF right to you.

Nissan asks for some basic information, like name, address, email etc. Then, you’re asked to input the exact location where you’d like to conduct your test drive. Home, work or even at a local coffee shop are all options. Actually, you pick the place and Nissan will accommodate (to a certain extent, we believe).

Try it before you buy. Wish sure that would be the case with the Tesla Model 3 too.

There is one little curious option box for you to tick off if applicable. It’s “I am a current LEAF owner” with no explanation as to why that matters.

Head on over to the AllNewLEAFDrive website to sign yourself up to test drive the new LEAF.

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I wonder how (many more Model years) long, before only a fully Autonomous Pro Pilot Leaf shows up to give you the “test ride”.
Driver not required.
Nissan “Innovation that exits”, the driver that is!

You check whether you’re a current Leaf owner to indicate that you already know how to drive the car.

The few times I took my Leaf in for service, I always took it to the dealer because even putting it into drive and park are not intuitive. I did not expect my local garage to understand that, since EVs basically don’t exist in my area.

You might want to wait until they send you the invite — otherwise, you fill in the form only to find out there are no times in your area.

Another Euro point of view

Seems Nissan is really serious about selling that car as well as they can. I mean when I open the Nissan website here in Luxembourg where I liven first thing you see is a very complete introduction to the 2018 Nissan Leaf. I believe the key of that lies exactly in what some here are frowning upon. That is Leaf 2 is merely a refreshed version of Leaf 1 with a bigger but nevertheless not too costly battery. That keeps costs low thus making it possible for Nissan to make a profit out of selling Leaf 2. Given the efforts of GM and Hyundai to actually sell as few as possible their respective EVs, and given Tesla’s complete disregard for profits, I have the impression that Nissan/Renault situation is currently unique in the EV making business. Well done Mr. Ghosn.

What another euro troll fails to mention as he heaps praise on Nissan is that they under-engineered this car in the same way they did the first generation Leaf–NO Thermal Management of the battery pack which happens to be the most expensive component on the car!

This is NOT a good strategy for long term success in building quality EVs but as an accountant this eludes the serial anti-Tesla troll.

Tsk Tsk. Don’t get all bunch up because of a small mention of Tesla in his OPINION. It’s a car, not a religion.

It _is_ “religion” if cult qualifies as religion. There are all kinds of weird cult worshipers around, why not some car/PV/Great Dear Leader worshipers.

I’m calling the cops if I see worshipers bowing to my PV system on the roof of my house.

Only Tesla fanboys think “super engineered Tesla cars” is an absolute must have. LOL what kind of “super engineering” begets a shabby quality car like Model X (awarded least reliable car award by Consumer reports)? Look at Model 3 breaking down in middle of beta-test drive! Most people can’t give a hoot what “super engineering” goes into their car. They just care about how the car looks, how it drives and how dependable it is.

Waste of time, not available in my area. Nissan should script a ZIP code check before gathering 5 minutes worth of form data from a user only to have their system say sorry.

This would also beat the hell out of being strong-armed into a purchase consideration when going to a dealer’s lot for a test drive.

Was ready to trade in my 2014 LEAF for a news 2018 LEAF.
40kwh..,just picked up my 2018 volt instead.

Guess I’ll have to wait a year to trade in my 14 LEAF on a 60kwh LEAF.

Not in Canada?

Sad, eh? Nissan Canada is sleeping behind the wheel, I guess. Called a dealer, he had no clue about anything, except for … “You can order one, by putting money down” … LOL … I said, sight unseen, without a mile driven first? … not going to happen. See you …

Similar to Prius Prime…Only Available in Quebec…La Belle Province!

Hey Jenkins Nissan in Lakeland Florida how about getting my 2016 leaf SV ready to go with adequate range, you’ve had it since Saturday and now I’m stuck driving a DIRTY TOXIC NOISY GAS GUZZLING POLLUTION MACHINE as a loaner. WTH

You really ought to say who this is applicable for. About half your traffic originates outside the US..!

Yes, that is a big oversight there…it should note that. Fixed, thanks!

Nissan needs to have a talk with their dealerships. I went to Jeffrey Nissan to ask about the 2018 Leaf.

The first salesman I talked with did not know Nissan had a car called the Leaf. The second salesman pushed me towards a hybrid. He was wondering why I would want to spend time looking for a plug. I told him so I would not have to spend time looking for a gas station. He then gave me a lecture about NO. Really?

I am now looking at a Chevy Bolt.

Looks like you’re not in California. So very likely your Chevy dealer will steer you towards a SUV.

If by chance, they still want to sell you a Bolt, check out the seats and also places where you can charge and the cost to charge.

No matter what, BEVs are the future.

The internet seems to indicate Detroit suburb. I’m going to take a wild stab and say that isn’t Nissan Leaf territory.

LOL I totally believe you, most of the ICE dealerships hate EVs. I’m dealing with Jenkins nissan on replacing my battery pack on 2016 Leaf SV it’s been there since Saturday. They can’t get it to charge past 15 miles of range.

You really should write up that story for a National Newspaper, and hold it while you email (And Write, Snail Mail!) Nissan USA & Nissan Japan, tell them you have this story ready to send the press, but if the get your new Battery installed and working within 7 days, you could stop it from going public!

Robert if I follow your suggestion it will only give anti-ev supporters more ammo in the EV culture war. I can’t believe that EVs are in the culture war LOL

Just replaced my 2016 Leaf SV 30kwh battery pack under warranty last week. Lost 4 bars with only 19k miles Nevada weather. Never getting another ev without thermal management.

Really I’m having trouble getting my 2016 leaf SV back from jenkins nissan service they believe the charger is malfunctioning now, I think its pure incompetence

I just did this a few weeks ago.

The worst part was that I was apparently the last appointment of the day, so the car only had like 25% battery life when I got it. It was still a lot faster than my 2015….

It was a pretty good experience overall. I unfortunately do not live near a freeway, so I had to try propilot on a 4 lane divided with a lot of median breaks. It did very well when there were no breaks… it did fantastic when I had a car to follow. I’m not sure if i am going to get one, but the test drive certainly made it more of a serious consideration.

I just read an article that said the new 2018 LEAF has V2G Vehicle To GRID built in. This is a 1st in the industry except small runs that ACPropulsion had with the T-ZERO 4 cars, MINI E 500 made and eBox about 100.

This feature can provide backup power for your home or power in a remote location. This could be big.