Nissan LEAF Takes European Sales Crown From Renault ZOE

JUN 11 2018 BY MARK KANE 12

It didn’t take long after the second-generation Nissan LEAF entered the European market in February for it to take the lead among all-electric cars in Europe. It just knocked the Renault ZOE from its pedestal.

Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Europe – April 2018

According to EagleAID, Nissan LEAF sales in Western Europe amounted to 11,441 in the first four months of 2018 (up 48% year-over-year) and that was enough for it to overtake the Renault ZOE.

5,790 delivered in March (Western Europe) and another 3,309 in April. The LEAF is of course the best-selling plug-in model in all of Europe as the Western part represents almost all sales.

Best selling BEVs in Europe:

  • 2011: Nissan LEAF
  • 2012: Nissan LEAF
  • 2013: Nissan LEAF
  • 2014: Nissan LEAF
  • 2015: Renault ZOE
  • 2016: Renault ZOE
  • 2017: Renault ZOE
  • 2018: Nissan LEAF?

The third best selling model is the BMW i3, which so far this year increased sales by 7.7%.

Quickest growth rate, however, belongs to the Volkswagen e-Golf (supply constrained) and look, there is the Opel Ampera-e in the top 10:

Best selling all-electric cars in Wester Europe in 2018 (January – April), Source: EagleAID

Source: EagleAID

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All the cars getting slagged off on the internet actually lead the sales figure, Leaf, Zoe and i3. Maybe those manufacturers know something the people on the internet don’t

They are actually available – which is not the case for the Hyundai Ioniq (supply restricted) and the Opel Ampera-e (practically non-available), and they are cheaper than the Teslas (Model 3 not available in Europe yet).

Go Nissan go, destroy dirty gaz guzzler??

Yeah, that poor i3 with its dismal sales. Disappearing from the sales charts, lol.

I think it’ll have a decent bounce back at the end of the year when the upgraded version with the bigger battery is supposed to be available.

How would that be possible. They make and sell 200 of them a day. That is the line capacity. Not a single one more can be made. It is the fantasy of the people that don’t like the design of the i3 that it is a failure while it actually is a success.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. There is no point in pushing the Leaf to potential converts when it cant even be left out in the sun. The Leaf has serious potential to damage the ev revolution and is probably being used as a sacraficial lamb by the legacy OEMs.

You shouldn’t spread fake news. The biggest problem with the Nissan LEAF is people spreading fake news about it.

Isn’t the Outlander PHEV the top-selling PHEV too? Sounds like that whole alliance is on to something.

Great News. I’ll be glad when each of those top ten models is selling 10,000 each month. The sooner we can all put fossil fuels to rest the better. No better time to pick the EV that best suits your needs. Each brand needs to release new models. The one car per brand seems too much like some sort of compliance to me.

2011: Renault-Nissan
2012: Renault-Nissan
2013: Renault-Nissan
2014: Renault-Nissan
2015: Renault-Nissan
2016: Renault-Nissan
2017: Renault-Nissan
2018: Renault-Nissan…

I love the leaf is 1 in Europe . It never gets the credit for being the best selling since 2010. Most people only mention the us sales with the model3 at the top.