Nissan LEAF Sales Up 234% In Japan

SEP 10 2018 BY MARK KANE 11

Nissan LEAF in Japan still sells in solid volume.

The second-generation Nissan LEAF noted 2,065 sales in August, which made it the #31 best-selling model overall for the month. The annual growth of sales is high at 234%.

Through the first eight months of the year, Nissan sold in Japan 18,691 LEAFs (more than in 12 months of any previous year), which is 111% more than a year ago.

Nissan LEAF Sales In Japan – August 2018

The best selling EV in Japan reached cumulative sales of 108,110.

Nissan LEAF Sales In Japan – August 2018

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When is Nissan going to unveil the new battery pack for the Nissan Leaf?

Will Nissan do that in Q4 2018?

I heard February, but I have no information to confirm that with.

I spoke to a Nissan customer representative at a National EV Week event that was adamant that the 60 kWh battery would NOT have an active thermal management system. This may have just been a ploy to keep sales of the 2018 model up but I would not be in the least surprised if this iturns out to be true. With 60 kWh giving the Leaf almost 500 miles of range with a single fast charge, it’s easy to understand why Nissan may still be reluctant to put TMS on the Leaf.

Why would it be easy to understand? I would find it very hard to understand….

Most people on very long trips, 1000+ miles, may only travel up to 500 miles and then charge over night and letting me battery cool off at a hotel. The problems with battery overheating are only going to be acute in summer months on long trips with more than one fast charge. Including the added expense of TMS which may be rarely needed may be an expense Nissan would want to avoid to keep the price of the Leaf down.

No, just no….it would be a very stupid move by Nissan and if they would consider it to cut cost then it would be a fools way of saving some money.

Surely you mean 500kms, not miles (800km)??

I said 500 miles and I meant 500 miles. The Leaf with a 60 kWh battery should do almost 250 miles; one fast charge and that gets you up to almost 500 miles in a single day. I have driven almost 500 miles in a single day in my 40 kWh Leaf, the 60 kWh Leaf shouldn’t have any trouble going almost 500 miles in a single day.

Great cars. The 30kWh model we have is much better than our 24kWh models. I am sure the 40kWh represents another improvement. what amazes me about our LEAFS is the quality of the cars. Much better than our previous favorites — Prius, CRV, Camrys, J30s, and Corrollas. Much more reliable and better built. If your looking for an EV be sure to get a model with twice the range of your daily driving, then you have plenty of room for AC, heat, or extra errands and you can keep the battery in the sweet 20-80% Goldi-Locks zone so it will last 2x to 3x the warranty period.

They will love those cars. Yeah, More great news, I heard the Tesla Model 3 waiting list is now 0 days 0k waiting. You can order your Model 3 today and get it immediately. Excellent news.

I’m not surprised to hear the news about no TMS. I’ve thought all along that a TMS was just an assumption people made because the pack will be made by LG Chem. LG Chem is just another parts supplier to Nissan and will be building the packs to Nissan’s specs. The packs won’t necessarily have any similarity to the Bolt pack. Also, I read an interview with Andy Palmer when he was still at Nissan and he stated that, “Nissan will never have a TMS”. I haven’t read a quote with a current executive stating otherwise.

It has thermal managment nust not liquid based.